Careers with A Degree in Economics

27 Top Earning Careers With A Degree In Economics

There are several high-income earning careers with a degree in Economics.

With an Economics degree, individuals will turn to have good knowledge of the functionality of the global economy.

The different careers with a degree in Economics require students to have good communication skills, ability to analyzed problems and propose solutions.

Without waste of time, lets us examine the top-earning careers you can have with a degree in Economics.

Enough With the Intro, Let’s Dive In!!!


27 Top Earning Careers with A Degree in Economics

#1 Accountant


The most outstanding and popular career with a degree in Economics pursuit by most students is to become an Accountant.

This career involves the preparation and examination of financial records to inform or provide up-to-date information to the institution that you are working with.

The average monthly paycheck of an Accountant ranges from $3,000-36,000.


#2 Actuary

The next, on the list of careers with a degree in Economics, is Actuary.

An Actuary is a major duty is to compile and analyze statistical data and uses these data to calculate insurance risk and their rates.

In other words, you are being employed to limit future risk and financial consequences resulting from the institution’s poor forecasts or predictions. 

The average monthly paycheck of an Actuary ranges starts from $100,000.


#3 Book Keeper

Book Keeper is another interesting career and worth mentioning amongst the top-earning careers with a degree in economics.

The major role of a bookkeeper will be the recording and keeping of financial records (transactions) such as invoices, sales revenue, expenses, etc.

As a Book Keeper, you will be requiring to work with the tax preparer of your institution and also helps with tax compliance.

The average monthly paycheck of a Bookkeeper ranges from monthly $50,000 and more.


#4 Budget Analyst

Similar to the Book Keeper and Actuary, the Budget Analyst is worth mention careers with a degree in Economics.

A budget Analyst helps public and private institutions plan their finances. The major responsibility of a Budget Analyst is to prepare budget reports and monitor organizational spending.

To be a good Budget Analyst, you must have outstanding mathematical and analytics skills.

As a Budget Analyst, you will work for hand in hand with the program manager in preparing, reviewing the organization’s budget proposals and funding requests for the sole purpose.

Your average yearly paycheck is $93,000.


#5 Compensation and Benefits Manager

This is another exciting career to consider as you get to pursue top-earning careers with a degree in Economics, You Heard Me Right!

If you find yourself in an organization serving in this capacity as a compensation and benefits manager, you will work very closely in the human resource department with the responsibility to review and update existing benefits and compensation policies.

Becoming a compensation and Benefits Manager entails two requirements.

You will need a Master’s or Bachelor’s degree in Economics and a working knowledge of statistical analysis.

You get to enjoy a yearly paycheck from $125,000.


#6 Credit Analyst

Credit Analyst is equally worth your attention and one of the careers with a degree in Economics worth pursuing.

Your daily task will be in assessing the credibility of a loan applicant before a loan is issued. Base on your assessment, the loan can either be granted or denied.

Credit Analysts are in high demand in Credit Unions, Commercial Banks, Investment Banks.

To become a Credit Analyst, the minimum requirement is a bachelor’s degree in Economics. 

If you have a degree in finance or accounting, you still stand a better chance of being gainfully employed as a credit analyst

Your yearly paycheck is $67,000, Pretty good Money!!


#7 Financial Analyst

Do not forget that Financial Analyst constitutes one of the careers with a degree in Economics.

As a Financial Analyst, it will be your sole responsibility to appreciate the cost and capital budgeting for an organization and for you to effectively do that, you must be skillful in forecasting future revenues and expenditures, that’s Right!

Becoming a financial analyst simply requires you to secure a bachelor’s degree in Economics.

Then is advisable to under an internship program to acquire some experiences before applying for a job.

Your monthly paycheck is $80,000


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#8 Management Analyst

If you are considering possible careers with a degree in Economics, Management Analyst is equally worth considering amongst others.

As a Management Analyst, your primary function or duty will be to help an organization increase its profits by proposing new and better ways to increase efficiency.

What this means is that you are being paid when your recommendations help to decrease cost, thereby increasing profits.

The most vital requirement needed to become a Management Analyst is securing a bachelor’s degree in Economics. Apart from that, you need some years of work experience.

Getting a Master’s degree in Economics will be an added advantage.

Your yearly paycheck is 85,000


#9 Market Research Analyst

Now that you know what it entails to become a management analyst, you will appreciate a Market Research Analyst.

