Marketing Project Topics with Materials

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MKT0001Integrated Marketing Communication Plan Vodafone: South West Expansion Plan
MKT0002The Effects of Marketing Research On the Performance of Selected Higher Institutions. Case Study (Cuib, Hips), Buea, Cameroon.
MKT0003The Effects Of Market Segmentation On The Performance Of Hotels In Buea
MKT0004The Impact Of Quality Services On Customer Satisfaction In Private Higher Education Sector: A Case Of Hips- Cameroon
MKT0005The Effect of Branding On Consumer Behavior in Telecommunication Companies in Buea Municipality
MKT0006The impacts of Advertisement on Enrolment in Higher professional institutions in Buea; the case of FUNIC Buea
MKT0007Service Quality And Its Impact On Customer Satisfaction In A Real Estate Service Providing Company In Cameroon: A Case Study Of Easyrent, Buea Cameroon
MKT0008The impact of E-commerce on Business growth of Small and Medium Size Enterprises in Buea Municipality
MKT0009Impact Of New Product Development On An Organisations Performance In Cameroon Case Study (VIMA) Muyuka
MKT0010The Role Of Distribution Channels On The Sales Of Brasseries Products; The Case Brasseries Du Cameroon (Bafoussam Branch)
MKT0011The Effect Of Market Segmentation On The Sales Performance Of Hotels In Bamenda
MKT0012Customer Relationship Management And Customer Satisfaction In Telecommunication Companies In Cameroon
MKT0013The Impact Of Poor Internet Quality And Low Internet Penetration On E-Commerce In Cameroon. Case Study: Sellam Quick
MKT0014Effects Of Relationship Marketing On Customer Retention In Commercial Banks In Fako Division: The Case Of Ecobank Buea
MKT0015The Effects Of Advertisement On Consumer Buying Behaviour: The Case Of European Driving School, South West Region, Cameroon
MKT0016The Role Of Marketing Information Systems In The Decision Making Process: The Case Of Ecobank
MKT0017The Effect Of MTN Cameroon’s 3G And 4G Innovation On Customers’ Satisfaction In Buea Municipality
MKT0018The Effects Of Advertisement On Consumer Buying Behavour in Cameroon
MKT0019The Impact Of Internal Marketing Audit On The Growth Of Microfinance Institution Using Mitanyen Cooperative Credit Unions Limited Bamenda
MKT0020Effect Of Customer Service On The Loyalty Of Bank Customers: Evidence From Commercial Banks In Kumba
MKT0021Developing The Brand Image Of Financial Institutions in Cameroon: Case Study NFC Bank
MKT0022Improving Customer Service in Small Businesses in Cameroon: Case Study Restaurants in Buea Municipality
MKT0023Why do companies have low sales force performance: Case Study Telecom Companies in Cameroon
MKT0024The Impact Of Service Quality On Customer’s Satisfaction’ In The Case Of MTN Buea
MKT0025Role of E-Marketing in the Growth of Selected Tourism & Hospitality Enterprises in Limbe, Southwest Region of Cameroon
MKT0026Digital Marketing and Consumer loyalty in Supermarkets, the case of those in Douala
MKT0027The Impact Of Digital Marketing On The Buying Behaviour Of Youths In The Buea Municipality. Case Study: Mtn Cameroon
MKT0028The Effect Of Integrated Marketing Communications On The Sales Performance Of Microfinance Institutions; In The North West Region
MKT0029Effect Of Sales Promotion On Organisational Performance Case Study: Guinness Cameroon, Molyko-Buea.
MKT0030The Influence of Personal Selling On Customers Perception Of Automobile Insurance In Buea Municipality
MKT0031The Impact Of Advertising On Product Sales Of Brasseries Du Cameroun S.A.
MKT0032The Effect Of E-Commerce On The Sales Of Communication Companies In Bamenda
MKT0033Effect Of Product Quality On Customer Brand Preferences of Source Du Pays Sa. Company Products In The Buea Community
MKT0034The Effects Of Marketing Strategies On The Sales Performance Of Small And Medium Enterprises In Buea Municipality
MKT0035The Effect of Social Media Advertising on Consumer Buying Behaviour Of Cosmetic Products Among University of Buea students
MKT0036Effect of service quality on students’ satisfaction in Higher Educational Institutions in Buea
MKT0037New Product Launch And Customer Perception Of Dolac Milk Products At The Mutengene Market Place
MKT0038Branding and Its Effect On Consumer Choice. Case Study: Techno Mobile Bonaberi Douala
MKT0039The Effect Of Customer Satisfaction On Customer Retention In BICEC Bank Buea
MKT0040The Effect Of Integrated Marketing Communications On Consumers Choices Of Soft Drinks In Buea
MKT0041The Effects Of Packaging Attributes On Consumer Buying Decision Of Nestle Products In Buea Municipality
MKT0042Market Penetration Strategies And Consumer Buying Behavior In The Bakery Sector; The Case Of Njieforbi Bakery In Buea.
MKT0043Exploiting Consumer Perception of Nextel Company and the Implications for Policy Regulations
MKT0044The Effect Of Digital Marketing On The Sales Of Poultry Chicken In Bolifamba
MKT0045The Effect of Digital Marketing On the Performance of Small-Scale Digital Businesses in Buea
MKT0046The Effect Of Service Quality On Customer Satisfaction in Ntarikon cooperative credit union
MKT0047The Effect Of Marketing Strategy On Consumer Purchase Decision in Bobdidy Digital Plastic Product-Limbe
MKT0048The Determinants Of Sales Force Performance In Telecommunication Companies In Cameroon
MKT0049The Effect Of Digital Advertising On Turnover In Telecommunication Companies In Buea
MKT0050Evaluation Of Marketing Strategy Of Zenithe Insurance company Buea In European
MKT0051The Effect Of Sales Promotion On Customers Buying Behavior In Guinness Cameroon S.A
MKT0052The Role Of Relationship Marketing On Customer Satisfaction For Selected Salons In Buea