10 Ways on how to get a job in Cameroon?

10 Ways on how to get a job in Cameroon?

10 Ways on how to get a job in Cameroon?

Are you tired of looking for a job in Cameroon? Are you a University graduate who is worried about being unemployed? Are you a school dropout? Whoever, you are, I wish to let you know that is a solution to the above questions.

With over 25 million people in Cameroon scrambling over the few available companies, it’s not easy to get a job.

Every year, each state universities graduate more than 3000+ undergraduate students and send them to the job market.

It’s not easy to get a job in Cameroon, no matter how educated you are, however, there are certain tricks or keys to successfully finding a job in Cameroon that if you follow, will increase your success rate of finding your dream job in life.

1). Plan your Career Path

The first and ultimate way to get a job in Cameroon is to plan your career path. As the saying goes’ Failure to plan is like planning to fail’. Only those who plan their career path often make it to landing the job they want.

 From my own experiences, I have noticed that most wealthy people always end up finding a job in Cameroon so easily, not because of their money, but because their parents or they had planned their career path quite a long time ago.

Planning your career path doesn’t start after your graduation, it starts immediately after you enter the university.

If you enrol at the University to study nursing, don’t wait until you graduate before you start looking for a job. The job search starts immediately after you got admission into the university.

2). Acquired Great Skills

Gone are the days when employers or companies hire people by their academic certificates or GPA. In today’s world, people only hire you on what you can do, what skills you have, and how can you turn $1 into $2. Nobody hires people by the certificate anymore.

So, wake up from your sleep, if you think that since you are having higher grades in school will mean you will get a job in Cameroon.

Get as many skills as you can, the key to getting a job in Cameroon now is to get great skills. Make sure you are so good at what you do that they can’t ignore you in the job market.

There are many skills you can acquire in life but try as much to get basic skills such as driving, and ICT skills.

Other great skills you must learn in other to have a job and keep that job includes time management, teamwork, resilience, willingness to learn, open communication, confidence, and leadership management, etc.

3). Built your CV

Built your CV
Built your CV

Build a great CV if you want to get a job in Cameroon. With the numerous skills you acquired, learn to put them to work to regularly update your CV.

If you just enter the university, you are in a good position to build a great CV before you graduate in 3 years.

Do as many odd jobs and internships as you can. These will enable you to have an understanding of the job market.

Try as much to make sure every single semester break or holiday, you are busy trying to update your CV by doing either internship services, volunteer service, or any part-time job. The experience you will get from all the above will help build you a great CV.

Building a great CV here also means you know how to design a professional CV before applying for a job. I have seen many people applying for a job with poorly designed CVs or resumes. Learn to build your CV professionally.

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4). Learn to write a professional motivational letter

If you want to get a job in Cameroon, you must learn how to write a great motivational letter.

We no longer write job application letters these days, it’s outdated, what employers want to see these days is called a motivational letter. Many Cameroonians are not aware of these and many keep doing the same mistake each time they are looking for a job.

A motivational letter is a letter you write when applying for a job stating the reasons why they should employ you. What you will do for the organization is all, that is expected of you.

Employers do not want to know your long family history that your parents died a long time ago or you are an IDP etc. They just want to know what you can do to take their company to the next letter.

If you don’t know what a motivational letter looks like, you can check the link below.

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5). Apply as many times as you can

To get a job easily in Cameroon you will need to apply as many times as you can. Apply here and there. Don’t apply to one or two companies and think you will be taken. To increase your chances of getting a job apply everywhere, and apply as many times as you can.

If, you don’t have a job, make sure you drop at least 3 different applications in different companies or organizations every month. This implies that in a year you must have dropped at least 36 different applications (3 x 12 = 36) in 36 different organizations.

Unless your village people are after you, there is no way, out of 36 different job applications no one will hire you.

So, do not get discouraged, apply as many times as you can, and you will get a positive phone call that you are hired.

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6). Always be ready for a Job Interview

After submitting your job applications here and there, always be alert that you can be called at any time for a job interview. So, make sure you are always ready to call upon.

The easiest way to prepare for a job interview is to do a background check about the organization. Know what the organization offers, and what its goals, mission, and vision are. Always do a background check about any organization before you apply for a vacancy.

If you never had a job interview in life before, I would suggest you read online about possible steps on how to prepare for a job interview. There are lots of videos on YouTube you can always start with.

7). Learn to Network with the Right People

Learn to Network with the Right People
Learn to Network with the Right People

It’s very vital to network with other people if you need a job in Cameroon. Connection and information is the key. How can one get information about the latest opportunities in town, it’s only through networking with others.

Learning to mingle with people you know can help you in future.

8). Internships and Voluntary Services

The easiest way to get a job in Cameroon is through internships and voluntary services. If you have no experience or no job, you can best use this opportunity to volunteer in community services or any organisation around you.

During internship or voluntary services, you get the opportunity to show the organizations your skills, and attitude and also you end up learning more about work ethics. This will increase the chances of you getting hired by an organization that happens to have an opening. This would also help improve your CB and prepare you for the job market in the future.

Also, during voluntary service or internship services, learn to interact with the employees of the organization. Have their contact and regularly try to check on them. This type of friendship will always be beneficial in the future.

9). Explore Social media to your advantage

We all, use social media in our daily lives. But how we all use it differs. If you are looking for a job or better career opportunities, try hard to be positive on social media. Mid what you say or do. Join social networking groups that will help build a positive aspect in you.

Also, there are many job-hunting groups on social media such as Facebook, WhatsApp, and Twitter, join them and stay updated with the latest job market info.

10). Be self-employ

If all the above 9 steps failed to secure you a job in Cameroon. The last and best option left is for you to become self-employ. Not everyone in this life must be an employee, some need to be job creators. So, if no one hires you, then become self-employ.

The good news is that you can be self-employ in Cameroon both online and offline. As long as you have something to offer, money will follow you.

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To summarize, there are many ways or routes you can take to get a job in Cameroon. You don’t need to rely on one method, employ all possible options available to you.

Always be positive that the future is better. Don’t forget to eat before going for a job interview. If you love this article, please share it with your friends and family.

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