10 Best Cities To Start A Business In Cameroon

Almost every individual dream of starting a business or having a venture that they operate. Yet the study shows that only 4% of newly created businesses manage to survive after years of operation.


Study shows that only over 50% of small businesses failed after the fifth year of operation. this is often as a results of some factors discuss below though not all of those factors are liable for these venture failure, however, they contribute to a greater extent.


The purpose of this article is to share with the aspiring entrepreneurs, even existing ones, what are the things to consider before jumping into the world of business especially in an emerging country like Cameroon.


Why Start A Business In Cameroon?

Life lessons for university students in Cameroon

Cameroon is a few country rich in natural resources, with great cultural diversity and motivated people, which suggests it’s a rustic with tremendous potential.


Business opportunities are often found in many sectors of the country’s economy, especially when it involves harnessing existing potential more efficiently, as an exampleto extend productivity within the agricultural sector, expand the utilization of renewable energy or improve business efficiency through the utilization of recent IT systems.


# Start a business in Cameroon to Create Jobs

One of the major advantages of starting a business in Cameroon is to enable you to create jobs in the society. Starting your own business will enable you to help family’s members, friends and those around you.


Some entrepreneurs enjoy being able to give back the opportunity that someone once gave them: a paying job. This altruistic motivation to start a company leads to a sense of satisfaction and intent that keeps entrepreneurs motivated for years to come.


#Start a business in Cameroon to escape the 9 to 5 rat race

Starting your own business in Cameron as an entrepreneur helps you escape the rat race of 9 to 5 jobs. The 9 to 5 can be a place where your dreams go to die. Why do we invest so much of our energy and time to help others realize their dreams without investing in ourselves first?


You deserve to wake up at a time of your choice, work in a career you love, and make money for yourself. And by starting a business, you can do all that and so much more.


#Start a business in Cameroon to Pursue Your Passion

When you create a business out of your passion, you get the chances to help those around you grow. Starting a business in Cameroon out of passion benefits helps expose you to persons of different cultural diversity.


#Start a business in Cameroon to Experience Freedom

There is so much freedom you get to enjoy as an entrepreneur in Cameroon. This is because your life gets back to control. Besides freedom, you also enjoy tax benefits as an entrepreneur in Cameroon.


Factors To Consider Before Starting A Business In Cameroon

There are several factors to consider in life before starting a business. These factors apply to each and everyone across the planet. In Cameroon below are some factors one must critically examine before setting up a business.



This is one among the foremost important factors every entrepreneur search to before venturing into any business, be it online or offline. You ought to access that the situation you would like to start out the business should have a high population rate. The high population in Douala, Yaoundé, and Bamenda which are densely populated account for the high number of companies operating within this area.


# Accessibility to the Road

Where your business will be located should be a very crucial factor to consider before dreaming of having success. If it’s an offline business, make sure you consider to establish the business close to the road or the visibility of everyone.


# Security

Security is one major factor every entrepreneur must consider before starting a business in Cameroon. With the presence of the continued crisis within the North West and South West Region of Cameroon, and insurgency of Boko Haraam in the North, entrepreneurs should do a correct security check of the sort of business they need to operate and therefore the how secure are they, thus its recommended to avoid areas that are susceptible to attacks.


#Presence of Touristic attraction in the Area

Presence of tourist attraction which may attract visitors to the world thereby increasing the population and indirectly increasing the probabilities of gaining patronage from them. This suggests that Some businesses are more likely to flourish than others in towns like Limbe, Buea, Kribi due to the touristic attraction they possess.


# Good Environmental and Climatic Conditions

You should also take the climatic condition and environmental factor a top reason before venturing into certain businesses.


Especially businesses that in the tourism department such as hotels, restaurants, bars, clubs etc. In Cameroon Town such as Buea, Limbe and Kribi are just favourable ground for entrepreneurs to venture into such ground of business.



