Top 10 Problems Faced By University Students In Sri Lanka

Top 10 Problems Faced By University Students In Sri Lanka

Top 10 Problems Faced By University Students In Sri Lanka

Many university students in Sri Lanka faced several problems during their university days. These problems range from individuals to societal base to institution-based.

In addition to these general challenges, university students in Sri Lanka may also face specific problems depending on their field of study, their socioeconomic background, and their ethnicity.

  1. Lack of Resources

One of the first major problems faced by university students in Sri Lanka is the lack of resources necessary for learning. Most university lacks the necessary resources that can enable students to have a suitable learning environment. Some universities lack basic academic resources such as school libraries, laboratories and adequate classrooms.

The lack of resources such as limited classroom often puts strain on students as some are required to sit in crowded classrooms while the absence of academic libraries in some universities puts strain on students which affect their student abilities to carry out good and quality research.

  1. Lack of Career Guidance

Many university students in Sri Lanka also encountered the issues of poor career guidance or no career counseling in their lives.

Many students do not have access to career guidance services which often becomes a major issue while they are in the university. Many end up doing courses they do not like or understand at all.

The absence of proper career guidance among students often pushes many Sri Lankan students to pursue jobs or courses that are irrelevant to their lives.

This often results in frustration and depression among unhappy students who enroll on programs they have no idea about.

  1. Finance Issues

Financial constraint is also among the common problems often faced by university students in Sri Lanka.

The cost of tertiary education is rising in Sri Lanka and the majority of the students come from struggling or low-income families.

The high cost of education and cost of living often put pressure, stress, and anxiety on students from low-income families and make it difficult for them to focus on their studies.

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  1. Accommodation Issues/ Inadequate accommodation

The next most common challenge faced by many university students in Sri Lanka is the issue of accommodations. Since many students come low low-income families, they often find it difficult to afford the high cost of accommodation in urban areas.

Many cannot afford to rent a house for themselves. Also, many houses beside the university campus are often quite expensive which makes it hard for students from struggling families to afford.

They are often required to rent sub-standard houses that are far away from the city center, this often results in students going late to school or paying excessive transport to make it on campus on time.

In some parts of Sri Lanka, there are very few accommodations available for students to rent while those available are often very expensive.

  1. Lack of Teacher-Student relationship

Another challenge encountered by many university students in Sri Lanka is the lack of teacher-student relationships.

Due to the large class size, many students and teachers lack a close relationship while in school. This lack of student-teacher relationships often harms the students, as many often go silent without making a complaint about the difficulties they face in the classroom.

Culturally, Sri Lanka has a traditional custom where teachers are presented as adults who do not interact with students (children). This cultural gap often creates a huge gap in teacher-student relationships in school.

The absence of a teacher-student relationship may be detrimental to the learning and well-being of students. They are less likely to participate in class, seek out learning opportunities, and ask for guidance are students who do not have good relationships with their teachers. Additionally, anxiety and despair may be more common in them.

  1. Inadequate hygienic facilities

Inadequate hygienic facilities on most university campuses have become a major problem faced by many students in Sri Lanka.

Some universities lack basic hygienic standards such as having adequate and clean toilets, having an adequate number of dust bins and most importantly keeping a clean and friendly environment.

A dirty and unhygienic environment often brings about discomfort to the students. With polluted air entering most classrooms, students often feel uncomfortable and unhappy.

  1. Irrelevant curriculum and Poor teaching methods

Irrelevant curriculum is another top problem faced by many university students in Sri Lanka. Most teachers and schools still use outdated notes and subject topics that are irrelevant to today’s job market.

Poor teaching methods are also another problem students face while schooling in Sri Lanka. Most teachers and schools still use the old traditional method of teaching such as lectures and note taking. These traditional teaching methods are not effective as they do not align with the current workforce and the reality of the job market.

  1. Health Challenges

Health challenge is another top problem encountered by many university students in Sri Lanka.

Many students face a lot of stressors such as academic pressure, relationship trauma, financial constraints, etc. This can often result in mental challenges, such as anxiety and pressure.

Likewise, students also can experience health challenges resulting from rape, the spread of sexually transmitted diseases, etc which often affect the mental and psychological well-being of the students.

  1. Peer pressure

Peer pressure is another main problem encountered by students while at university in Sri Lanka. Many students often feel the need to belong to a certain particular group of people or class within the university, this often results in them joining bad gangs or associations that are not contributing positively to their academia.

Another contributing factor to peer pressure among university students is the fear of rejection. Some students may be afraid to be rejected by their peers for not doing what they are doing, this results in students engaging in things that are not worth their stay at the university.

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  1. Language difficulties

The last major issue faced by university students in Sri Lanka is the issue of the language barrier. Even though English is the most common language used in most schools in Sri Lanka, many students often face difficulties in understanding it. This is very common among students who did their high school and college education in rural areas.

Final Remarks

Despite these challenges, many university students in Sri Lanka can succeed and graduate with good degrees.

However, it is important to be aware of the problems that students face so that we can work to address them and create a more supportive and inclusive university system.

The above-listed problems can be overcome by an increase in government spending on the educational sector, reforms in teaching methods, support from school authorities and parents, provision of affordable accommodations near university campuses, and the creation of mental awareness programs to help affected students.

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