Teachers Education Project Topics with Materials

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TED0001Classroom Setting And Effects The Academic Performance Of Visually Impaired Students
TED0002The Challenges Faced By Regular Teachers In Teaching Children With Spelling Problems In Some Selected Schools In Tombel, Cameroon
TED0003Classroom Management and Its Impact On the Teaching-Learning Process in Secondary Schools in Buea Municipality, South-West Region, Cameroon
TED0004Teacher-Student Relationship and Its Effect On Students Participation In The Classroom In The Buea Municipality
EDU0005The Effects Of Regular Teachers’ Attitude Towards Learners With Dysgraphia In Primary Schools In The Buea Municipality, South-West Region, Cameroon
TED0006Teaching Method And Its Impact On Students’ Academic Performance In Geography In Secondary Schools Of Buea Sub- Division, South-West Region, Cameroon
TED0007Teaching Practice and its Impact on the Study of Geography in the University of Buea
TED0008Teaching Methods and Its Effects On Classroom Participation in Secondary School in The Buea Municipality, South-West Region, Cameroon
TED0009School Infrastructure and Its Role In The Teaching And Learning Process Of Some Schools In Buea Municipality
TED0010Effects Of Teacher Training Programs On The Teaching Of Mathematics In Lay Private Primary Schools In Fako Division
TED0011The Effects Of Teacher Quality On Student Self Development In Buea Sub-Division
TED0012Attitude Of Teachers Towards The Inclusion Of Pupil With Disabilities In Regular Primary Schools In Fako Division, South, West Region, Cameroon
TED0013Challenges Faced By Newly Appointed Principals In The Management Of Public Secondary Schools In The South West Region, Cameroon
TED0014The Impact Teachers’ Perception On Inclusive Education And Its Effect On The Teaching And Learning Process.
TED0015The Effects Of Teachers’ Constraints On Pupils’ Academic Performance In The Bakassi Peninsula
TED0016Effectiveness of School Leadership and Management Development in Cameroon
TED0017The Effects Of Students’ Teacher Conflict On Student Academic Achievement
TED0018The Roles Of Teachers Association (P.T.A) In Conflict Resolution In Secondary Schools In North West Region, Cameroon
TED0019The Role Of PTA In Secondary Schools In Bamenda Town
TED0020Teacher Perceptions on the Influence of Deviance on Academic Results Among BAMENDA High School Pupils in Cameroon
TED0021Principal Leadership Styles And Its Effects On Teacher’s Performance In Secondary Schools In Buea
TED0022Principals’ Managerial Skills And Conflict Resolution Among Staff Members Of Secondary Schools In Ngoketunjia Division

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