#1. DOUALA (1,338, 082 people)

Douala is the largest city and the economic capital of Cameroon. Douala is one of the most choices of business start-up among the most successful entrepreneurs in Cameroon, Africa as a whole. Not know for tourism but has some sights that will catch the eye of a tourist such as The Famous Municipal Museum, The Maritime Museum, The Legendary Manga Bell Pagoda, The Akwa Business District, and The Six Area. Douala also harbours a large number of beaches and local markets. Douala is also the wealthiest among the eleven (11) CEMAC regions.


Major Business operating in Cameroon with over 1000+ employees are located in this area such as MTN Cameroon, Eneo Cameroon, Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation, Nestlé, GlaxoSmithKline, Sogea Satom just to name a few.


#2 YAOUNDÉ (1, 299, 369 people)

Yaoundé is the capital of Cameroon and it’s a city built with modern amenities and facilities. The city is well built with roads connecting other parts of Cameroon. Markets and shopping malls are quite captivating for the local people as well as the tourists.


Yaoundé has many beautiful touristic sites with the famous Unity Palace which is the seat of the presidency and one of the most beautiful presidential palaces in Africa. Other major touristic sites in Douala include Mefou National Park, National Museum of Yaounde (Le Musee National de Yaounde), Benedictine Museum of Mont-Febe just to name a few.


#3. BUEA (47,300 people)


Buea is notable one of the starting ground for most growing business in Cameroon. It is the capital of the South West Region. Buea has many touristic attractions that bring a large sheer number of tourist to the area. Major touristic sites include the Mt Fako (Buea Mountain or Mount Cameroon) which is the highest mountain in West Africa and the Mount Cameroon National Park.


Buea is a seat for one of the oldest and famous universities (University of Buea). Major Business operating in this region including sectors such as education, banking, insurance, hotels, retails, Real Estate, and IT services.


#4. LIMBE (72, 106 people)


Limbe is one major town for most entrepreneur start in Cameroon. Limbe also is known as “the town of Friendship” because of the friendly and accommodative nature of the inhabitants. This makes tourism more fun in the area. Major tourism attraction in the area includes The Limbe Wildlife Centre, the Botanical Garden, the Limbe Down beach, Seme Beach.


A major business that flourishes in this area include Hotels, Restaurants, Recreation facilities and transportation just to name a few. Limbe also has an Oil refinery company called SONARA, which is the number production of fuel in Cameroon.


#5. BAMENDA (533,000, people)

Bamenda is the capital city of the North West Region of Cameroon. It is one of the major biggest and populated city in the region. The main industries are the processing of agricultural products such as coffee, elementary food processing, handicraft, cottage industry, education (schools), tourism/hospitality, construction works and transport.


The local museum and shops display a wide variety of local baskets, beads, woodcarvings and bronze statues. In Bamenda, there are cultural sites such; as the Mankon Fon’s Palace with its newly constructed museum, and the Bali Fon’s palace with its ancient architectural structures.


The mountainous terrain around the city affords scenic views such as that from the mountain Sabga over the Ndop plain. The city of Bamenda has road links to Yaoundé and Douala, as well as an airport, Bamenda Airport, located in Bafut subdivision. There is also the University of Bamenda located in Bambili Town, founded in 2011.


#6. KUMBA (144,413 people)

Kumba is a metropolitan city found in the Meme department in the Southwest Region, Western Cameroon, popularly referred to as “K-town“. Being the most developed and largest city in the Meme department, Kumba has attracted people from the neighbouring villages like Mbonge, Ekondo Titi amongst others. Kumba is the most important trading town in the English-speaking region of Cameroon.


This hub facilitates imports from Nigeria and plays a big part in cocoa, rubber and palm oil exports. The Kumba Main Market is one of the oldest and most famous in the country. It’s also a great place to buy food and clothes.


Kumba is just the right town for aspiring entrepreneurs who have a great vision to start businesses such as retail, sales of agricultural products, Banking, insurance, and Education just to name a few.


