English Project Topics with Materials

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ENG0001Theatre About English Language, By Indigenous Cameroon Communities: The Case Of Fako Division
ENG0002Pronunciation And Intralingual Subtitling In The University Environment
ENG0003Attitude and the learning of English Language by Anglophone English Major Students: A Case Study of Level 300 Students of the Academic Year 2017/2018 of the University of Buea
ENG0004The Influence Of Extensive Reading On Academic Performance Of Students Case Study: Level 400 Students Of The English Department Of The University Of Buea
ENG0005The Use Of English And French Idiomatic Expressions By Non-Native Speakers: The Case Of Bilingual Cameroonians
ENG0006Spoken English In Primary Schools In Cameroon Case Study: Government Primary School Muea- Buea
ENG0007The Mastery Of English Idioms By English Majors In The University Of Buea
ENG0008The Use Of Punctuation And Mechanics By Forms Four And Five Students Of Some Selected Schools In The Buea Municipality
ENG0009The Use of Dictionary In Teaching Writing and Speaking; the case of level 300 and 400 students of the English language department
ENG0010English Language Use At Work: The Case Of Some Government Offices In Buea, South-West Region, Cameroon
ENG0011The Influence Of Cameroon Spoken English On Spelling
ENG0012The Influence Of Secondary School Students’ Motivation By Teacher On Learners Of The English Language Case Study: St. Theresa Holiday Classes
ENG0013English Language In Education Threat To African Native Languages. Case Study: The Moicpwe Language
ENG0014The Use of Lexis in Cameroonian Movies: The Implication of Language Learning
ENG0015Students’ Perception On Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) In Ordinary Level English Case Of Form Five Students in Cameroon. The Case of Buea Municipality
ENG0016Motivation of learners of English language at the linguistic Centre Buea
ENG0017The English Language as the leading Language in the world today
ENG0018The Influence Of Cameroon Pidgin English On The English Language Use Of Students: The Case Of Level 400(ENG/ FRE)
ENG0019Francophone students’ mastery of English phonology: the case of level 400 and 500 students in the department of English and French of the university of Buea
ENG0020English Language use and Gender in religious. This case study: The Bible
ENG0021The Influence Of Types Of Reading On English Language Performance: The Case Of Form Five Students Of B.G.S Molyko
ENG0022Post colonialism and its Effects on Contemporary African Societies in Ngugi Wa Thiong’o Petals of Blood
ENG0023Punctuation Mastery: A Case Of Level 400 Students Of The Department Of English University Of Buea
ENG0024Gender And Power Relations In Diasporic Fiction: A Study Of Priscilla M. Manjoh`S Snare
ENG0025Power Dialectics And Commitment In African Drama: A Study Of Osonye Tess Onwueme’s Then She Said It And Lloney E. Monono’s Beyond The Promise
ENG0026Miscarriage Of Justice: Crime And The Law In Roger Maisbrother Man And Richard Wright’s A Father’s Law
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