Nursing Project Topics with Materials

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NSG0002The Prevalence of Home Accidents among Children Less Than Five (05) Years in Cameroon: The Case of Buea Municipality.
NSG0001Evaluation of Nursing Mother’s Knowledge on the Practice of Sexual Intercourse During Lactation in the Tiko Water Tank Community, South-West Region Cameroon
NSG0003Factors Associated With Discharge against Medical Advice among Patients in Buea Regional Hospital, South West Region, Cameroon
NSG0004Breast Feeding Practices On Growth and Developmental Patterns of Infants 0-6 Months in The Bamenda Health District, North-west Region, Cameroon.
NSG0005Factors Affecting Simulation Learning among Undergraduate Nursing Students in Cameroon.
NSG0006Assessing Women’s Knowledge of Breast Cancer and Practice On Breast Self-Examination in Buea Town Community, South West Region, Cameroon.
NSG0007Pregnant Women Knowledge On the Consequence and Risks Factors of Gestational Diabetes Mellitus and Self-Care Measures at The Buea Regional Hospital.
NSG0008Factors Contribute to The Inadequate Exclusives Breastfeeding of Children at The Laquintine District Hospital Douala, Cameroon
NSG0009The Prevalence and Risk Factors of HIV Transmission from Mother-To-Child In Bonassama Health District
NSG0011An Assessment of the Prevalence of Malaria and Its Predisposing Factors Among Patients Attending Buea Regional Hospital, South West Region Cameroon
NSG0012Anaemia And Associated Risk Factors Among Pregnant Women Aged (18-49) Attending Antenatal Clinic At The Buea Regional Hospital
NSG0013Factors Associated With Poultry Pollution And Its Health Consequences In The Community Of Balong-Muyuka
NSG0014Hypertension And Its Prevalence Among Young Adults Attending The Diabetes/Hypertension Clinic Of The Buea Regional Hospital
NSG0015Assessment Of Knowledge Of Pregnant Mothers On Maternal Nutrition And Associated Factors In Mezam Division, North-West Region, Cameroon.
NSG0016Knowledge, Attitudes, And Practice Of Exclusive Breastfeeding Among Lactating Mothers In Laquintinie Hospital Douala-Cameroon
NSG0017Assessing Mothers’ Knowledge On The Importance And Practice Of Exclusive Breastfeeding in Molyko Buea, Cameroon
NSG0018Assessing Adolescents Knowledge On the Consequences of Early Pregnancy in Buea Municipality.
NSG0019The Prevalence And Associated Factors Of Alcohol Use During Pregnancy Among Pregnant Women In The Buea Town Health Centre.
NSG0021Holistic Nursing Care To Patient With Chickenpox From The Period Of Admission To Discharge At The Bokwaongo Integrated Health Center
NSG0022Nursing Management For A Patient Suffering From Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus
NSG0023Nursing Management Of A Patient With Typhoid Fever At The Buea Town Integrated Health Centre
NSG0024Nursing Management Of A Patient (3years) With Diarrhoea At The Buea Road Integrated Health Centre From The 13th March To The 13th April 2019
NSG0025Management Of Patient With Urethritis Using The Complete Nursing Care Plan at Molyko Integrated Health Centre
NSG0026The Prevalence And Variety Of Comorbid Disorders Affecting The Elderly In The Buea-Town Community
NSG0027Anxiety And Depression And Their Effects On Learning Ability Among Nursing Students: The Case Of University Of Buea
NSG0028To Assess Adults’ Knowledge (Age 18-55 Years) On Some Preventions And Non-Pharmacological Managements Of Skin Abscess In The Malende Community.
