Essay Writing Tips for University Students in Cameroon

Essay writing has become a common and well-known assessment procedure in all fields of study and academic works in all university institutions in Cameroon. Faced with an essay writing situation in the form of, papers, seminars, and projects at every stage of academic pursuit is unavoidable and a sine qua non.   Much of your university work will be examined through your final year research work, whether it is an essay you prepare on your own time over a period of days...

10 Best Cities To Start A Business In Cameroon

Introduction Almost every individual, dreams of starting a business or having a venture that they operate. Yet the study shows that only 4% of newly created businesses manage to survive after years of operation. Study shows that only over 50% of small businesses failed after the fifth year of operation. this is often a result of some factors discuss below though not all of those factors are liable for these venture failures, however, they contribute to a greater extent. The purpose of this article is to share with...

10 Life Lessons Every Student Should Know Before Graduating From School

After university, you are going to get a job, have a family, build a home, become a millionaire, and live happily ever after. There is just one problem with your plan. The only problem together with your plan is that the world.This article is to let students know things to seem out for before they graduate in order that they don’t get railroaded.   10 Life Lessons Every Student Should Know Before Graduating From School 1. A Degree doesn't Entitle You To employment We...

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