Banking & Finance Project Topics with Materials

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BFN0001Assessing The Effects of Microfinance Institutions On Poverty Alleviation in Limbe Municipality, Cameroon
BFN0002The Impact of Loan Delinquency On the Financial Performance of Commercial Banks in Cameroon: Case study Afriland First Bank, Limbe
BFN0003Credit Assessment Process and Loan Repayment: A Case Study of Atlantic Bank, Buea
BFN0004The Role Of Commercial Banks On The Economic Development Of Cameroon.
BFN0005The Effects Of Dividend Policy On Commercial Banks Sustainability in Cameroon: Case Study ECOBANK
BFN0006The Role of Information Technology On Profitability of Microfinance Institutions in Buea Municipality
BFN0007The effect of taxation of small and medium size enterprises in Buea municipality
BFN0008The Role Of Electronic Banking On The Growth Of Financial Institutions: Case Study: Rural Investment Credit Bafoussam
BFN0009The Effects Of Microfinance Programs On Poverty Reduction In Bafia-Muyuka Community, South-West Region-Cameroon
BFN0010The Impact of Working Capital Management On the Profitability of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises in Buea South-West Region of Cameroon
BFN0011The Effects of Interest Rate On Loan Repayment in Micro-finance Institutions in Cameroon: The case of Community Credit Company (CCC) Plc,
BFN0012Assessment of Loan Default and Its Impact On the Profitability of Commercial Banks in Cameroon. Case Study; Afriland First Bank Yaounde.
BFN0013The Effect Of E-Banking On Customer’s Satisfaction In BICEC Buea, South West Region Cameroon
BFN0014The Effect Of Interest Rate On The Profitability Of Commercial Banks in Cameroon
BFN0015Improving The Financial Performance Of Microfinance Institutions Through E-Banking With The Case Of CAMCCUL
BFN0016The Impact Of Capital Structure On the Profitability of Commercial banks in Cameroon. The Case Study of Credit Communautaire D’Afrique Bank (CCA Bank)
BFN0017The Impact Of ATM On Customers’ Satisfaction In Micro Financial Institutions In Buea” Case Study: NFC Bank Buea