Accounting Project Topics with Materials

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ACC0001The Effects of Lending Policies and Recovery Strategies on the Financial Performance of Category One Micro-finance Institutions: The Case of Fako Chapter of Credit Unions.
ACC0002The Impact of Internal Control On Inventory Management in The Cameroon Development Corporation (CDC)
ACC0003Effects of Inventory Management On Organisational Performance: The Case of Guinness Cameroon
ACC0004Quality of Accounting Information and Its Impact On the Performance of Agricultural Businesses: The Case of CDC Bota Palms Estate Moliwe In Cameroon.
ACC0005Corporate Social Responsibility And Organizational Performance: Case Study Ecobank Bank, Cameroon
ACC0006International Financial Reporting Standards Affect The Quality Of Financial Statements: The Case Of Enterprises In Buea Municipality
ACC0007The Influence of Computerized Accounting On Financial Reporting in Microfinance Institutions in Cameroon: The Case Study of Azire Cooperative Credit Union Mankon Bamenda
ACC0008Impact of Microfinance Activities On Household Livelihood Improvement in Cameroon: The Case Study of Small Scale Farmers in Bamenda II Police Credit Union (BAPCCUL) Cameroon
ACC0009The Impact of Computerized Accounting System on Quality Financial Reporting in MFIs in the case National Ports Authority Cooperative Credit Union Limited of the (NPACCUL).
ACC0010Cameroon’s Tax Systems And The Growth Of Small And Medium Size Enterprises: The Case Of SME’s In Limbe Municipality
ACC0011The Impact Of Internal Control System On The Performance Of An Organization. (A Case Study Of Mitanyen Cooperative Credit Union Ltd)”
ACC0012Impact of Internal Control System on the Performance of financial institutions in Cameroon (Case Study; Banque Atlantique S.A.)
ACC0013An Analysis Of The Information Necessary For Lending Decisions In Microfinance Institutions (MFIs) in Cameroon
ACC0014Impact of Internal Control System on the Performance of financial institutions Case Study; Banque Atlantique S.A.
ACC0015The Effect Of Inventory Management On The Organization Performance Case Of Cameroon Development Cooperative (CDC) Tiko
ACC0016Taxation of Small and Medium Size Enterprises in Buea. The Perspective of the Anglophone Crisis
ACC0017The Role Of Internal Control On The Performance Of Microfinance Institutions in Cameroon. Case Study: CDC HOCCU Limbe
ACC0018The Effect Of Accounting Information System To Small And Medium Size Enterprises Performance
ACC0019The Effect Of Accounting Information On Management Decision Making Process Tractafric Motors Cameroon
ACC0020Using of Accounting information for lending decisions in commercial banks in Cameroon
ACC0021The Effects Of Inventory Management On The Performance Of Small And Medium Sized Enterprises In The Buea Municipality
ACC0022The Effect Of Asset Revaluation On A Company’s Financial Performance: The Case Of Cameroon Development Corporation
ACC0023The Effect Of Internal Control Systems On Fraud Mitigation In Micro Finance Institutions In Cameroon
ACC0024The Effect Of Credit Risk Management On The Performance Of Micro Finance Institutions: The Case Of Fako Chapter Of Credit Unions
ACC0025The Impact Of Corporate Governance On The Financial Performance Of Microfinance Institutions Affiliated To Camccul: Case Of Fako Chapter Of Credit Unions
ACC0026An Analysis Of Delays In The Execution Of Public Projects And Its Effects On The Population Of Fako Division, Cameroon
ACC0027The Effects Of Computerized Accounting Systems On Financial Reporting Among Small And Medium Sized Enterprises In The Buea Municipality
ACC0028Assessing The Impact Of Micro Credit Utilisation On Household Welfare In The Buea Municipality
ACC0029The Effects Of Total Quality Management (TQM) On Organisational Performance Among Manufacturing Firms In Cameroon: The Case Of ISO 9001 Certified Manufacturing Firms
ACC0030The Effects Of Working Capital Management On The Financial Performance Of MIDEPECAM
ACC0031The Effect of Credit Management on the Financial Performance of MFIs in Buea
ACC0032Assessing The Effects Of Computerised Accounting On Financial Reporting On A Small And Medium Size Enterprise In Buea.
ACC0033The Role Of External Auditors In Detecting And Preventing Payroll Fraud In NGOSs in Cameroon
ACC0034The Role Of Financial Management On The Performance Cooperative Societies In Cameroon
ACC0035The Role Of Budgeting And Budgetary Control In Public Sector
ACC0036The Effects Of Internal Control On The Performance Of Government Institutions In Cameroon. Case Study: The Limbe Divisional Treasury
ACC0037An Analysis Of The Effect Of Liquidity Risk On The Profitability Of MFIs In Kumba Municipality.
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