Microbiology Project Topics with Materials

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MCB0001The Prevalence Of MRSA On Classroom And Toilet Door Handles In The University Of Buea.
MCB0002Assessing The Capacities Of Laboratories In The South West Region, Cameroon To Diagnose Communicable Diseases And Its Effect On Public Health.
MCB0003A Comparative Study Of the Widal test and stool Culture in the Diagnosis of Salmonella Infections in febrile Patients in the District Hospital Limbe
MCB0004Isolation And Identification Of Bacteria From Some Cooked Foods Sold At The Central Market Molyko-Buea Municipality
MCB0005Antimicrobial Activity Of Honey And Ginger On Staphylococcus aureus
MCB0006Isolation And Identification Of Staphylococcus Aureus From Foleri
MCB0007The Effects of Some Medicated Soaps Onstaphylococcusaureus Obtained from The Human Normal Flora
MCB0008Prevalence Of Occupational Exposure And Factors That Influence The Compliance To HIV Post Exposure Prophylaxis Among Health Workers Of The Biyem-Assi, Buea And Limbe Health Districts In Cameroon
MCB0009Knowledge And Practice Of HIV/AIDS Adult Patients On The Predisposing Factors In The Transmission Of Toxoplasmosis In The Tiko Health District
MCB010Isolation And Biochemical Identification Of Staphylococcus Areus From Fruits.
MCB0011Multidrug Resistance Bacteria On Cancer Disease Patient Of Centre Region Of Cameroon
MCB0012Varieties Of Microorganism Found In The Hand
MCB0013Isolation and Characterization of Vancomycin Resistant Staphylococcus aureus from the Tables of St. Luke Health Clinic New Layout Bokwai Buea
MCB0014Search For Pathogenic Microorganisms In Water Collected From Fish Ponds At Atto – Mungo
MCB0015Isolation, identification and Characterization of Thermostable Amylase-producing Soil Bacteria and the Optimisation of Production of Thermostable Amylases by Bacteria from Soil
MCB0016Isolation And Biochemical Identification Of Staphylococcus Areus From Fruits.
MCB0017Probiotic Properties Of Lactic Acid Bacteria (Lab) Isolated From Foods In Buea Municipality
MCB0018Development Of A Starter Culture And Isolation And Screening Of Lactic Acid Bacteria From Cassava Fermentation
MCB0019The Antibacterial Activity Of Aloe Vera And Garlic Against Staphyloccocus Aureus And Salmonella Enterica.
MCB0020Bacteriological Examination Of Tap Water In The University Of Buea
MCB0021Identification Of Bacterial Found In Cooked Pepper Soup Sold In Muea Market
MCB0022Isolation Of Acinetobacter Baumannii From Stream Water, Hospital Surfaces And Poultry Feeders/Drinkers In Tiko Environment
MCB0023Incidence Of Candidiasis Among Married And Single Women Of Different Age Groups
MCB0024Investigation The Total Bacteria Load Of Staphylococcus Areus In Fried Plantains Sold In Mile 17 Park Buea
MCB0025Profiling Of Parasites In Snails In Bokwaongo Playgrounds