Human Resources Management Project Topics with Materials

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HRM0001The Effect of Leadership Style On Employee Performance in Source Du Pays S.A Muyuka, South West Region Cameroon.
HRM0002An Assessment of the Role of PCP-ACEFA Projects On the Development of Rural Communities. The Case of Some Selected Rural Communities in Buea Sub-Division, Cameroon.
HRM0003The Impact of Training and Development On Worker’s Productivity and Job Satisfaction: Empirical Evidence from Irad Ekona, South-West Region, Cameroon.
HRM0004The Impact of Leadership Styles and Its Effects On Employee Performance in Source Du Pays S.A Muyuka, South West Region Cameroon.
HRM0005Gender Gaps in Organizational Leadership in MTN and Orange Head Offices in Douala-Cameroon: Issues and Prospects.
HRM0006The Impact of Appropriate Recruitment and Selection Criteria On Organizational Productivity and Development Evidence of CDC Group Rubber Tiko.
HRM0007Time Management and Its Impact On Employees Performance: A Case of CDC Bota Limbe
HRM0008The Effects of Employer-Employee Relationship On Organisational Productivity: The Case of Institute Of Customer Service (ICS) Buea-Cameroon.
HRM0009An Assessment Of Patients’ Satisfaction Of Health Service Delivery In Both Public And Private Hospitals In Buea Municipality: The Case Of General Hospital, Mount Mary Hospital And Solidarity Foundation Clinic.
HRM0010The Impact of Performance Appraisals On The Growth And Development In An Organization.
HRM0011Recruitment And Selection And Its Effects On Organizational Performance: Case Study Of Njieforbi Buea
HRM0012The Impact of Outsourcing Human Resource On Organisational Performance in Cameroon: The Case of MTN Douala.
HRM0013The Effects of Human Resource Management on Employee Performance
HRM0014The Role Of Social Media On Employee’s Productivity: The Case Of The National Social Insurance Buea, South West Region Of Cameroon
HRM0015Trade Union Activities On Employee’s Productivity: Challenges And Prospects: Case Study Of Cameroon Development Corporation (CDC) Bota-Limbe.
HRM0016The Effect Of Recruitment And Selection In An Organization
HRM0017Effect Of Inventory Management On Customer Satisfaction In Small And Medium-Size Enterprise Case Study. Case Study Of Njeiforbi Company Ltd Buea
HRM0018Reward Systems and its Effects On Employee Performance in Cameroon: The Case study Camaco and Telcar Cocoa Ltd
HRM0019Organisational Structure And Its Effects On Organisational Performance In Cameroon: The Case Of CDC
HRM0020Assessing The Effects Of Agricultural Extension Projects On The Socio-Economic Development Of Cameroon: The Case Of Pamol Plantations Plc In Ndian Division.
HRM0021The Effects Of Human Resource Management On Workers’ Productivity In The Cameroon Development Corporation’s Oil Palm Sector
HRM0022The Effect Of Human Capital Development On Employee Performance in Cameroon
HRM0023Performance management as a crucial contributor to organisational growth Case of small and medium size businesses in the Buea Municipality
HRM0024Stakeholder Influence Effects On The Performance Of Football Clubs In Cameroon.
HRM0025Impact Of Induction Programs On Employees Performance In An Organization
HRM0026The Effect Of Management Information System On Service Delivery In NTAMCCUL.
HRM0027Influence Of Work Place Conflicts On Workers’ Performance At The Buea Regional Hospital
HRM0028The Effects Of Reward Systems On Employee’s Performance: Case Study Credit Foncier Du Cameroon (CFC) Buea Branch
HRM0029The Impact Of Human Resource Management To Employees Performance In Commercial Enterprises in Cameroon
HRM0030The Impact Of Compensation On Employee’s Performance Case Study: Nestle Douala
HRM0031Organisational Growth As A Response To Training, Development Strategies And Prospects In CDC
HRM0032The Effects Of Leadership On The Employee Commitment In Small And Medium Sized Enterprises In The Buea Municipality.
HRM0033The influence of Industry 4.0 in Helping Management of Source Du Pays Sa.
HRM0034The Effect of Motivational Tools on Employee Satisfaction in Mountain Hotel Buea
HRM0035Impact Of Customer Service And Customer Data Base Management On The Growth Of Insurance Companies In Cameroon
HRM0036The Effect Of Training On Employees’ Performance; Case Study: Nasla Buea Branch
HRM0037The Impact of Motivation On Employees’ Performance in Oil refinery companies in Cameroon
HRM0038The Impact Of Motivation On Employees’ Performance And Job Satisfaction In Organizations
HRM0039Effect of Occupational Stress On Employees Performance in Limbe I Council
HRM0040Bridging Skill Gap In The Oil And Gas Sectors Of Cameroon The Case Of Cotco And Addax Petroleum
HRM0041The Influence of Employees’ Attitudes on Organizational Productivity. A study of Selected Hotels in Bamenda
HRM0042Factors Influencing Job Satisfaction On Employees Out-Put. The Case Of The Tole Tea Estate And The Buea Council
HRM0043The Effective Management Of Employee’s Grievances And Its Impact On Organizational Performance In Cameroon: The Case Of Fako Bakery Limbe And Njieforbi Bakery Buea
HRM0044Retirement Preparedness Of Public Sector Employees In Cameroon: The Case Of Civil Servants In The Buea Municipality
HRM0045Motivation And Employee Performance In Cameroon’s Public Service: The Case Of The Taxation Departments Of Kumba And Buea.
HRM0046Assessing Employee’s Awareness Of Labour Law In Cameroon: A Case Of Eneo Cameroon S.A, Limbe
HRM0047Assessment of the effectiveness of electronic human resource management practices (ORACLE E- BUSINESS SUITE) in SONARA
HRM0048Resilient Leadership In Crisis Zones: A Performance View In Selected Humanitarian Organisations In Mezam Division-Cameroon
HRM0049Effect Of Job Stress On Employee’s Commitment At The Buea Divisional Tax Center.
HRM0050Influence of Organisational Leadership on Employee Performance in secondary schools in Buea
HRM0051Effect Of Motivation On Employees Performance on Auditec-Foirier Consulting, Douala
HRM0052Assessing the Influence of Good Decision Making on the Performance of an Organization
HRM0053The Impact of Organizational Culture on Employee Performance in Mustard Seed Construction Ltd Buea