Environmental Science Project Topics with Materials

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ENV0001Waste Generation and Characterization in an Educational Institution: Case Study University of Buea.
ENV0002Evaluation of The Rate of Usage of Diapers and Napkin Among Nursing Mothers in Buea Municipality and Their Disposal Practices.
ENV0003Solid Waste Management, Characterization and Disposal in Buduma and Great Soppo
ENV0004An Assessment of Household Perception and Willingness to Pay (WTP) For an Improved Waste Management Service in Mamfe, South West Region, Cameroon.
ENV0005Solid Waste Management in Educational Institution: The Case of University of Buea, Cameroon.
ENV0006Waste Generation and Characterisation in an Institution: The Case Study of University of Buea
ENV0007Diversity of Melliferous Plants And Impact Of Climate Change And Agrochemicals To Bees Within The Municipality Of Buea
ENV0008An Assessment On The Effects Of Plastic Pollution On The Avian Population In Cameroon The Case Study Of Buea Municipality
ENV0009Community Plastics Waste Management In The Buea Municipality
ENV0010Quantification Of Plastics Litter In Cameroon
ENV0011The Effect Of Solid Waste Management On Household Welfare In Buea.
ENV0013Ethnobotanical And Floristic Studie Of Non Wood Forest Products Of The Tala Tala Forest Management Unit North Congo: Edible Plants
ENV0014The Socio-Economic And Cultural Effects Of Seasonal Flood In Babessi, Ndop, Bamenda
ENV0015Environmental And Human Factors That Contribute In The Spread Of Malaria In Mile 16
ENV0016Urbanization and Its Impact On Climate Change, the Case Of Douala
ENV0017The Effect Of Organic And Inorganic Fertilizers On The Cultivation Of Tomatoes In Buea
ENV0018The Participation Of Women In Decision-Making Towards Redd+ And Climate Change Projects in Cameroon
ENV0019Assessment Of Heavy Metals In Water Leaf (Talinum Triangulare) From Garage Waste In The Buea Municipality
ENV0020Physico-Chemical Evaluation Of Water Sources In The Garoua Municipality In The Face Of Urbanisation
ENV0021The Critical Analysis Of Reports On Environmental And Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) For Development Projects in the East Region of Cameroon

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