Biochemistry Project Topics with Materials

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BCH0001Prevalence of Angiotensin Converting Enzymes (Ace) Polymorphism with Hypertension in The Buea Regional Hospital
BCH0002Evaluation of Diaspot and Hexogon Hbsag Rapid Diagnostic Tests (Rdts) Compared to Hbsag Enzyme Immunosorbent Assay (Eia) Test Kit (Foresight).
BCH0003An Evaluation of the Prevalence of Angiotensin Converting Enzymes (Ace) Polymorphism Association with Hypertension in The Buea Regional Hospital.
BCH0004An Assessment of Prevalence of Malaria and Its Predisposing Factors Among Patients Attending Buea Regional Hospital, South West Region Cameroon
BCH0005Genetic Diversity Of Hepatitis B Virus (HBV) And Its Association With Disease Severity Amongst Infected Individuals Attending The Buea Regional Hospital
BCH0006Association Of Angiotensin Converting Enzyme (ACE) Gene Polymorphism With Diabetes In The Buea Municipality
BCH0007Screening and Isolation Of Amylase Producing Bacteria collected from different dump sites, in Molyko, Buea
BCH0008Extraction of Amylase Enzymefrom Germinating Maize
BCH0009Impact Of Schistosomiasis Infection On The Level Of Cytokines In School Children
BCH0010Impact Of Schistosomiasis On The Profile Of Oxidation Stress Biomarkers In School Children
BCH0011Determination of Glucose levels in Five Different Fruit Waste Extracts before and after yeast (Saccharomyces Cerevisiae) fermentation
BCH0012Glucose Concentration In Fresh Palm Wine Before And After Pasteurization
BCH0013The Evaluation Of Antimalarial Properties Of Secondary Metabolites From Fungi
BCH0014Prevalence Of Hepatitis B Virus Infection In Buea Municipality.
BCH0015Assessing The Re-Emergence Of Chloroquine Sensitive P Falciparum In Douala And Bafoussam Several Years After Its Withdrawal.
BCH0016Determination And Analysis Of Bromate Contents Of Different Bread Types Eaten Locally In Buea
BCH0017In Vivo Studies of the Inhibitory Action of Actocarpus heterophyllus (Jack Fruit) on Amylase in Young Adults in Buea
BCH0018The Effects Of The Combination Of Iron70 And Cyclophosphamide On Oral Glucose Tolerance Test In Wistar Male Albino Rats
BCH0019The Evaluation of Antimalarial properties of secondary metabolites from fungi
BCH0020Genetic Diversity Of Hepatitis B Virus (Hbv) And Its Association With Disease Severity Amongst Infected Individuals Attending The Buea Regional Hospital
BCH0021Correlation Between P.Falciparum Infection And leucocyte Count In Patients Attending The Buea Regional Hospital.
BCH0022Evaluation of Haematological Parameter of Anaemic Rat Receiving Iron Rice Diet
BCH0023Identification Of The Different Genotypes Of Some Bch498 Students Associated With Diabetes
BCH0024Identification Of The Different Genotypes Associated With Diabetes From The Hodbch498 Students
BCH0025Histo-Pathological Study Of Obese Rat, Receiving Fish Oil As Preventing Measure
BCH0026Computational Design of A Multi-Epitope Vaccine for Mycobacterium Tuberculosis
BCH0027The Determination Of Total Water Soluble Proteins Content Of Groundnut Arachis Hypogaea (The Garoua And Echimbi Varieties) Using Water At Different pH Values
BCH0028Comparative Analysis of the Water Soluble Protein Content of Granny Smith Apple and Fuji Apple
BCH0029Comparism of water soluble proteins content of maize from Bafoussam and that Buea