12 Best Culinary Schools in Seattle

12 Best Culinary Schools in Seattle [2024]

12 Best Culinary Schools in Seattle 

Culinary Schools in Seattle are known for offering students courses on all aspects of food preparation, including baking and pastry arts.

Students can also take classes on restaurant management, restaurant marketing, and food service sanitation management. The program can be completed in just over one year, but most students take longer due to part-time work schedules.

It is worth mentioning that all these 12 Culinary Schools In Seatle mentioned in this post will teach you how to prepare meals using fresh ingredients, as well as how to manage budgets and create menus for restaurants and other establishments that serve food.

#1 Seattle Central College

Seattle Central College is one of the Culinary Schools In Seattle located in the USA. The school was started in 1966 and offers associate degrees, certificates, and diplomas.

They have an excellent student-to-teacher ratio of 15:1, which allows for individualized attention from instructors. Students also have access to a state-of-the-art culinary arts lab, where they can practice their skills and learn about new techniques.

Seattle Central College does not require any prerequisites for admission into the program but does recommend that students have some experience with cooking before enrolling.

The program at Seattle Central College is designed to prepare students for careers in food service and restaurant management by teaching them how to cook a wide variety of foods while also teaching them how to manage a kitchen efficiently.

Students will learn how to prepare everything from basic dishes like soups and salads up to more complex recipes like pasta or even desserts.

They will also learn how to manage a kitchen staff effectively so that they can keep things running smoothly at any restaurant they work at after graduation.

The coursework at Seattle Central College is purely hands-on classes where students get hands-on experience working with food in the state-of-the-art culinary arts lab.

Total tuition at Seattle Central College is $4,050 per student

Contact: +1 206-934-3800

#2 Renton Technical College

Renton Technical College is one of the well-known Culinary Schools In Seattle, Washington.

Renton Technical College offers a variety of programs for students to choose from.

 Renton Technical College has an excellent program that focuses on the culinary arts field.

The curriculum includes courses such as baking and pastry, cooking fundamentals, and food service management. Students also get hands-on experience in the kitchen through internships at local restaurants or bakeries.

Renton Technical College has received several awards from the National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation (NRAEF), including a Certificate of Excellence in Culinary Arts Education Award, and was recognized as one of the innovative culinary schools by Cooking Light magazine in 2008.

Renton Technical College offers both an associate’s degree and a certificate program; however, students can also take individual courses if they have already had some experience in the culinary arts field.

In addition to its culinary arts program, Renton Technical College equally offers classes comprising medical billing and coding, computer networking and security, dental assisting, and office administration.

Tuition fees for new applicants are roughly $6,800

Contact: +1 425-235-2352

#3 Olympic College

Olympic College is one of the Culinary Schools located in Seattle.

Olympic College was founded in 1967 and offers programs such as culinary arts, baking and pastry arts, restaurant management, and culinary arts.

The program at Olympic College is designed to prepare students for entry-level positions in the food service industry.

Students learn to cook, bake, and understand food safety, sanitation, and health regulations, as well as how to manage a kitchen.

Graduates will be able to obtain jobs as cooks or chefs in restaurants or hotels, bakeries, and grocery stores, or even start their own businesses.

Olympic College also offers an Associate of Applied Science degree with an emphasis on business management through its Professional Food Services Program.

The Professional Food Services Program provides an opportunity for students to develop technical skills while acquiring the business knowledge needed for success in today’s competitive food service industry.

It is worth mentioning that the Culinary Arts course offered at Olympic College is what makes this cooking school renowned.

This course provides instruction in all aspects of culinary arts including baking and pastry arts, food preparation and service techniques, nutritional sciences, purchasing and inventory management, customer relations, recipe development, and cost.

 The tuition fee at Firbank Culinary School is $2,200 per student.

Contact: +1 360-792-6050

#4 Lake Washington Institute of Technology

One of the top Culinary Schools In Seattle is the Lake Washington Institute of Technology.

This culinary school has been in business since 1965, making it one of the oldest culinary schools in the state. The school offers programs that range from just a few months to two years and focuses on preparing students for careers in the food service industry.

There are several different types of programs available at the Lake Washington Institute of Technology, including culinary arts, restaurant management, baking/pastry arts, and food service management.

Students also have the option to take individual courses or complete a certificate program.

All programs are designed to provide students with an education that will help them find jobs after graduation.

The curriculum covers everything from basic cooking techniques to sanitation practices and safety issues related to food preparation and handling.

Students are also taught how to run a successful business through marketing classes and business management courses.

