Mass communication Project Topics with Materials

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JMC0001The Effects Of Education On Women In Journalism: The Case Of Students In The University Of Buea, South West Region-Cameroon
JMC0002The Role Of Communication In Enhancing Workers‟ Performance In The Health Sector In The Buea Municipality-Mount Mary Hospital-Buea
JMC0003Effects Of Social Media Advertising On Small Scale Businesses In Buea Municipality
JMC0004UB Students’ Perception And Preference For News Sources
JMC0005To Examine Youths And Newspaper Readership Among The Youths in the Buea Municipality
JMC0006Social Media (Facebook and WhatsApp) Interaction among the Students and Lecturers in the University of Buea
JMC0007JMC students’ participation in the production of The Chariot Radio and the Chariot Newspapers
JMC0008The Reaction Of Selected Print Media Organs Vis-À -Vis The Communication Council Of Cameroon
JMC0009An Appraisal of Student-Teacher Interactions On Facebook in The University of Buea
JMC0010An Assessment Of Customers’ Satisfaction With Customer Communication In Banks: A Survey Of Selected Bank Customers In Fako Division
JMC0011Challenges Of Technology As A Tool Of Learning And Communication In The University Of Buea
JMC0012Influence Of Radio Program And Family Planning Campaign On Young Couples In Buea Municipality
JMC0013The Effective use of Public Relations in Parastatals. Case Study: MTN and Orange Cameroon
JMC0014Effects of Social Media on Face to Face Communication: Case of Final Year JMC students
JMC0015The Impact Of Disinformation To The Society Based On The Rise Of Fake News On Facebook And Whatsapp
JMC0016Media Preference And Uses Among University Students in Cameroon
JMC0017The Role Of Mass Media In The Fight Against Covid-19- In The Buea Municipality.
JMC0018The Influence Of Nollywood Dressing On The Dressing Habits Of Youths In Tertiary Institutions In Cameroon
JMC0019Perception And Use Of Social Media In Information Sharing Amongst Health Workers In The Buea Health Area
JMC0020The Attitude Of Female Mass Communication Students Towards Journalism As A Career
JMC0021The influence of WhatsApp Marketing on consumer buying behaviour on 400 level JMC students in the Buea University
JMC0022The Effect Of Tv Advertisement On The Buying Behaviour Of The Youths In The Buea Municipality.
JMC0023The Impact Of Pornographic Films On Cameroonian Youth; The Case Of UB Students
JMC0024The Role Of Mass Media In Conflict Management Case Study: The Anglophone Crisis
JMC0025Impact Of Whatsapp Usage On The Academic Performance Of JMC Undergraduate Students In The University Of Buea
JMC0026How Foreign Media Dominate Local Media
JMC0027Challenges Faced By Female Journalists In Sports Reporting / Journalism
JMC0028Television Consumption And Effects On Youth Behaviour. Case Study: Molyko
JMC0029UB Students’ Assessment of Social Media Use for Teaching and Learning During COVID-19 Period
JMC0030Evaluation Of Newspaper Design: The Case Of Three Cameroon Newspapers
JMC0031Community Radio Contribution to Health Promotion In Response To Health Crisis: A Case Study Covid-19 Pandemic 2020/2021.
JMC0032The Role Of Public Relations Practitioners As Social Media Experts.
JMC0033Roles And Challenges Of Private Media, An Analysis Of 2018 Presidential Elections In Cameroon.
JMC0034An Investigation Of Consumer Motives For Purchasing Secondhand Branded Products: Case Study, Cars.
JMC0035The Effect Of Obscene Images Viewed By Teenagers Over Cable TV Channels In The Buea Municipality
JMC0036The Effects Of New Media On Conventional Media Use: Case Study Of The University Of Buea
JMC0037The Role Of Media In Conflict Management
JMC0038Assessing Factors That Influence Newspaper Readership In The Buea Municipality
JMC0039Effects Of Citizen Journalism On The Agenda Of Conventional Journalism In Cameroon-Buea
JMC0040Role And Challenges Of Private Media, An Analysis Of 2018 Presidential Elections In Cameroon
JMC0041Freedom Of Speech And Its Impact On The Media In Cameroon
JMC0042Corporate Social Responsibility as a method of Sustainable Development
JMC0043The Role of the CRTV Mount Cameroon FM in Promoting Rural Development in Buea
JMC0044Journalism Student Perception On Publishing: Case Study Of Graduates And Postgraduate JMC Students
JMC0045Preference Of Conventional And Social Media Use In Advertising Among Small Business Owners In Buea.
JMC0046University of Buea Students Appraisal of Communication Channels Used By The School Hierarchy
JMC0047The Role Of Mass Media On Family Planning In The Buea Municipality
JMC0048The Reaction Of Selected Print Media Organs Vis-À -Vis The National Communication Council Of Cameroon
JMC0049The Public Media And Self-Censorship In The Buea Municipality –Crtv Mount Cameroon FM
JMC0050An Examination Of The Cameroon Tribune, Le Messenger, And The Post Newspapers Using Conflict Sensitive Journalism Principles In The Print Media Coverage Of The ‘Anglophone Crisis’ In Cameroon
JMC0051Audience Preference Of Radio Programmes In Pidgin English Than Other Languages
JMC0052The Role of Radio As A Mass Media Tool In Educating The Public On Health Issues
JMC0053Smart Phone Utilisation In News Gathering Among Students Journalist In The University Of Buea
JMC0054UB Students’ Assessment Of Social Media Use For Teaching And Learning During COVID-19 Period
JMC0055Challenges Faced By Campus Radio Broadcasting In Cameroon Universities
JMC0056The Effects Of Extracurricular Activities On University Of Buea Student’s Academic Performance
JMC0057Listenership Of Chariot FM In Buea Cameroon
JMC0058Freedom of speech and its impact on the media in Cameroon
JMC0059Problematic Use Of Smart Phones And Sleep Quality On The Academic Performance Of JMC Students
JMC0060Media Use by Youths in the University of Buea
JMC0061The Use Of Social Media Platforms In Comparison To Mainstream Media Among University Of Buea Students.
JMC0062Journalists’ Perception Of Gombo Syndrome And Its Implication On Journalism Practice In Cameroon
JMC0063Effects of TikTok Advertising on Cameroonian Youths’ Purchasing Decisions
JMC0064Determinants Of Online Buying Behaviour Of Social Media Users
JMC0065Effects Of Social Media Use On University Of Buea Student’s Physical Social Interaction
JMC0066Customers’ Perception Of Mobile Money In Cameroon
JMC0067The Role Of The Media In Conflict Management in Cameroon: The Case Of Equinox Radio And Television In The Anglophone Crisis
JMC0068The Role Of Radio In Political Persuasion
JMC0069The Role of Sales Promotion in the Growth of Businesses in Cameroon case study les Brasseries du Cameroun
JMC0070Influence of Video Clips on Youths Dressing Pattern in the University of Buea
JMC0071Corporate Social Responsibility as a Method of Sustainable Development