Transport and Logistics Project Topics 

Transport and Logistics Project topics for undergraduates and postgraduate’s students

If you are reading this article, then one thing I can 100% say is that you are a student or independent researcher, researching ideas, topics, or content related to transport and logistics. 

Choosing a research topic or project idea in transport and logistics has never been an easy task for students.

Every sound research topic contains two or more variables. The dependent variable and independent variables(s).

But choosing a transport and logistics project topic based on variables (dependent and independent variables) is enough.

You will need to narrow your topic to a particular scope or geographical area.

Thus we have a cover the steps by step guide on what it takes to choose a good research topic, which has been provided on the link below. 

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Now that you have good knowledge of how to choose a good research topic, it’s now time for you to take a good look at some of the compiled transport and logistics projects for students, using Cameroon as our case study. 

It should be noted that these samples of transport and logistics project topics apply the same to different countries, regions, and cities across the globe. 

Transport and Logistics Project Topics 

1. Assessing Maritime Security, Information, And Communications Technology in Limbe Deep seaport.

2. The Study Of Maritime Fraud And Its Effect On the Competitiveness Of Cameroonian Port

3. Shipping Trade And Its Impact On Economic Growth In Cameroon.

4. Cargo Freight Rate In Liner Shipping And Its Correlation To High Prices Of Imported Goods In Cameroon

5. An Evaluation Of The Inland Transportation And Its Effect On Logistics In Fako

6. Assessing Maritime Security, Information And Communications Technology Application in Cameroon

7. The Effects Of the Logistics Industry On Economic Growth In Cameroon.


Transport and logistics research topics
Transport and logistics research topics

8. Infrastructure Financing And Management: The Impact Of Concession On The Operations And Performance Of Cameroon Seaports.

9. Impact Of Transportation On Economic Growth: An Assessment Of Road And Rail Transport Systems in Cameroon.

10. An Analysis Of Determinants Of Accident Involving Marine Vessels In Cameroon’s Waterways

11. The Application Of Information Systems In The Prevention Of Pollution In The Maritime Industry in Cameroon.

12. Domestic Airline Operations And Management In Cameroon (Problems And Prospects)

13. Critical Analysis Of Improving The Delivery Accuracy In Cargo Handing in Cameroon.

14. Assessment Of Pipeline Transportation And Its Significance To The Marketing Of Petroleum Product In Cameroon.

15. The Impact Of Infectious Epidemic On Exportation A Case Study Of Coronavirus Disease in Cameroon.


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16. Analysis Of The Causes And Prevention Strategies Of Boat Accident Along Cameroon Inland Waterways (A Case Study of Limbe Deep seaport).

17. An assessment of the role of financial institutions in the Marin tine industry of Cameroon.

18. Evaluation Of The Performance Of Public Transport Agencies In Buea and Kumba Municipality.

19. Passengers perception of intra-city transportation services in the Buea Municipality.

20. The role of the road transport network in the marketing of agricultural products in Fako.

21. The Effect Of Service Quality On Passenger Satisfaction, A Case Study Of Cameron Airline (Camair-Co)

22. The Impact Of Improved Infrastructure And Efficient Cargo Delivery In Cameroon Airport.

23. The Impacts Of Marine Pollution On Shipping Operations And Marine Environment (Case Study Of The Limbe Deep Seaport).

24. An Analysis Of Determinants Of Accident Involving Marine Vessels In Cameroon’s Waterways.

25. The Impact Of Maritime Security On Harbor Terminal Security Surveillance And Protection in Cameroon.

26. The Impact Of Maritime Security On Search And Rescue Operations at the Kribi seaport Cameroon.

27. An Evaluation Of Maritime Security Solution Tailored To Meet Client’s Satisfaction in Cameroon Seaport.

28. Public Relation Techniques For Marketing Rail Transport Services In Cameroon (A Case Study Of Camrail Company).

29). Assessment of Roadworthiness Companies in Cameroon: Case Study of Bamenda Town

30). Impact of motorization at the university of Douala

31). Proliferation of job opportunities in transportation and perspectives in Mamfe Town

32). Inter-cities transportation services and effects on passengers in Vatican Agency

33). Proliferation of Economic Activities and Its Impact On Transport Agencies in Douala

34). Socio-political crisis and its impact on transportation in Kumba Town

35). Passengers’ rights/obligations in public transport agencies and perspective in Cameroon

36). Road transport connectivity and improvement in Bamenda Town

37). Factors affecting public Transportation and passengers’ choice in Kribi

38). Peak traffic congestion periods, causes, and consequences in Buea

39). Proliferation of job opportunities in transportation and perspectives in Yaoundé Town

40). Rapid increase of economic activities and impact on transport agencies in Bamenda Town

41). Inter-urban transportation challenges and perspective in Limbe town

42). Motorization and impact in Limbe City

43). Effects of non-respect of highway code signs and impact on the population of Douala II Municipality

44). Driver behavior determinants and effects on accidents in the Douala Metropolis

45). Problems of Intra-City Transportation. The Case of Yaoundé Town

46). Impact of transportation on Economic Growth in Douala Town

47). Evaluation of the performance of public transport agencies in Douala municipality

48). Assessment of road transport and effects on traffic congestion in Buea

49). Impact and countermeasures of COVID-19 on transportation agencies in Bamenda Town

50). Analysis of Vulnerable Road user’s accidents, impact, and perspectives in Bafaoussam Town

51). Effects of bad roads on Late delivery of Cargo from Douala to Buea town

52). Impact of bike transportation in Cameroon Limbe Municipality

53). Effects of poor road infrastructure and impact on increased high fare: The case of Bamenda-Kumbo road

54). Assessment of road hazards and challenges in Cameroon case study Douala

55). Determinants of road accidents and challenges in Cameroon (A Case study of Douala -Dschang high way)

56). Determinants of public transportation choice among passengers on the Buea -Bamenda highway

57). Role of the road transport network in the commercialization of agricultural produce in the Fako Division

58). Road Safety Education and its impact in EdeaTown

59). Determinants of road accidents and post-accident management in Buea town

60). Role of Inter-Urban Transport Service Quality on Customers Satisfaction: The Case of Musango Bus Services Buea

61). The Impacts of heavy trucks transportation on land transport in Foumban town

62). Passenger perceptions of intra -urban transportation services in the case of Bamenda-Bambili Road


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