 #7. MAMFE (36, 500 people)

Mamfe or Mamfé is a city in and the capital of Manyu, a division of the Southwest Region in Cameroon. It is 74 km from the border of Nigeria, on the Manyu River. It is known as a centre for traditional religion and traditional medicine.


Due to its nearness with the Nigerian border, Mamfe is also home to a considerable number of the Nigerian population. Mamfe generally experiences a temperature of 27 to 37°C and it reaches up to 49°C between February and April while the dry season runs in the city.


There is an airport in Mamfe but currently, it is not serving flight. So international tourists are needed to reach the Douala Airport first and after getting there, one can choose the bus or airport taxi to get Mamfe. Instead of using a bus or taxi, visitors can book private transport before reaching the airport online for comfort and convenient airport travel.


Mamfe is popular for traditional medicine, which is generally used by locals and also offered to visitors coming to the city. People in Mamfe also have a distinct food culture and they generally use eru and fu-fu, garri and agusi soup for their meal.


Shops are limited to traditional stores only with colourful handicraft items, jewels and clothes, although one can find an odd number of modern shops in Mamfe. Major touristic site in Mamfe includes The old German bridge, The Mamfe Cathedral, Mamfe River, Senior District Officer’s House’s tower, and many others just to name a few.


#8. BAFOUSSAM (290,768 people)

Bafoussam is a city in the highlands of western Cameroon. It’s a centre for Bamiléké tribal culture and traditional crafts such as woodcarving. The city features a chief’s palace compound or chefferie. The chefferie in Bandjoun, to the south, has well-preserved Bamiléké architecture.


To the northeast, Foumban has a royal palace and masks and jewellery at the Museum of Bamoun Arts and Traditions. Bafoussam is also harbouring several beautiful hotels in the region such as PESSI HOTEL, Hotel AURORE, MBATKAM Hotel Palace, ZINGANA hotel, TALOTEL Hotel.


#9. KRIBI (55, 224 people)

Kribi is a resort town and port in the South Province of Cameroon. Kribi is home to Cameroon’s best beaches. It’s known for its sandy beaches. At the mouth of the Kineke River, Kribi lighthouse was built in 1906 by German colonizers and is still in use today.


To the south, Tara Plage is a beach with strong Atlantic surf. Nearby, the Chutes de la Lobé waterfall plunges directly into the sea. From the falls, boats run upriver to Bagyeli native settlements. A major business that flourished in Kribi is Tourism, Hotels, banking, restaurants, fishery and livestock just to name a few.


#10. MAROUA (319, 941 people)

Maroua is the capital of the Far North Region of Cameroon, stretching along the banks of the Ferngo and Kaliao Rivers, in the foothills of the Mandara Mountains. Trekking in the spectacular landscapes of the Mandara Mountains west of Maroua is one of Cameroon’s best and most popular attractions, especially for the more adventurous travellers.


The whole region is full of traditional hillside villages of round huts, huge stone formations and wide green valleys. There are many fascinating villages, including Rhumsiki, with its striking mountain scenery; Djingliya and Koza, set against steep terraced hillsides; Tourou, known for the calabash hats worn by local women; Maga, with its unique domed houses made entirely of clay; and Mora, which has a particularly notable weekly market.


There are some hotels, guesthouses, Banks, travel agencies and handicraft/art markets that have gained ground in the area. Major touristic attraction in the area is the Waza National Park, Kalamaloue National Park, Mozogo Gokoro National Park and the Rhumsiki Landscape.


Maroua is also a seat of a major university in the area, known for having the University of Maroua or Université de Maroua which is one of the major state university in Cameroon. Major businesses for start-up in the area including Hotels, insurance, banking, Food business, Restaurants and many more.


 Concluding Remark

Starting a business now in Cameroon is just the perfect time you can ever think of. No one said starting a business is an easy task be it online or offline. However, starting a business now in Cameroon gives you a high success rate and high chances to grow your business. By the time many other investors or competitors move in to the same geographical area or line of services you are operating, you have already gain a large share of the population.


Do you think there are other best cities in Cameroon to start a business, let us know in the comment section below?


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