Overview of Sellam Quick Cameroon History and Origin

Overview of Sellam Quick Cameroon History and Origin

An Overview of Sellam Quick

Sellam Quick is an e-commerce business with a head office in Douala Cameroon. It was founded in December 2012 by Leoni Funfe who lives between Cameroon and the United Kingdom. He doubles as the CEO of the organization.

He started as a car dealer. He dealt with used cars and car parts. At some point, he noticed the number of unsold cars at his Bonaberi warehouse increase drastically. This pushed him to begin to ponder alternative ways of reaching potential clients and advertising his goods to them.

It was in this attempt that he conceived the idea of online selling. He wanted to use this platform to find new ways of quickly selling these vehicles and spare parts to the wider communities in Cameroon and boosting sales. He named this platformSellamQuick.com.

Sellam Quick is a free E-marketing platform where buyers can meet sellers and vice versa across every business sector. It is also a showroom where registered users can advertise and display goods and services – automobiles, hotels and restaurants, houses/estates, electronics, and household products including furniture and even skilled and unskilled jobs.

SellamQuick.com is a directory where information can be sourced on schools, training courses, and trades – plumbers, electricians, garage workers, carpenters, and beauticians.

Sellam Quick Vision

The CEO said his vision for the organization is to create the number one ranked site in West Africa making it the go-to place for buying and selling of almost everything from cars, jobs, hotels, electronics, training, animals, houses, and furniture across West African countries.

Its main objectives to attain its vision include; increasing its online sales and website traffic, expanding its geographical location of operation within Cameroon and beyond, and of course like every other business, making much more profits to grow the business.

People searching for hotels in Cameroon or car rentals in Douala for example can be directed to this site.

Users of this site can advertise products and services under one of the following categories:

  • Electronics: anything that you can plug – equipment for an audio-visual home.
  • Property / Houses: buy, sell, or rent properties – homes, apartments, and related services too.
  • Jobs –a marketplace to find any work for engineers to security officials.
  • Automobile –all kinds of vehicles both new and used, accessories and parts.
  • Professional Services – hire local professionals doctors, photographers cleaners.
  • Sport: find both sports equipment and sporting events taking place in the region.
  • Community: Competition in your area of specialty, fitness centers, concerts, and classes.
  • Furniture: home and office furniture for sale in your area.
  • Household Items: buy or sell almost anything you need in a home.

They offer three forms of listing or modes on their site to satisfy the ever-demanding needs of different clients. These include private listings, featured listings, and banner listings.

Private listing is free and aimed at anyone wanting to sell anything, new or used from electronics, automobiles, houses, jobs, and furniture to professional services. Users can list an unlimited number of products to reach a wider audience and boost sales.

It is the simplest and most commonly used form of advertising on the site. When using the private listing, sellers must put the actual price of the item, service, or property as the price that they would like to receive for it, and not the starting price.

Featured listing is aimed at individuals or companies who wish to have enhanced exposure to a range of visitors on the site.

Banner listing is mostly for business establishments wishing to have maximum exposure to a range of visitors on their site. The banners are displayed at the top of every page on the site and they rotate each time a page is refreshed allowing a fair exposure of the ads to viewers.

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