As a Market Research Analyst, you get paid when you bring on the table, possible recommendations about customer preferences regarding their product designs, pricing, and promotions.

A requirement in securing this career, you must have primarily a bachelor degree in economics.

Then a working knowledge of market research methods and statistics.

Your yearly paycheck is $63,000


#10 Sales Agent

Have you ever wondered if Sales Agent is amongst the careers with a degree in Economics? Yes, you are correct.

As a sales agent, you get paid when you serve customers by selling the company’s products and services and other customer needs.

A high school degree is the baseline requirement to become a sales agent.

A degree in Economics is an added advantage if you are considering careers with a degree in Economics

Your monthly paycheck is $9,000


#11 Economic Consultant

This is an intriguing career that is in high demand in the job market That’s Right!

Your key responsibility will be in analyzing an organization’s economic status and proposing plans for an organization.

As a requirement to become an Economic Consultant, you need a degree in Economics. Knowing how to use Word/Excel and statistical packages like SAS is an added advantage for you

Your yearly paycheck is $79,000


#12 Policy Analyst

It is time to dwell on Policy Analyst as one of the possible careers with a degree in Economics.

You have to become a solution-oriented person to better appreciate this career.

As a Policy Analyst, it will be your duty to propose solutions to impending organizational problems as well as evaluate propose solutions from various departments in the organization.

As a requirement to become a policy Analyst, you must have a Master’s degree in economics.

Five years’ experience is needed to secure this career

Your hourly paycheck is from $40


#13 Lawyer


If you never consider a Lawyer as one of the possible careers with a degree in Economics, now this blog post is an eye-opener.

It will be your responsibility to represent and defend the organization in which you are a part of every private legal matter.

It will be your exclusive right to interpret laws, rulings, and regulations for your organization as well as every employee.

The first step to becoming a lawyer is having a degree in Economics. Then you have to seat for the bar exam and study in a law school.

 Upon graduation, you can then practice as a lawyer in a firm or chamber.

Your yearly paycheck is $118,000.


#14 Management Consultant

Management Consultant is a noble career and equally amongst the 24 top-earning careers with a degree in Economics.

Your sole duty is to improve organizational efficiency and performance through identifying, defining, and proposing solutions to complex organizational issues.

As a requirement to be a Management Consultant, you need a bachelor’s degree in Economics.

Work experiences will be an added advantage.

Your yearly paycheck is $160,000


#15 Business Reporter

This career is equally appreciating and amongst the careers with a degree in Economics, that’s Right!

As a business reporter, your duty is primarily in gathering and analyzing information for the company you are accredited with.

It will also be your duty to write and report stories for your company.

You need a diploma or degree in Economics to get into this career. An added advantage is your ability to remain updated with current events and development.

Your yearly paycheck is  $53,000.


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#16 Agricultural Economist

On this list, Agricultural Economist is one of the top-earning careers you can pursue.

As an Agricultural Economist, you will work primarily with agricultural institutions as regards examining and determining trends and patterns in economic activities.

What I mean is that you will conduct research on agricultural products and your findings will be a base in influencing the decisions of the institution. 

Becoming an agricultural economist requires that you get a bachelor’s degree in the agricultural economist.

Your monthly paycheck is $130,000 every year.


#17 Bank Research Analyst

Bank Research Analyst is a top-earning career and worthy of mentioning amongst the careers with a degree in Economics.

Bank Research Analysts are expected to possess top-notch analytical skills which will enable you to efficiently conduct research.

 As a requirement, you will need at least a bachelor degree in degree backed up with some work experience. Your mathematical skills is an added advantage 

Your yearly paycheck is $75,000


#18 Claims Adjuster

In the same trend, as a claim adjuster, you must ensure the safety of company properties.

And in case of any property damage or personal injuries, it is your responsibility to inspect the damages and make charges or claims of what the insurance company must pay for the losses.

To become a claim adjuster, you need a bachelor’s degree in Economics.

After which you have to seat for the insurance licensing course exam. Then you can conveniently offer your services in an organization.

Your hourly paycheck is $33


#19 Commodity Analyst

Unfolding is the Commodity Analyst amongst the careers with a degree in Economics.

It will be your duty to prepare plans of investment for your company using charts, graphs, and spreadsheets.

What I mean is that you will monitor fluctuations in the job market, analyze technical reports before a company engages in any commodity transactions.