The school offers hands-on training in its kitchens where students learn how to prepare meals according to recipes from chefs from around the world.

Students also have access to extensive libraries where they can find cookbooks, magazines, and other materials that will help them learn more about their chosen field of study.

Concerning tuition fees, you are expected to pay $4,500 per student

Contact: +1 425-739-8100

#5 Edmonds College

The next Culinary School which is located in Seattle is Edmonds College.

Edmonds College is a culinary school that offers students the opportunity to earn their associate’s degree in Culinary Arts or their bachelor’s degree in Culinary Management.

The curriculum includes courses related to kitchen management, food preparation, cooking techniques, and more.

Students will also have the opportunity to gain hands-on experience through internships at local restaurants and catering companies while they study at Edmonds College.

It is awe-inspiring, to point out the fact that students who graduate with an associate’s degree can continue their education by earning their bachelor’s degree through one of several programs offered by Edmonds College such as Associate of Applied Science in Culinary Arts; Associate of Applied Science in Baking & Pastry Arts, Associate of Science (AS) Transfer Degree and Bachelor of Science.

Tuition fees per student at Edmonds College are $4,100

Contact: +1 425-640-1459

#6 The Pantry

The Pantry is one of the quality Culinary Schools In Seattle that has been providing the best training for students with a passion for cooking.

The Pantry is located in Seattle, WA, and has dedicated instructors available to help you achieve your goals through a variety of culinary programs to choose from.

The Pantry offers two culinary courses including:

Culinary Arts Certification

This course prepares students to cook like professionals because students are taught the fundamentals of cooking, baking, and pastry arts.

Students will learn techniques such as knife skills, stocks, sauces, soups, and more.

This program can be customized for professionals looking for career advancement or new graduates looking for employment opportunities in the culinary industry.

Pastry Arts Certification

Here, students learn how to make tasty desserts such as pies, tarts, and more.

The instructors will teach you everything from making custards and puddings to rolling out dough and creating beautiful designs on top of your pastries using decorations such as fondant and ganache.

The tuition fee at The Pantry is $5,350

Contact: +1 206-436-1064

#7 Cozymeal Cooking Classes

Similar to The Pantry, the Cozymeal Cooking Classes is another Culinary School which is located in the heart of Seattle.

This school provides students with high-quality education by training them in the art of cooking and baking.

They offer a variety of courses ranging from basic to advanced levels to ensure that you get the best education possible.

There are four different types of classes available at Cozymeal Cooking Classes which comprises

Basic Cookery Class

This course teaches you how to cook basic meals such as soups, pasta, and salads. It also teaches you how to prepare healthy meals for your family members.

Cooking for Two

This course is ideal for those who have an interest in cooking but do not have enough time to learn everything at once.

The course will teach you how to make simple meals such as sandwiches, salads, and desserts that can be prepared quickly and easily.

Advanced Cooking Course

This course teaches students how to prepare more complex dishes such as meat dishes, desserts, appetizers, etc.

Students will learn new techniques and tricks on how to cook these types of dishes successfully.

Baking Course

Students who want to learn how to bake cakes or cookies should enroll in this course which teaches them about baking methods, ingredients, and recipes needed for making different kinds of bread

The tuition fee at Cozymeal Cooking Classes is $100 per semester

Contact: +1 206-466-1124

#8 Blue Ribbon Cooking

Blue Ribbon Cooking is worth mentioning as a Culinary School in Seattle among the best in town. Blue Ribbon Cooking offers classes for all ages, from children to adults.

The instructors are very knowledgeable and friendly, which makes it a great experience for everyone.

Blue Ribbon Cooking doesn’t just teach you how to cook; it also teaches you how to make healthy meals that taste good. It’s important to know how to cook healthy so that you can eat good meals at home instead of just eating out all the time.

Blue Ribbon Cooking offers classes on different types of cuisines such as French, Italian, Spanish, and Asian as well as vegetarian cooking and baking classes. Each class usually lasts about 3 hours long so you get your money’s worth.

It is worth mentioning that The Blue Ribbon Cooking website has an online store where you can buy cookbooks from some well-known chefs such as Jacques Pepin and Julia Childs so if you enjoy cooking then this is something that you should check out. 

Tuition fees at the Blue Ribbon Cooking are $48 per semester

Contact: +1 206-328-2442

#9 FrogLegs Cooking School

Let’s look at another completely different type of Culinary School in Seattle known as FrogLegs Cooking School.

FrogLegs offers a series of classes that are designed to teach you everything you need to know about cooking and baking.

