10 Fast Ways to make money on Threads App in Nigeria

10 Fast Ways to make money on Threads App in Nigeria

10 Fast Ways to make money on Threads App in Nigeria

Are you a Nigerian looking for how to make money with the newly released Threads App? If, yes, then this article is for you.

Whether you are an influencer, a student, a single mom, or just someone who wants to earn extra income while keeping your main job, then read till the end to find out how to earn lots of money through Threads App.

But what exactly is the Threads App all about? Threads is an Instagram-related app that allows users to have free conversations with each and interact freely just like Twitter.

The app stands as a direct new rival app to Twitter. It is one of the fastest-growing apps, gaining more than 30,000,000 users on its first day of launch.

So how can Nigerian benefits from this Thread App, we have highlighted below 10 ways to make money using the Threads app as a Nigerian.

1). Selling your products on Threads App

Thread is a new social media app and one of the fastest ways Nigerians can make money with this app is by selling their products or products of theirs directly to their followers.

If you have physical products, you can create short videos about them or use quality graphic designs to create quality-looking pictures or posts about your products.

To earn more money easily, focus on a particular niche product, for example, if u are in charge of selling mobile phones and their accessories, focus only on this niche.

Next, post regularly to grow your audience, use valid hashtags and regularly measure your performance on each post you place on your threads.


How many followers do you need to make money on Threads App?

2). Start Affiliate Marketing

The second fastest way you can make money on Threads App in Nigeria is through Affiliate marking.

You can earn money by promoting the products or services of affiliate companies by posting your affiliate link (s).

One way to increase your earning through affiliate marking on Threads App is to continuously create valuable content on the products or services you are promoting, in this way, you increase your chances of earning regularly.

3). Online Coaching

If you are an expert or trainer in any type of field or skill, you can offer online coaching or training on your Threads App to your followers.

You can even earn more money if you are providing training, particularly on a skill or sector you have several years of experience.

This training or coaching can help you grow your followers which in return will give you room to make money on Threads App using the other ways of making money listed in this article.

4). Promoting Events

One way you can make money fast from Threads App while living in Nigeria is to partner with an event planning organization or event promoters and promote their events to your followers.

You can earn a commission for every successful ticket sold to your fan base about the event.

You can link to popular event-planning companies in Nigeria such as Buflus Events, Qmara Vie Planners, Benbozone Events, and Vimos Events just to name a few.

5). Provide Threads Courses

The Threads App is still new and many Nigerians are unaware of it and how to use it. This gives a perfect opportunity for Nigerians with well-known how of the app to provide short online courses on how to use the Threads App.

6). Sponsored Posts

Many brands are looking for individuals or influencers with huge fan bases in other to pay and sponsor their posts on their products or services.

For example, if you are into skincare, you could earn money using the Threads App from Nigeria by sponsoring posts from skincare companies.

Even if you are not a celebrity n Nigeria but you are a beautiful lady or a cute handsome guy with a good body skin colour and texture, many skincare businesses would pay you to showcase their product to prove that they are 100% working or good.

Thus, this gives you the perfect opportunity to make lots of money on Threads.

7). Consulting Services

There are several consulting services you can sell on Threads App while living in Nigeria. This form of monetization works best for gym instructors, Medical doctors, marriage counselors, lawyers, or any type of business.

If you have great skills in a particular sector or area, you can start providing consulting services on Threads App and get paid through subscriptions of your clients who buy your services.

Popular consulting businesses from Nigeria you can promote on Threads App include Freelancing, digital marketing, online courses, graphic designing, SEO, etc.

8). Sponsored Hashtag Campaigns

Just like Twitter, Threads App gives room for hashtag campaigns. So, if you are someone with a huge fan base or followers in Nigeria, you can make fast money through hashtag campaigns.

If you are a brand ambassador to certain brands, or if a particular brand hires you to promote their product or services, you can charge them a fee for the shootouts loud through your influence using the Threads App hashtag.

Hashtags can also play a big role to promote a political ideology or concern over a particular issue in Nigeria.

9). Promote other Threads users

One of the fastest and easiest ways of making money from Threads App in Nigeria is by promoting other Thread users or businesses.

This means that if you are someone with a huge fan base, a celebrity, or an influence, you can help promote other Threads users who need public shoutouts or recognition.

You can do this by simply tagging them in your post, commenting or hashtagging them, and charging them a certain fee for this service.

This method is popular among cross-dresser celebrities such as Bob Risky, and James Brown and big Nigerian celebrities such as Don Jazzy, Ini Edo, Unstoppable Comedy, and Davido with a huge social media fan base.

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10). Selling Your Threads Account

Another crazy way to earn money on Threads App in Nigeria is by selling your Thread Account. If you are one of the earliest people to create a Threads App account during its early years of creation, then you can make some money by selling your Threads Account.

However, it’s worth noting that Threads App, terms and conditions do prohibit the buying and selling of Threads Accounts, and doing so sometimes can results to account closure and suspension.

Thus, it’s suggested that you take into consideration the consequences that may result from such practices before embarking on it however, you can make cool cash if you sell an already valuable Threads Account.

Final Conclusions

It’s very easy to make money online on Threads App while living in Nigeria. To be 100% successful, you need to focus on a particular niche, stayed consistent, and regularly post to grow your audience.

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