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210 Names For Event Planning Business [2024]

Choosing the right names for event planning businesses can help attract customers and increase sales.

A perfect name is a personal choice that cannot be made blindly due to several factors that must be considered.

A good name reflects your expertise and seeks to convey your brand’s purpose. It makes a company recognizable, and appealing to clients, and helps it carve out a market niche.

To win your chances of choosing a good name for an event planning business, stay with us by reading this article to completion.

But before we provide you with samples of names for the event planning businesses, let’s begin by learning about how to come up with the name(s) for an event planning business.


Let’s Dive In.


How to Come up with Names For Event Planning Business

Coming up with names for event planning business has never been an easy task for most event planners.

You want to venture into an event planning business, you have sound knowledge on how you will operate, and how much you will likely make from such a business.

But one thing keeps disturbing you, what name your event planning business will be called.

The traditional way of coming up with names for event planning business is by naming the business after the founder’s name, or perhaps after the type of services, you will provide to users.

This method still works but at a lower scale. Unless you have a popular or unique name, then coming up with names for event planning business using your name might be a poor option.

The 21st century way of coming up with names for event planning business is to write all possible ideas that come to your mind on a piece of paper (possible 5-10 names).

Then next reflect on who your target audience will be (marriages couples, birthday occasions, etc.).

Now you know who your target audience is, the next step to take will be choosing names for event planning business is to choose a name(s) that is unique.

Another important guide in choosing names for event planning business is to choose a name(s) that is short (not more than 3 syllabi).

how to choose the right name for an event planning

Quick Recap: Names For Event Planning Business

  • It should be attractive and short.
  • It should be easy to spell and pronounce.
  • No one else should have the name.
  • No abbreviations for event planner business names.
  • It must not be trendy.
  • Your business name should express a message.


