Careers with A Degree in Business Management

Top 17 Careers with A Degree in Business Management

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You will agree with me that taking up a business management degree is an important first step.

Once you commit to taking the necessary steps in securing for yourself a degree in Business Management, the career opportunities are huge.

After reading this blog post to the end, you will have an understanding of what’s a business management degree?  Different Types of Business Management Degrees, Different Career Specializations with a Degree in Business Management and the top Careers with A Degree in Business Management.


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What is a business management degree?

As we dive further into the Top 17 Careers with A Degree In Business Management, it is consequential or vital to have a grasp of what a business management degree is all about.

In this regard, we now bring to your notice that a business management degree is a discipline that encompasses a range of administrative, marketing, and even accounting functions or task.  

In other words, as you study to acquire a business management degree, entrepreneurial skills will be built in you geared towards helping an organisation maximize profits and attaining managerial and organizational goals.

These skills could include: how to work closely with a team, managing a business or organization successfully.

Let’s now dive a bit deeper to show you the three business management degree programs and their respective requirements for enrollment.

Different Types Of Business Management Degrees

Associate in business management: This is a Two-year program where you acquire the skills on how an organization functions, including coursework such as business law and ethics, principles of marketing, and project management.

Bachelor’s degree in business management: This is a Four-year program where you get to appreciate the management of a business which includes risk management and strategic management.

In this program, you will get the unfair privilege to pick a specialization to focus on, which could be marketing, entrepreneurship, or real estate.

Master’s degree in business management: In this Two-year program you will do a lot of coursework on management and leadership topics as well as chosen specialization.

Different Career Specializations with A Degree in Business Management

As you choose the careers with a degree in business management, it is important to have at the very back of your mind that most businesses or organisations will prefer an employee with a Master’s degree.

But if you have a first-class bachelor’s degree, you can confidently compete with the master’s degree holders seeking the job openings.

Without much delay, let’s outline for you the various business degree specializations you can choose to study including:

  • Accounting
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Finance
  • Human Ressources
  • Health Care Administration/Management
  • International Business
  • Marketing
  • Public Administration

What did I miss?

Congrats if you can read till this point. You are about to discover our top 17 careers you can begin with a business management degree.

As our culture, we will give you some other careers you should not neglects in case you have the opportunity to be gainfully employed with any, which shows at your doorstep.

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Top 17 Careers with A Degree in Business Management

#1 Client Services Manager

Client Services Manager
Client Services Manager

National average salary: $55,222 per year

Primary duties: You will be responsible for developing and implementing customer service procedures and training staff to follow the established guidelines.

As a client services manager, it will be your duty to help customers with questions and inquiries and resolve issues as needed.

#2 Sales Representatives

National average salary: $59,594 per year

Primary duties: As a Sales representative you will have to contact new and existing customers and discuss products or services, they may be interested in.

You will also have to negotiate contracts and follow up with clients to ensure their satisfaction with the service.

Do not forget that as a sales representative you could also prospect potential clients.

If you find yourself acting as a customer service representative and helping clients with questions or issues with products, be rest assured it is part of your primary duty.

#3 Project Manager

National average salary: $76,404

Primary duties: As a Project manager, it is one of your primary duties to organize, plan, direct and coordinate business projects and it is your responsibility that all projects are completed according to the deadline, budget, and company goals.

You will also be in charge of supervising teams, scheduling meetings, troubleshooting, and measuring small goals and milestones according to the larger goal.

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#4  Office Manager

Office Manager
Office Manager

National average salary: $42,187 per year

Primary duties: As an office manager, you’ll get to organizes business operations, procedures, and overall maintenance.

You will also prepare payroll and approve supply requests.

Do not forget that you will have an administrative team to which they assign duties and manage tasks.

Make sure that you are familiar with your office environment and how to manage other people.

#5 Human Resource Manager

National average salary: $69,206

Primary duties: As a Human resource manager, you will be responsible for overseeing all aspects of employee hiring, firing, payroll, training and development, and as well as governance.

You will be in charge of researching and recruiting employees, coordinating interviews, and onboarding new hires.

Be aware from now that Human resource managers handle payroll, benefits and maybe be in charge of incentive programs if the company offers them.