NSG0029Investigating Adults’ Knowledge (21-40 Years) On Infertility And Knowledge On The Preventive Measures Of Infertility At The Bokova Community
NSG0031Gestational Diabetes Mellitus And Hypertension Among Pregnant Women Attending The Solidarity Hospital Buea
NSG0032Assessing The Challenges Faced By Nurses And Midwives In Delivering Prevention Of Mother-To-Child-Transmission Of Hiv/Aids At The Muyuka District Hospital
NSG0033Adolescent’s Perception Of Nursing As A Career Among Upper sixth students of St Paul College Mile 3 Nkwen Bamenda.
NSG0034Investigating Nurses Knowledge On The Therapeutic Nurse-Patient Relationship At The Regional Hospital Buea.
NSG0035Assessing Knowledge, Attitudes And Practices Of Idenau Inhabitants Towards Hepatitis B Infection
NSG0036Knowledge And Practice Of Contraception Among University Students In Buea Municipality
NSG0037Knowledge On Diabetes And Its Associated Health Risks Among Adults 25 Years And Above In Cameroon: Case Study, The Great Soppo Community.
NSG0038Investigating Factors Influencing the Development of Common Urinary Tract Infection Among Female Adolescents Between the Age of 13 To 24 Years in Mile 16 Community
NSG0039Nurses Knowledge On the Management of Childhood Diarrhea In Cameroon: The Case of St Veronica Medical Health Center
NSG0040Assessing Mother’s Knowledge and Practices on the Management of Gastroenteritis in Children 0 5 Years in Cameroon The Case of Muea Community
NSG0041Factors Influencing Body Piercing/Tattoo Among Youth (15-24years) In The Molyko Community
NSG0042Management Of Pre-Eclampsia Among Nurses Working At The Buea Regional Hospital
NSG0043Factors influencing the choice of infant feeding options among HIV positive mothers in Mbengwi District Hospital North-West Region, Cameroon.
NSG0044Investigating Nurses Knowledge On the Therapeutic Nurse-Patient Relationship at The Regional Hospital Buea
NSG0045Nurses Knowledge In The Management Of Postoperative Wound In Santchou District Hospital
NSG0046Mothers Knowledge On The Importance Of Good Nutrition In Pregnancy In District Hospital Limbe
NSG0047Prevalence Of Malaria In Children 1-10 Years In University Quarter II Buea
NSG0048Factors That Hinder The Use Of Contraception Among Women Of Child Bearing Age In Rural Communities: The Case Of Mabeta Njanga Community, South West Region Cameroon
NSG0049Assessing Mother Knowledge On The Causes And Prevention Of Home Accident Among Children Age 0-5 Years
NSG0050Aseptic Techniques and its Effect on Patient Recovery at the Regional Hospital- Buea
NSG0051Prevalence, Reason And Outcome Of Induction Of Labour Among Women Of Child Bearing Age At The Buea Regional Hospital
NSG0052Nursing Management Of A Patient Suffering From Postpartum Haemorrhage at C.M.A (centre medicaledӇrrondissement) Mutengene
NSG0053The Prevalence Of Uterine Myoma As Diagnose With Ultrasound Amongst Women Of Child Bearing Age St Padre Poi Hospital Douala.
NSG0054Assessing the Risk Associated With Teenage Pregnancy From (13-19years) In The Buea Municipality
NSG0055Assessing Factors Influencing The Implementation Of Nursing Process, In Buea Regional Hospital
NSG0056Pregnant Women’s Knowledge Of Congenital Malformation Risk Factors At Baptist Hospital Mutegene
NSG0057Assessing nurse’s knowledge on the prevalence of chronic renal failures at the Buea regional hospital
NSG0058Investigating Nurses Knowledge On The Management Of Cancer Pain In Buea Regional Hospital
NSG0059Knowledge and Practices of Mothers on febrile convulsions in children between the ages 0 – 5 years at the Buea Regional Hospital
NSG0060Nursing Management Of A Patient With Gastroenteritis At The Bova Integrated Health Centre From The 5th To The 8th Of March 2018.