This is particularly helpful if you want to learn how to cook but don’t have the time or money to take culinary school courses all day long.

FrogLegs Cooking School teaches you how to make delicious meals from scratch, whether it’s pizza, chicken parmigiana, or burgers and fries.

FrogLegs Cooking School also offers classes on how to bake bread and make homemade pizza dough from scratch.

You can even learn how to make your artisanal bread such as sourdough bread, ciabatta bread, or baguettes!

FrogLegs Cooking School is a great place for anyone who has never cooked before because they offer several classes that teach how to cook basic dishes like macaroni and cheese or tomato soup.

With these kinds of recipes, anyone can become a good cook with just a little bit of practice.

If you are looking forward to a prestigious Culinary School in Seatle, then FrogLegs Cooking School is worth considering at a fee of $575 per semester

Contact: +1 206-887-8228

#10 South Seattle College Culinary Arts

South Seattle College is another Culinary School in Seattle located on the main campus of South Seattle College, which was established in 1971.

South Seattle College provides students with the opportunity to earn an associate’s degree or Certificate in Culinary Arts while also providing them with career training and life skills that they can use in the restaurant industry or any other area of interest.

South Seattle College offers students a variety of different courses that are designed to help them prepare for their careers as chefs, chefs de cuisine, and food service managers.

The courses cover a wide range of topics that include baking, cooking techniques, flavor development, and more.

Students will also have the opportunity to learn about wine pairing and beer brewing during their time at this culinary school in Seatle.

South Seattle College equally offers students several financial aid options including grants, scholarships, and loans which are available for those who qualify for them following their curriculum.

Tuition fees at the South Seattle College Culinary Arts are $464 per semester.

Contact: +1 206-934-5302

#11 Silvana’s Dessert Academy.

In an attempt to wrap up this list of culinary schools in Seattle, Silvana’s Dessert Academy is worth mentioning. It is a small school that offers both pastry and cake decorating classes.

The instructors are professional bakers and have extensive experience in the industry.

The school offers several different types of courses including basic baking classes, advanced baking classes, and cake decorating classes.

Some of their more popular courses include

Basic Pastry Skills

This course is designed for those who may have never worked in a commercial kitchen before but want to learn about basic pastry skills.

If you want to learn how to make pies, cakes, and tarts then this class is for you.

Advanced Pastry Skills

The advanced pastry skills course teaches students how to make more complicated pastries like eclairs and croissants.

The instructor will teach you how to create intricate desserts like these using traditional techniques as well as modern techniques like using machines instead of hand-rolling dough etc.

Cake Decorating Classes

Cake decorating classes teach students how to create beautiful cakes using fondant (a type of sugar paste used for creating decorations on cakes).

The instructor will also teach students about piping designs onto cakes with icing.

Tuition fees at Silvana’s Dessert Academy are $315 per semester.

Contact: +1 206-999-9704

#12 South Seattle College Culinary Arts

The South Seattle College Culinary Arts program is a nine-month, hands-on program that provides students with training in food preparation and service.

South Seattle College has been providing quality educational programs since 1948 when it first opened its doors as South End Junior High School.

The faculty is made up of culinary professionals who are dedicated to the development of each student’s career. The curriculum includes courses in the culinary arts, management, and food service.

The program is designed to provide students with a well-rounded education that will help them develop skills needed in their careers as chefs, managers, or caterers. Students will gain knowledge in all aspects of food preparation including baking and pastry arts, basic cooking techniques, sanitation and safety practices, and menu planning.

They will also learn about nutrition, customer service, and management skills.

A variety of electives are offered at South Seattle College Culinary Arts so students can specialize in areas such as baking or catering.

Students have access to all facilities on campus including a dining room where they can practice their skills in preparing meals for large groups of people.

In addition, students have an opportunity to work at area restaurants through internship programs offered by the college’s Center for Career Education.

Tuition fees at the South Seattle College Culinary Arts are $125 per semester

Contact: +1 206-624-6114

Final Remarks

Culinary Schools In Seattle are the best way to start a career in Culinary Arts. If you want to be on top of your game, you need to get trained by the best chefs and learn as much as possible about food preparation, cooking styles, and cooking techniques.

There are many culinary schools in Seattle that offer quality training at affordable prices. Edmonds College is one such school that offers excellent training without costing you an arm and leg.

Make sure to carefully read through all these 12 Culinary Schools in Seattle before making a decision. That said if you found this post quite informative, kindly drop a message in the comment section below, we would love to receive your feedback as soon as possible.

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