#6  Business Manager

National average salary: $63,999

Primary duties: As a business manager you are responsible for supervising and managing the business of a company, including assets, operations, and employees.

Be reminded that tasks will vary by company size but your main goal will be to evaluate, troubleshoot and implement business strategies for optimum company productivity and efficiency.

#7 Community Manager

National average salary: $47,173 per year

Primary duties: As a community manager, you will help organizations build and grow their online presence.

In addition to that, you will analyze online usage using analytical tools that look at what current clients are saying about the company.

Do not forget that it is part of your job as a Community Manager to develop a strategic plan for starting or increasing online community usage through social media.

#8 Staff Accountant

National average salary: $51,109 per year

Primary duties: As a staff accountant, you are responsible for maintaining financial reports, records, general ledgers, preparation and analysis of budgets, and general bookkeeping.

You also have to prepare invoices and account reconciliation.

Staff accountants equally develop and implement accounting procedures for the organization.


#9 Marketing Manager

Marketing Manager
Marketing Manager

National average salary: $61,136 per year

Primary duties: As a marketing manager, be prepared to work with executives to develop a strategy for their company to drive more sales and sign customers.

You will often analyze data for industry trends in regards to the products or services their company supplies.

The marketing manager may supervise a team of marketing coordinators and help to train and develop their team for future growth.

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#10 Logistics Manager

National average salary: $61,227 per year

Primary duties: As a logistics manager, you will organize the storage of goods and their distribution.

You will also coordinate the transportation of goods, management of stock, and the general flow of goods.

You will be tasked with materials handling, customer service, and schedules for warehouse employees. Lastly, you may also ensure employees follow basic safety procedures.


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#11  Executive Accountant

National average salary: $65,773 per year

Primary duties: As an Account executive, you are responsible for acquiring new clients and maintaining relationships through customer service.

Get prepare to build and maintain relationships by providing excellent customer service.

The account executive is often the point of contact between the team and the client.

They are often tasked with strategic planning to help their clients reach specific goals.


#12  Data Analyst

National average salary: $67,300 per year

Primary duties: Note that as a data analyst you will do market research then use the information gathered for organizational and managerial decision making.

Be prepared to make use of a variety of software and critical-thinking skills to find the information needed for projects.


#13 Business Consultants

National average salary: $71,581 per year

Primary duties: You will get to organize and executes different administrative assignments for a client.

Apart from that, you have to gather client and business information through research, interviews and other methods to find the strengths and weaknesses of the organization.



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#14 Management Analyst

National average salary: $77,523 per year

Primary duties: As a Management Analyst, it is your primary duty to help organizations find ways to maximize efficiency through cost reductions and increased revenue.

You must help organizations to create procedures, operating manuals and conduct organizational evaluations to help them design more efficient systems.


#15 Development Director

Development Director
Development Director

National average salary: $83,017 per year

Primary duties: As a development director you get to work with an organization to create a strategic plan to raise funds for the company.

Have at the back of your mind that the plan needs to be cost-effective and time-sensitive.

Your primary focus is to oversee fundraising efforts, including delegating tasks and duties to team members.

Development directors often network and make connections with potential donors or sponsors.


#16 Director of Operations

National average salary: $94,692 per year

Primary duties: You will oversee and encourages the growth and profitability of an organization.

Your duties may include staff management, department supervision, or the production of goods.

As a director of operations, you will help with the daily activities of the company and sets strategic goals to help organizations remain in business.


#17 Program Assistant

National average salary: $13.88 per hour

Primary duties: One of your responsibilities as a Program Assistant is in conducting administrative tasks such as answering the phone, checking general company email, filing, and schedule management.

You might assist with event planning and budget oversight for the organization. You will also be in charge of taking and distributing meeting minutes as well as scheduling meetings.


Bonus Tips: Other Careers with A Degree in Business Management

As we attempt to bring this blog post to a close, we present to you other potential careers to consider if you have a business management degree:


Concluding Remarks

We have finally come to the end of this blog post tag: careers with a degree in business management and we trust that this information will serve as the foundation on which to see yourself as successful in the business world.

If you dream of opening your own business or being gainfully employed as you enrol in one of the business management degrees.

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