Transport and Logistics Project Topics with Materials

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TnL0001The Influence Of Service Quality On Customer Satisfaction In The Passenger Transport Industry In Cameroon Case Study Of Musango Bus Service LTD.
TnL0002The Impacts Of Piracy To International Shipping In The Gulf Of Guinea
TnL0003The Role Of Aftersales Services In Fulfilling Customers Satisfaction And Loyalty in COGENI Buea.
TnL0004The Impact Of Inventory Control On Cost And Profitability Of A Manufacturing Firm: Case Study: Guinness S.A Depot Limbe Mile 2
TnL0005The Impact Of Traffic Congestion On The Economic Development In Buea Municipality
TnL0006The Impact of Search and Rescue Operation on Human Marine Transport Activities in Kribi Sea Port
TnL0007The Effect Of Warehouse Performance On Building Material Shops In Buea Municipality
TnL0008An assessment of the Impact of Safety Equipment on the Growth and Profitability of DSC Marine Limbe
TnL0009The Role Of Supply Chain Management Practices On Organizational Of Small And Seize Enterprises In Buea Municipality
TnL0010The Impact of Traffic Congestion on Supply Chain Performance in the Buea Business District
TnL0011Assessing the role of containerization on the importation and exportation of goods, Case study: Douala SEA PORT
TnL0012Passengers Satisfaction Of Inter-Cities Transportation Services In The Buea Municipality Case Of Mussango Bus Service Ltd
TnL0013The Effects Of Integrated Material Management On The Profitability Of An Organisation In Cameroon
TnL0014The Effect Of Inventory Management On The Operational Performance Of Warehousing Firms
TnL0015Proliferation Of Economic Activities And Its Impact In Transport Agency In Cameroon
TnL0016The effects of integrated material management on the profitability of Jerry’s Construction Company
TnL0017Factors affecting public transportation choice among passengers plying the Buea-Bamenda Highway
TnL0018Supply Chain Management Practices and its influence on The Performance of Brewery Firms in Cameroon
TnL0019Inter-cities transportation services and its effects on passenger satisfaction in Buea
TnL0020The Effects of Warehouse Management on the Productivity of Building Material Shops in the Buea Municipality
TnL0021Inventory Management Techniques And Organisational Productivity In Guinness Cameroon S.A
TnL0022The Role Of Procurement On The Effectiveness And Efficiency Of Activities Of Humanitarian Organizations In Cameroon
TnL0023An Assessment Of Road Transport And Its Effects On Traffic Congestion in Bamenda 3 Municipality
TnL0024Effect Of Contraband On The Economy Of Cameroon
TnL0025Analysis Of Passengers Satisfaction In Bus Service Of Musango Mass Transit
TnL0026Rapid Clearance Of Containerized Vehicles At The Douala Seaport
TnL0027The Challenges Faced By Cameroon Importers Case Of Car Importation In Douala Sea Port
TnL0028Stakes and Challenges of Warehouse Management in Dalsey Hillblom Lynn (DHL).
TnL0029The Effect Of Procurement Practices On The Performance Of Small And Medium Sized Enterprises In Buea
TnL0030The Effect Of Traffic Congestion On The Performance Of Logistic Service Provider In Buea Municipality
TnL0031Container Management And Security Of Shipped Goods Douala Sea Port, Cameroon
TnL0032Intelligent Transportation Systems and security of passengers in Bamenda Town Cameroon
TnL0033The Effect of Supply Chain Management on Performance of Small and Medium Size Enterprises in Buea Municipality
TnL0034The Impact Of Distribution On Brewery Industry”Case Study Guinness Du Cameroun
TnL0035The Effect of Warehousing Trends and challenges in Omini-Channel Logistics

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