Human Resource Management Project Topics [2024]

1. Training Manpower Development And Employee Performance In An Organization

2. The Impact Of Performance Evaluation On Workers Productivity In Cameroon

3. The Effect Of Motivational Tools On Employees Morale In An Organization

4. The Impact Of Performance Appraisal On Staff Productivity

5. Problems Of Human Resources Management And Their Impact In Organizational Performance

6. The Problems And Solutions Of Staff Training And Development In Business Organizations

7. The Problem And Prospects Of Entrepreneurship Development In Cameroon

8. The Impact Of Incentive Welfare Schemes On The Performance Of Workers

9. The Impact Of Staff Customer Relationship On Organizational Image

10. The Effect Of Management Styles On Workers Productivity In The Hotel Industry

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11. The Impact Of Organizational Culture On Effective Employees’ Performance Towards The Attainment Of Organizational Goals

12. The Impact Of Internal Control System On The Effective Management In Government Ministries: The Case Study Of Ministry Of Environment And Nature Protection

13. Effect Of Job Satisfaction On Employee Performance The Case Study Of Buea Council

14. The Impact Of Digital Devices On Work-Life Balance, Job Stress And Job Satisfaction: The Case Study Of Limbe Ii Council

15. The Effect Of Dispute Management And Cultural Diversity On Employee Performance

16. The Effect Of Customer And Employee Relationship On The Management Of Hospitality Industry Both Publicly Owned And Privately Owned Establishment In Buea Municipality

17. Effect of Labour Turnover On Organizational Performance

18. Impact Of Management Information System On Effective Human Resource Management In An Organization The Case Study Of Mtn Cameroon

19. The Effect Of Working Condition On The Performance Of Secretaries In An Organization The Case Of Commercial Banks In Buea Municipality

20. Conflict Resolution As A Tool For Effective Management In An Organization (A Case Study Of Some Selected Firms In Douala)

21. A Study into The Management Of Employee Grievances In An Organisation (A Case Study Of Some Selected Firms In Bamenda)

22. Shortage Of Human Resources In Government Establishment Problems And Solutions In Cameroon

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23. Human Resources Management In The Hotel And Catering Industry In Buea Municipality

24. The Impact Of Human Resources Development on Employee Productivity In An Organization

25. The Impact Of Industrial Conflicts And Conflicts Resolution In Employees Productivity In An Industry

26. The Impact Of Manpower Training And Development On Employees Performance In An Organisation

27. The Impact Of Performance Appraisal On Organisational Growth And Profitability

28. The Impact Of Performance Management On The Effectiveness Of Employees

29. The Impact Of Compensation And Reward System On The Performance Of An Organization ( A Case Study Of Total Nigeria Plc)

30. The Effect Of Inadequate Human Resources On The Performance Of Government Establishments. (A Case Study Of Ministry Of Finance).

31. The Impact Of Compensation And Reward System On Organizational Performance


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