13 Guinness World Records ever held by Cameroon

13 Guinness World Records ever held by Cameroon

13 Guinness World Records ever held by Cameroon

1). Samuel Eto’o: Most goals scored by a single player in Africa Cup of Nations competitions

2). Rigobert Song:  The highest number of African Cup of Nations matches played in a row is 34, between 1996-2010.

3). Albert Roger Milla: The oldest football goal scorer in FIFA World Cup

4). Francis Ngannou: Most consecutive UFC title defenses (Heavyweight) is from Cameroon

5). Rigobert Song:  Most red cards in the football FIFA World Cup tournament by an individual

6). Fabrice Olinga: Youngest goalkeeper in Spain’s top division of Spanish football, he was just 16 years old and originates from Cameroon.

7). Pascal Siakam: The first player from the G-League to be chosen as an NBA All-Star starter. He is a UK base who originates from Cameroon.

8). Lake Nyos: Deadliest lake in the world, found in Cameroon

9). African pygmy squirrel (Myosciurus pumilio): The smallest squirrel in the world from Cameroon

10). The pygmy scalytail (Idiurus zenkeri): is the Smallest gliding rodent in the world from Cameroon.

11). African goliath frog (Conraua goliath): The largest frog in the world from Cameroon with an average length of overall length of 87.63 cm

12). Diceros bicornis longipes: The most recently extinct rhinoceros is the Western black rhinoceros called Diceros bicornis longipes from Cameroon in the year 2011.

13).Toxodera Denticulata: Largest species of mantis in the world is from Cameroon


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