Event Planning Project Topics For Students

Event Planning Project Topics for undergraduates Students

Get some fantastic Event Planning Project Topics dissertation themes now.

Choose a fantastic topic from the list below.

Note that you do not have to stick to the specific topic we give you.

You can alter these themes to suit your own interests and requirements!

A word of caution, don’t just choose one of these Event Planning Project Topics dissertation themes and start writing.

Make a list of subjects, write drafts for each, and do some background research.

Finish the drafts and choose the most intriguing for your dissertation.

If you still faced issues on how to choose a good event planning project topic, read more below.


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Event Planning Project Topics For Students

1. The Effects of Sports Mega-Events on Host Communities:

2. Visitors’ Motivations in Attending an Ethnic Minority Cultural Festival: A Case Study of the Tabaski Festival in Foumban, West Region, Cameroon.

3. The effect of Covid-19 on events organization operation activities in Cameroon: Case Study AFON, Cameroon, 2021.

4. Determinants of effective management in the sport with the use of large sports arenas in selected cities in Cameroon: Case Study, Douala, and Yaoundé.

5. Predicting hotelier’s intention in practicing event greening: An examination of personal belief, subjective norms, and perceived behavioral control from managerial perspectives: Case Study; AFON, Cameroon, 2021.

6. The Essence and Measurement of Trade Show Event Experiences in Cameroon.

7. The Economic Impact of Sporting Events: A Case Study of APEJES Academy Football Games.

8. Success factors in managing international conferences in Cameroon: Case Study Convention of Jehovah’s Witnesses.

9. Visitor Motivations to Attending International Festivals in Cameroon: Case Study The Nyem-Nyem Festival in Ngaoundéré, Adamawa area.

10. Visitor Motivations and Barriers for Sustainable Music Festival Tourism: The Case of Ngondo Festival in Douala, Cameroon.

11. Managing social media During a Crisis: A Conundrum for Event Managers in The Buea Municipality.

12. A neglected legacy: Examining the challenges and potential for sports tourism development in Cameroon.


13. Disability, Access, and Inclusion in the Event Industry: A Call for Inclusive Event Research in Cameroon.

14. The Motives of Ambassadors in Bidding for International Association Meetings and Events in Cameroon.

15. Festival to Festival: Networked Relationships Between Festival National des Arts et de la Culture (FENAC).

16. Cross-Cultural Research Issues in Developing International Tourist Markets for Cultural Events in Cameroon.

17. A Study on Sustainable Event Management Practices in Cameroon; Event Managers’ Perspective.

18. The Influence of Host Volunteer Motivation on Satisfaction and Attitudes Toward AFON Cameroon, 2021.

19. The contribution of cultural events to the formation of the cognitive and affective images of a tourist destination

20. Inclusive and Accessible Special Event Planning: A Cameroonian Perspective.

21. Culture and authenticity in traditional event-the views of producers, residents, and visitors in Bakweri Folklore Festival – Buea.

22. The Impact of the COVID-19 Outbreak on Social Costs of Tourism to the Cameroon Economy.

23. Event management venue considerations in emerging cities in Cameroon, analysis of the guidelines for safety and risk management.

24. A study on the volunteer motivations of mega sporting events in Cameroon.


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