Car Wash Business in Cameroon

How to Start a Successful Car Wash Business in Cameroon?

How to Start a Car Wash Business in Cameroon?

Do you want to start a car wash business in Cameroon? If that is what you have been searching then worry no more, this article will guide you on a step on how to venture into a car wash business in Cameroon.

The car wash business is very lucrative business in Cameroon. This is a type of business I would recommend young graduates from the University to venture into.

The bad side of this business is that most Cameroonians often overlook this business as one meant for school drop-out. It’s a very lucrative business that brings in a lot of money. Few individuals or persons who have ventured into this type of business are making lots of money.

Unlike many start-ups of businesses that require highly qualified and educated persons to start a business, the car wash business is one of the only businesses that need no education, it rather requires your time, desire to work and the right location for you to succeed in this business.

Best cities to run a car wash business in Cameroon

You can run a car wash business in any part of Cameroon that you want, as long as you are having the desired number of customers that you need and making the desired income you want.

As said before, everywhere is suitable for a car wash business. However, if you want to start a full-scale car wash business in Cameroon, these are some cities that you should have in mind.

  • Douala
  • Yaoundé
  • Kribi
  • Buea
  • Limbe
  • Kumba
  • Mamfe
  • Mutengene
  • Bamenda
  • Dschang
  • Bafoussam
  • Muyuka
  • Tiko
  • Foumban
  • Nkongsamba
  • Loum

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Cost of starting a car wash business in Cameroon

The is no specific fixed amount to start a car wash business in Cameroon. The real cost of a car wash business operation would lie in the type of car wash business, its location and other unknown factors.

However, if you want to start a one-man form of car wash business, you can start with an initial capital of 50,000XAF and can later scale the business to a big venture having a whole team and professionals working with you.

Equipment needed to run a car wash business

  • Detergents and soaps
  • Hard Brush
  • Towel
  • Buckets
  • Car washing cleaner
  • Car vacuum machine
  • Water source (well, borehole etc)
  • Water storage tanks
  • An electric power source (stand-by backup generator)

Types of Car wash businesses operating in Cameroon

There are two forms of car wash business operation we see every day in Cameroon. The first type is the local type where we often find individuals operating beside a stream or river outlet beside the road. They charge as low as 500XAF for washing a bike, 1000XAF for a car or taxi and about 2000XAF for big trucks.

The second form of the car wash business is the commercial form of the car wash business. Here we often see these types operating within the city centres and most often classic in design. This is the form of car wash business we are going to take you to step by step on how to start in Cameroon.

Steps on how to start a car wash business in Cameroon

a). Carry out a research

As we all know, the first crucial step to start any business in Cameroon is to conduct or carry out the right research about the business. You must ask the right questions about the business you want to venture into.

In the case of the car wash business, conduct a feasibility study on the type of cars used by people in your area or city. Ask questions on how much you can charge your customers.

Just like any other business out there with a different segment of customers, the car wash business is also filled with different types of car users, from commercial bikes, taxis, privately owned cars and trucks etc.

So, do a feasibility study to know how much you can charge each type of customer.

b). Pick a strategic location

Picking the right location can be one of the keys to success in starting a car wash business in Cameroon. So, make sure you pick a strategic location for your car wash enterprise.

Select an area that is located in close vicinity to the road. Pick a well-secure and friendly environment.

From my personal experience and observations, most car users prefer to wash their cars where they can relax and catch fun while waiting for their car to get cleaned up. This implies that, if possible set your car wash business beside a relaxation spot such as a snack bar or a restaurant.

c). Develop a business plan

Once you have conducted a feasibility study and chosen a strategic location, the next bold step to take is to come up with a business plan for your car wash business. This is a very important step that many car wash start-up ventures often failed to do.

A business plan would help to guide you to have an overview of how the business would function. It business plan should focus more on cost analysis, a potential source of funding for the business and how you intend to manage the business.

d). Get Funding

Without funding or potential capital set aside for this business, it would likely fail. Depending on the size of the business, you can start a commercial car wash business with a capital of 250,000XAF to 4,000,000XAF.

If you wish to add more services, then you will need more funds. Most car wash services in Douala and Yaoundé often offer extra services by selling drinks and water to help keep their customers around.

e). Get a water source

No water, no car wash service. So, make sure you get a reliable source of water for your business. Have a clean water source, such as a well or borehole.

f). Power Source

This might not be a problem for a local car wash, but a big necessity for a commercial car wash. You need a reliable power supply for your car wash business. So, if you live in towns or cities with an epileptic power supply you should get a standby generator.

g). Buy all necessary equipment needed

Make sure you buy all the necessary equipment that you need for your car wash business, check the list above for some key impotent tools you need for your car wash business. The cost of this equipment would depend largely on your starting capital and also on the scale on which you want to start the business.

h). Get Approved by Authorities

Don’t forget to get your business license and also ensure you get approval from the local authorities before you start your car wash business in Cameroon.

Car wash business deals with water, chemicals and other substances which affect the environment, so you must get approval from the government authorities to avoid business closure and penalties in future.

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Final Remarks

If you ever have a second thoughts about running a car wash business in Cameroon, I would like to advise you to go in for it. It’s one of the most lucrative businesses in Cameroon. It doesn’t require a university degree before you can venture to it.

The good news is that, as the population increase, the standard of living increases and thus the high demand for the number of cars needed to be clean.

By 2030, every local car wash you see today in Cameroon will be a lucrative business that would require even university degree holders to start applying to work in these enterprises.

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