NSG0061Assessing The Knowledge And Practice Of Pregnant Women In The Prevention Of Anemia
NSG0062Nurses and Nursing Students Attitudes And Perception Towards The Care And Treatment Of Patients With Hiv/Aids In The Buea Regional Hospital
NSG0063The Knowledge And Practice Of Breast Cancer Prevention Among Women Age 35 Years And Above At Molyko-Buea
NSG0064The Knowledge, Altitude And Practice On Menstrual Hygiene Amongst Young Girls And Women In Molyko-Buea Community
NSG0065Knowledge Of Women (16-59 Years) Resident At The Great Soppo Health Area On The Prevention Of Cervical Cancer
NSG0066Knowledge And Practice Of Pregnant Adolescence Girls, 15-19years On Antenatal Care in Buea Health District
NSG0067Challenges Faced By Nurses In End Of Life Care Provision And Their Effects On The Nurses’ Personal Life In The Limbe And Buea Regional Hospitals
NSG0068Assessing The Knowledge Of Parents On The Importance Of Sex Education To Their Children Age 11 To 22 Years
NSG0069Investigating the management of Dehydration in mothers of children aged 0-5 years attending IWC at the Great Soppo Integrated Health Centre
NSG0070Attitude and Practices of Nurses carrying out Aseptic Techniques at The Buea Regional Hospital
NSG0071Mothers’ Knowledge On The Causes And Prevention Of Malnutrition In Infants 1-5 Years In Great Soppo Community
NSG0072Nurse’s Ability And Knowledge In The Management Of CW And Related Health Hazards
NSG0073Bed Nets (LLINs/ITNs) Coverage And The Impacts Of These Bed Nets In Preventing Malaria.
NSG0074Prevalence Of Common Sexually Transmitted Diseases Among Patients Attending The Buea Regional Hospital
NSG0075The challenges faced by parents in the Management of Seizures Amongst Children (0-5 Years) in Molyko Community.
NSG0076Nurses Role in the Management of Gastritis Patients at the Limbe Regional Hospital Mile 1
NSG0077Assessing The Knowledge Of Waste Disposal And The Consequences Of Improper Waste Disposal On Community Health In Quarter 9 Of Mile 16 Buea
NSG0078Knowledge And Effects Of Pre-Eclampsia On Pregnancy At The Regional Hospital, Buea
NSG0079Assessment Of Mothers’ Knowledge On Neonatal Danger Signs And Essential New Born Care In The Buea Health District
NSG0080Assessment Of Knowledge And Practice On Antenatal Care (ANC) Among Pregnant Teenagers In Buea Health District
NSG0081Assessment Of Mother’s Knowledge On The Prevention Of Home Accident In Children 1-5 Years In The Mutengene Health Area
NSG0082The Use Of Contraception Amongst Women Of Child Bearing Age In The Mabeta Njanga Community South West Region Cameroon.
NSG0083Mother’s Knowledge On The Complications Of Poor Weaning Process Of Children At The Muea Community
NSG0084The Management Of A Patient With Diabetes Mellitus Type 2 At The Kumba Urban Medical Centre
NSG0085The Knowledge Of Nurse And Midvives On The Prevention Of Post-Partum Haemorrhage At The Regional Hospital Bamenda
NSG0086Assessment Of Mothers’ Knowledge On Neonatal Danger Signs And The Challenges They Faced In Implementing Essential Neonatal Care In The Buea Health District.
NSG0087Investigating Older Adults Knowledge On Dehydration, Prevention And Its Challenges in the Muea community.