210 Names for Event Planning Business (2023)

Corporate Names for Event Planning Business

1. Celebrity Events, Inc.

2. Gownz and Grillz

3. Sprinkle Event Services

4. Exclusive Gatherings

5. Exceptional Event Management

6. Wedding Reception Entertainment

7. Unlimited Corporate Events

8. Glitz and glam

9. The Event Consultant

10. Corporate Integrity Events

11. Event Professionals, Inc.

12. Go, Party Planners!

13. Classic Party Planner

14. Traditional Party Planner

15. Corporate Relationship

16. Classic Events Ltd.

17. One-Touch Event

18. Corporate Link

19. Conference Planners

20. Top Event Planners

21. Great Moments

22. Unusual Events

23. The Organiser

24. Corporate Happenings

25. Big Confetti Events

26. Event Factory

27. Black Tie Event Planning

28. Go Out With Events

29. Magical Moments

30. Smart Association

31. Unique Planners

32. Beyond the Décor

33. 5G Planners

34. Kids Event Planners

35. Out Door Planners

36. Sport Light Event

37. Campus Planners

38. The Bliss

39. Planning Gurus

40. Platinum Events


Unique Names For Event Planning Business

1. Back2Back Events

2. Event Style Planning

3. Unique Event Planning

4. Wow Events Group

5. Thought-filled Events

6. Dedicated Events

7. Unique Events

8. Event Designers

9. Central Planning

10. Mastermind Meetings

11. Purple Frog Events

12. Event Mentor

13. Average Joe Events

14. Charming Company

15. The Original

16. The Ultimate Event Planning

17. All Your Entertainment

18. Stellar Events

19. Hopeful Events

20. One-Stop Events

21. Double Down Event Planners

22. Fusion Concepts Events

23. Beyond Festivities

24. One Glorious Day

25. Explosive Events

26. Luxe Planning

27. Exquisite Events

28. Signature Experiences

29. Elegant Expositions

30. Amazing Events

31. Elegant Serenity

32. Luxurious Occasions

33. Darling Debuts

34. Stylish Design

35. Private Party Planners

36. Ambient Acts Inc

37. Enticing Event Planning

38. Visions of Brilliance

39. Go Chic or Go Home

40. Sparkling Parties Inc.

41. Glamazon Inc.

42. Splendiferous Events

43. Global Event Planning LLC

44. It’s My Day, Inc.

45. Crystal Clear Events

47. The White Wedding Company

48. Expressions Event Services

49. Funky Events

50. Party Time

51. The Event Organizers

52. The Best Event Planners

53. Luxury Events

54. Event Weasels and Teddies

55. A&B Event Solutions

56. Trendy Event Team

57. Dazzling Events

58. Get-Togethers Limited

59. The Party Squad

60. Stir Up Events

61. Squad Up

62. Jazzy Event Planning

63. Sassy Events Organised

64. Jazzy Eventz and Co

65. Bizzy Boogie

66. Smashing Events

67. Golden Square Events

68. Ceremonious Occasions

69. Kiss the Bride

70. Blissful Events

71. Finish Line

72. Bigger and Better

73. Umbrella Entertainment

74. AI Event Planning

75. Event Management Centre

76. The Professional Organizer

77. Our Big Day Events

78. My Party Planners

79. Your Eventful Life

80. Unlimited Celebration

81. Perfect Day Events

funny names for event planning

Funny and Amusing Names for Event Planning Business

1. People’s Party

2. Party Pro

3. Hip Hop Hooray

4. Hip-Hop-A-Roo

5. Cake Smash Event Planner

6. Halloween Event Co.

7. Rose Petal Events

8. Sugar Plum Events

9. The Party of My Life

10. Event Happens

11. Smart Party Planning

12. Must Be There Inc.

13. ABC Event Planning

14. Plan Bee Events

15. Name that event!

16. Bug The Budget

17. You’re Invited

18. Chaotic Events

19. Pow Wow Events

20. Bulls Eye Concepts



Event Planning Project Topics 


Cool and Enticing Names For Event Planning Business

1. White-Glove Events

2. Show Me The Event

3. Party Planner Plus

4. The Big Event Agency

5. Purple Sparkle Events Limited

6. Plano Event Planning

7. The Queen of Parties

8. Idea Event Planning

9. Lone Star Event Planning

10. Blue Moon Events

11. Relevant Event Planning

12. Creative Cosmic Events

13. Dynamic Crush Event Planning

14. Alpha and Event Planning

15. Avion Planning

16. Divine Events

17. Festive Events

18. Glittery Events

19. Fun Party Planner

20. Party Organizer Queen Bee

21. Double Diss Events

22. Perfect Event Planning

23. Ace Event Services

24. Avail Event Planning

25. Artsy Planning Solutions

26. Big Red Elephant Events

27. Chic Affairs and Events

28. Creative Concepts Event Planning

29. The Party Planning Company

30. Action Event Services

31. The Empire Event Group

32. Glitter Event Planning

33. Adept Event Planning

34. Angelus Events

35. Avant-Garden Events

36. Batch Party Planners

37. Fabulous Planner

383 Harmonious Events

39. Simply Perfect Events

40. Creative Concoction Company

41. AfterParty Inc.

42. Any Event Inc.

43. A to Z Event Planning Inc.

44. Black Tie Planning, Inc.

45. Cliques & Co. Event Planning LLC.

46. Fantastic Fantabulous Planner

47. Amplified Event Production

48. Bigger and Better Events LLC

49. Brilliantly Unparalleled Events Ltd.

50. Classy Affairs

51. Beautifully Gorgeous Events

52. About Time Events

53. Acorn Events

54. Act Vively Events Agency

55. Action Events & Meetings

56. The Green Light Group LLC

57. A Plus Event Group

58. Confetti Events

59. Luxury Event Planning Services

60. Grand Event Organisers

61. Dazzling Events Inc.

62. Marvellous Moments

63. Enthralling Elegant Events

64. The Ultimate Event Company

65. Golden Events

66. Zany Event Planners

67. Purple Party Planners

68. Razzle Dazzle Events

69. Rainbow Events

70. Party Hopper Inc.


Final Remarks

If you are still reading this article to this point, then you’re an awesome person.

As a closing remark, note that not all of the above name(s) might be suitable for your event planning business. But it should give you baseline information on how and what to do before choosing the right names for your event planning business.

If you have any suggestions (s) or questions (s), please feel comfortable writing to us on our chatbox.

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