10 Survival Skills You Need To Have While At The University


Survival skills are techniques one may use in order to sustain life in any type of environment.

They say university life is the best years of one’s life, but I will argue that judgment.

Being a kid who comes from a poor background or a perpetually hungover student can come with its own challenges.

 10 survival skills you need to have at the university.

#1. Take care of yourself

The first universal survival skill needed while at the university is to be good to yourself. If you are unable to be good to yourself then trust me,  survival will be a difficult task for you.

Studying for hours on an empty stomach or junk food is a waste of your time.

To survive try to get into a habit of planning your meals, by doing so try should step up your cooking habit.

Do not forget to factor in a few snacks too and emergency hangover supplies.

Note-taking care of yourself is productive and real success comes in being good and true to yourself.


 #2. Time management skills

The survival skill of time management is the act of planning and controlling the amount of time you spend on a specific task. As a student time management is important in the following ways

  • Effective time management allows you to complete more in less time and reduces stress.
  • Good time management allows students to make the most of their abilities and enjoy the satisfaction of accomplishment. And many others.

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#3 Money management skills

Another important survival skill is learning how to manage your budget, as it is said education is not for the poor, every university student faces a lot of difficulty with cash, due to aspects like a photocopy of hand-outs, and buying of other basic necessities, learning on how to manage your budget will go a long way to help you survive during your university days.


#4 Know who to call a friend.

Knowing the right people around is a survival skill that is of great importance.

Having in mind the saying that goes this ” Show me your friend and I will tell you who you are” keeping bad company influences poor behavior and attracts a lot of negativity, so always do well to stay away from bad friends and know how to treat every friend well.

#5 Displaying honesty, integrity, and perseverance

Another, important survival skill in the university is learning to have personal values and ethics in every aspect of your life because this is a great path of personal growth and achievement during university life and part of the path of integrity is learning how to keep in and stay committed to goals even at challenging situations.

#6 Avoid negative peer pressure

Another major survival skill needed while at the university is the ability to identify good friends from bad friends. We all know well that not everyone we meet on campus would be good help or influence in our daily lives.

Getting to stay away from bad influences goes a long way to help you survive while in the university.

Learn to identify bad peers such as those who get involved in deviant behavior such as drugs, sexual addiction, theft, missing lectures, gambling, internet fraud, and many other negative things you can think of.

Avoiding these sets of people goes a long way in helping you not to fall into problems.

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#7 Be conscious and flexible.

Consciousness is a very important aspect of our lives in everything you do be conscious and flexible.

And know that fact of the matter is life, just as much as the school has unexpected setbacks good and bad days, at some, you will get a grate you don’t like or your plans may just not go so well.

Do not despair; don’t quit just readjust and come up with new plans. Fight back harder and always remember it is a world for survival.


#8 Do not compare yourself to others.

You know ‘Actors’, ‘Musicians’, and many others who are loved, honored, and adored by men, women, and children.

You may be thinking these people have everything in life, so he or they must be happy, sorry to inform you that most of them suffer from anxiety, depression stress, and many other problems.

The fact is you know yourself better than any other person. Surviving entitles being satisfied with whatever you can afford. A lot of people look like or act like there have it all together, but there don’t.

Focus on you, and you will get where you are headed to.

#9 Be bold and Assertiveness 

An essential survival skill is boldness and assertiveness by speaking up for yourself in a bold way that is not aggressive or passive but not allowing others to take advantage of you, this skill is very vital in communication with your peers, family, and supervisors.

It also involves learning and practicing healthy boundaries.

# 10 Never give up

The last survival skill I will mention is “never give up”. There will be times when you will get distracted, discouraged, or just don’t want to go on, or just tired or being influenced.

” Never give up “Always remember ultimate success entitles putting in time and determination.

So do not give up, keep to that study schedule, go to lectures, and at the end of the day go to bed.  Consistency and determination are the keys.



University days are a great experience. for everyone to have.

You will grow one step closer to becoming the person you have always dreamed you could become.

As a university student, you will get to experience so many ups and downs.

Knowing how to survive can be one of the greatest achievements, there are so many other skills that have not been mentioned, practice these and others to be able to live healthy and a successful university life.

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