Business administration Project Topics with Materials

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BADM0001Gender Gaps in Organizational Leadership, Issues and Prospects in MTN and Orange Telecom Companies in Cameroon
BADM0002Workplace Environment and Its Impact On Employee Performance
BADM0003Lending Policies and Recovery Strategies and its Effects On the Financial Performance of Category One Microfinance Institutions: The Case of Fako Chapter of Credit Unions.
BADM0004Payment Systems and its Impact On the Performance of Small and Medium Size Enterprises in Buea, Cameroon
BADM0005Recruitment and Selection Criteria and Its Effects On Organizational Productivity and Development: Evidence of Cameroon Development Cooperation
BADM0006The Impact of Microfinance Institutions On Poverty Alleviation in Cameroon: The Case of Limbe Municipality, Cameroon
BADM0007Organisational Structure and Its Impact On Employees Performance of Employees in Cameroon: The Case of Cameroon Development Corporation (CDC) Bota-Limbe.
BADM0008Inventory Management and Its Effects On Organisational Performance in Cameroon
BADM0009The Impact Of Corporate Social Responsibility On Performance: Case Study Ecobank Bank, Limbe-Cameroon
BADM0010Customer Loyalty and Organizational Performance in Cameroon: The Case Study of Kosan Crisplant Company
BADM0011The Effects Of Human Resource Management On Employees’ Performance At Cameroon Development Corporation (CDC) Bota Palms Estate
BADM0012Knowledge, Attitude, Behavior, Perception And Public Patronage Of Financial Assets/Investment In Cameroon: The Case Of Yaounde, Douala and Buea
BADM0013The Role Of Training And Development On Employees Performance The Case Of SWAVIB Buea
BADM0014The Role Of Humanitarian Logistics In The Field Of Natural Disaster: A Case Study Of Limbe Floods
BADM0015The Effect of E-Commerce On the Performance of Small And Medium Size Enterprises In Cameroon Case Of Njieforbi Company Ltd Buea
BADM0016The Relationship Between Customer Relationship Management And Customer Satisfaction In Telecommunication Companies
BADM0017Feasibility Study Of A Large-Scale Pineapple Production In Meme Division, South West Region, Cameroon
BADM0018The Effect Of Organisational Structure On Organisational Performance in Cameroon: The Case Of CDC
BADM0019Total Quality Management (TQM) And Its Effects On Organisational Performance Among Manufacturing Firms in Cameroon
BADM0020Assessing The Causes Of Failure Of Common Initiative Group Projects In Donga Mantung Division
BADM0021Working Capital Management And Its Effects On The Financial Performance Of MIDEPECAM
BADM0022The Effect Of Investment Appraisal Techniques On The Viability Of Small And Medium Sized Farm Businesses In The Buea Municipality
BADM0023The Role Of Parks In Income Generation And Community Development: Prospects And Challenges Of The Mount Cameroon National Park
BADM0024Job Stress And Its Effects On Employees’ Performance In FODEC Micro Finance In Douala
BADM0025An Assessment Of The Influence Of Training On Employee’s Performance In Buea Sub-Division
BADM0026Assessing The Performance Of Professional Secretary And Computer Operator In An Organization In The Faculty Of Education At UB And ENEO Buea
BADM0027Service Quality And Customer Loyalty In Cameroon Mobile Telecommunication Service Industry
BADM0028The Effects Of Working Environment On Employee’s Performance In Private Universities In Cameroon: Case Study Biaka University Institute Of Buea (Buib)
BADM0029An Assessment of leadership styles and their effects on organizational performance: the case of selected Pentecostal churches in the Buea Municipality
BADM0030The Role Play By Organizational Culture On Employees’ Job Satisfaction At UBA Limbe.
BADM0031The Impact Of Customer Relationship Management On Customer Satisfaction In The Banking Sector Of Cameroon
BADM0032Budgeting As A Tool For Effective Managerial Decision In An Organisation: Case Study SOWEDA
BADM0033The Effect Of Entrepreneurial Skills On Business Growth In Bambili
BADM0034The Impact Of Service Quality On Customer Satisfaction In The Banking Sector In The Buea Municipality
BADM0035Impact Of Employees Turnover On Hotel’s Profitability
BADM0036The Contribution Of Supply Chain Management To The Development Of Competitive Advantage In Food Processing Companies In Cameroon
BADM0037Obstacles faced by financing institutions in supporting SMEs in Mezam Division
BADM0038Effects Of Leadership Styles On The Productivity Of Secretaries In Public Institutions In Cameroon: Case Study The Mamfe Council.
BADM0039Growth Potentials and Constraints of Micro, SMEs In The South West Region Of Cameroon
BADM0040Organizational Factors Affecting the Performance of Employees Working in an Organisation
BADM0041The Impact Of Motivation On Employees Performance In An Organization: Case Study CCREAD-Cameroon
BADM0042Factors in Start-up Operations that Influence Decision Making Strategies of Venture Capitalists in Cameroonian Start-ups
BADM0043The Impact Of Covid-19 On Restaurant Business In Cameroon
BADM0044Analysis Of E-Marketing Strategies And It’s Usefulness In Business In Buea
BADM0045The Impact Of Customer Relationship Management In The Telecommunication Sector In Cameroon