Law Project Topics with Materials

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Law0001The judiciary in Cameroon, a critical appraisal
Law0002The Right Of Children’s In Cameroon
Law0003A Critical Analysis of the Concepts of Hate Speech and Freedom of Speech in International Law and to Reconcile the Notions of Hate Speech, Freedom of Speech, And Responsibility of States to Protect the Affected Citizens
Law0004Combating Hate Speech In Africa the Case of Rwanda, Kenya, Cameroon.
Law0005Mix of Service Delivery Systems and the Efficient and transparent provision of services in Kumba Councils in the South West Region of Cameroon.
Law0006Protection Of Refugees in Cameroon: Challenges And Prospects
Law0007Government Control and Supervision of Insurance Companies in Cameroon
Law0008Combating Terrorism In Cameroon
Law0009Government Regulation of Prices of Basic Commodities: a Perspective on Consumer Protection
Law0010International Court Of Justice And Settlement Of Interstate Conflicts: The Bakassi peninsula” between Cameroon and Nigeria
Law0011The Concept of Extradition, Addressing How Effective is Cameroon’s Commitment to Cooperate with Other States in Granting or Requesting for Extradition.
Law0012The Role Of The Judiciary In Combatting Human Trafficking In Cameroon
Law0013An Appraisal To The Right To Privacy In Cameroon
Law0014The Appraisal Of The Principle Of Separation Of Powers In Cameroon
Law0015An Appraisal Of Freedom Of Speech In Cameroon
Law0016The Rights Of Internally Displaced Children In Cameroon
Law0017The Protection Of Children Rights In Africa: Case Study Of Cameroon.
Law0018The Protection Of Children’s Right To Education In Cameroon Case Study Southwest Region
Law0019The Enforceability Of Motor Vehicle Insurance In Cameroon
Law0020The Rights Of Legitimate And Illegitimate Children In Cameroon