Economics Project Topics with Materials

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ECON0001The Determinants of Private Investment in Cameroon (1980-2014)
ECON0002Identifying The Role of Information Technology On Profitability of Microfinance Institutions in Buea, South West Region of Cameroon
ECON0003The Impact Of Remittances On Income Inequality In Cameroon
ECON0004Assessing The Effect of Branding On Consumer Behavior in Telecommunication Companies in Cameroon.
ECON0005The Determinants Of Crowdfunding Platforms And Their Effect On Economic Growth Of Sub-Sahara Africa
ECON0006The Effects Of Military Expenditure On The Economic Growth Of Cameroon
ECON0007The Effects Of Urbanization On Environmental Degradation In Cameroon
ECON0008Domestic Resource Mobilisation And Economic Growth In Cameroon
ECON0009The Impact Of Foreign Funded Project On The Socio Economic Development Of Selected Communities In The Buea Municipality
ECON0010Effects Of Agricultural Exports On The Economic Growth Of Cameroon
ECON0011The Impact Of ICT On Commercial Banks in Cameroon: Case Of BICEC Buea
ECON0012Agricultural Exports impact On The Economic Growth Of Cameroon
ECON0013Impact of Economic Freedom on Economic Growth in Cameroon
ECON0014The Effects Of Industrialisation On The Economic Growth Of Cameroon (2019-2020)
ECON0015Assessing The Contribution Of Agro Processing Sector On The Economic Growth Of Cameroon: The Case Of Coffee, Cocoa And Palm Evidence From 1980-2013
ECON0016The Impact Of Monetary Policy On The Economic Growth Of Cameroon.
ECON0017The Application Of Cost Volume Profit Analysis In Most Profit Making Organizations In Decision Making Process.
ECON0018The Role Of Agricultural Sector On The Economic Development Of Cameroon
ECON0019The Effect Of Trade Barriers On International Trade In Cameroon.
ECON0020The Effect Of FDI On The Socio-Economic Development Of Molyko
ECON0021The Role Of Multinational Companies In The Economic Development Of Cameroon
ECON0022The Effect Of Trade Barriers On International Trade In Cameroon
ECON0023The Impact of Foreign Aid on the Economic Growth and Development of Cameroon
ECON0024The Impact Of External Debt On Poverty Reduction In Cameroon
ECON0025The Impact of International Trade on the Economic Growth of Cameroon

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