After you get a bachelor’s degree in Economics, you need a working knowledge of statistics.

The most vital requirement to be a commodity analyst is to get your license from the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA)

Your yearly paycheck is $137,000


#20 Compensation Coordinator

In the same vein, this career entails you acting as a liaison or middle man between your company, insurance providers, and the policyholders.

What this means is that you will be in charge of handling or processing anything that concerns insurance claims for your company.

To qualify for this career, you will need a bachelor’s degree in Economics.

A lot of experience in the domain of human resources and administrative assistance is a must-have if you considering securing this career.

You are paid $62,000 as a mean salary each year.


#21 Construction Estimator

As we proceed, let’s not forget about Construction Estimator as one of the top-earning careers with a degree in Economics.

As a Construction Estimator, it will be amongst your duties to study the organizational plans to accurately prepare and estimate the budget cost for construction.

You must get a bachelor’s degree in Economics as a prerequisite in becoming a construction Estimator.

You should take a course in management construction and work experience is an advantage.

Your yearly paycheck is $70, 000


#22 Consumer Credit Manager

Consumer Credit Manager is the next career with a degree in Economics to consider.

As a consumer Credit Manager, you will typically be responsible for credit operations within an organization.

What I mean is that you will be in charge to oversee the management of a team of staff who are responsible for assessing credits of loan applicants, That’s Right!

Becoming a consumer credit manager entails a bachelor’s degree in Economics.

But apart from that, a must-have is work experience as a credit manager.

If you can use accounting software and vest with lending procedures, then you qualify for this career

Your yearly paycheck is $57,000.


#23 Loan Administrator

Loan Administrator is worth your attention

As a Loan Administrator, it will be your responsibility to identify those qualifications before issuing out loans to potential borrowers.

What I mean is that before a loan is an issue, you must give your authorization, I kid you not! You can either be paid hourly or yearly depending on the terms of agreement you make with the organization.

Loan Administrators are requested to have a bachelor’s degree in Economics.

Next is to go into for internship program to build the required skills needed in an organization.

Lastly, get a state license that authorizes you to practice in this career.

Your yearly paycheck is $50,000


#24 Health Policy Planner

Talking about Health Policy Planner, it will be your utmost duty to formulate health policies in your organization by collecting and analyzing statistical databases on the performance of the current staff.

You are formulating this health policy for the employees which will act as incentives to boost their productivity and thereby a greater rate of attaining the organizational goals.

A must-have is a Master’s degree in Economics.

The next is work experience as a health care.

Your yearly salary is $102,000


#25 Data Analyst

Data Analyst
Data Analyst

A trending career in this blog post is Data analyst.

As a Data Analyst, your duty will be primarily to improve business performance by efficiently and accurately defining, analyzing, and interpreting data.

A data analyst must have a bachelor’s degree in Economics.

Taking a course in computer science and information management is mandatory.

Lastly, some level of work experience is needed

Your yearly paycheck is $60,000


#26 Portfolio Manager

Portfolio Manager is well paid and amongst the careers with a degree in Economics.

You will be requested to perform interviews with clients to better understand their investment needs.

You must appraise the level of risk involved in a particular business venture before issuing out money to clients.

A bachelor’s degree is a must qualify to become a portfolio manager.

Taking courses in bond valuation, financial statement analysis, and international trade is highly requested

Your yearly paycheck is $81,000


#27 Economics Researcher

This is the last top-earning career to consider as we attempt to round up

As an economic Researcher, you are needed to be accustom to market trends comprising energy cost, inflation, interest rates as well as import and export duties.

What you will do daily will be to monitor, collect and analyze data about economic trends and develop a better forecast, that’s Right!

Getting a degree in Economics is the first requirement in becoming an economics researcher.

You will need to get a Ph.D. degree and some work experience to fully qualify as economics research amongst the careers with a degree in economics

Your yearly paycheck is $70,000


Concluding Remarks on Careers with A Degree in Economics

It is worth noting that pursuing a career in economics is a good foundation to build on.

With a degree in Economics, you better place in the job market because of the many job openings to choose from as outline in this write-up

Be reminded that the paycheck in any of the careers with a degree in economics is the best and you have a better life from it

If you found this blog post valuable, kindly take a minute of your time to drop your impressions at the comment section below upon reading this article. Please in case you need more insights into certain topics, kindly drop those as well.

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