Transformational Leadership Theory Explained [2023]

Transformational Leadership Theory Explained [2023] The transformational leadership theory partly conceived by James Macgregor Burns in 1978 and Bernard Bass in 1985 emerges as responding to the shortcoming of traditional leadership theories. This theory suggests that effective leaders produce and promote a desirable vision or image of the organization or institution. Transformational leaders should encourage their institutions to accept change. Oyetunji, argues that transformational leadership focuses on diverse kinds of leaders’ influence that inspire followers to develop as leaders. They create...

Acculturation Theory Of Immigrants’ Assimilation, Integration, And Adaptation.

Acculturation Theory Of Immigrants’ Assimilation, Integration, And Adaptation. Berry, Pootinga, Segall, and Dasen (2003) define acculturation as a change in an individual or a culturally similar group that results from contact with a different culture; they make a distinction between psychological and sociological acculturation. At the psychological/individual level, changes can occur in one’s sense of identity, values, and beliefs; people may experience acculturation stress such as anxiety and depression as they try to adapt to a new culture. At a group...

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