NSG0088Assessing Attributing Factors Hindering The Acquisition Of Skills By Student Nurses In Some Selected Nursing Institutions In Buea
NSG0089Assessing Pregnant Women Knowledge On The Risk Factors Of Congenital Malformation At Baptist Hospital Mutengene
NSG0090Assessment Of Mothers’ Knowledge On Neonatal Danger Signs And Essential New Borne Care In The Buea Health District
NSG0091Investigating Mothers Knowledge And Practices On Effective Usage Of Long-Lasting Insecticides Nets (Llins) On The Prevention And Control Of Malaria In Molyko Community
NSG0092Assessing Mothers Knowledge And Practices On The Prevention Of Malaria In Pregnancy In The Mile 16 Health Area Of Buea Health District
NSG0093Investigating The Prevalence Of Occupational Health Hazard Amongst Health Care Workers At The Limbe Regional Hospital, South West Cameroon
NSG0094Assessing The Knowledge Of Adolescent Girls On The Prevention Of Unintended Pregnancy In Mutengene Community
NSG0095Assessing Mothers Level Of Satisfaction On Intrapartum And Postpartum Nursing Care At The Buea Regional Hospital
NSG0096Assessment Of Adolescent’s Knowledge On The Risk Factors, Consequences And Prevention Of Teenage Pregnancy In The Molyko Community
NSG0097The Influence Of Work Place Conflicts On Workers’ Performance At The Buea Regional Hospital
NSG0098Nurses Knowledge And Practices On Communication And Its Use In Managing Patients’ Stress
NSG0099Factors Contributing To Teenage Pregnancy And Its Consequences In The Buea Health District
NSG0100The Effective Use Of Contraceptive Among Youths In Molyko Community
NSG0101Patient Follow-Up And Readmissions In 2 Major Health Institutions Of Fako Division South West Region, Cameroon.
NSG0102Challenges faced by nurses in the Management of Cancer Wounds In General Hospital Douala
NSG0103Nurses’ Role In Patient And Family Education, And The Challenges Faced In CDC Cottage Hospital Tiko
NSG0104Identifying Nurses’ Approaches to HIV Nutritional Education and the Challenges They Face
NSG0105Contraceptive And Abortion Practices Among Undergraduate Female Students Of The Faculty Of Health Sciences, University Of Buea
NSG106Role Of The Nurse In The Management Of Children’s Health Care Needs At The Regional Hospital, Limbe
NSG0107Nurses’ Approach To HIV Nutritional Education And Challenges Faced In The Process
NSG0108Stress In Students: A Case Study Of The Undergraduate Nursing Students Of The University Of Buea
NSG0109Nurse’s Perception On The Treatment Measures Of Typhoid Fever And The Causes Of Drug Resistance At The Buea Regional Hospital.
NSG0110Prevalence And Predisposing Factors Of Anaemia Among Pregnant Women In The Bokova Community
NSG0111Investigating Female (15-35years) Knowledge on Family Planning in the Bokwai Community
NSG0112Assessment Of Nurses Knowledge On The Care Of Premature Babies In The Buea And Limbe Regional Hospitals Respectively
NSG0113Assessment Of Nurses Knowledge On The Care Of Premature Babies In The Buea And Limbe Regional Hospitals Respectively
NSG0114The Prevalence of Anxiety and Depression Among Nursing Students and its Effects on their Learning Ability
NSG0115Investigating Mothers’ Knowledge And Predisposing Factors On Home Accidents To Children Less Than 5 Years In The Molyko Community
NSG0116Assessing The Knowledge And Attitude Of Pregnant Women On The Consumption Of Alcohol In The Tiko Community
NSG0117Assessing Nurses Knowledge And Practice On The Management Of Burns At The Mamfe District Hospital
NSG0118Assessment Of Knowledge, Lifestyle And Dietary Patterns Of Type 2 Diabetic Patients In Buea Health Area
NSG0119Assessing The Nurse’s Practice In The Prevention And Management Of Pressure Ulcer At The Buea Regional Hospital
NSG0120Assessment Of Nurses’ Attitudes And Roles Towards The Prevention And Management Of Pressure Ulcers
NSG0121Assessing Nurses knowledge on the management of cholera at Kumba District Hospital
NSG0122Assessment of nutritional knowledge, beliefs and practices of pregnant women attending antenatal clinic at the integrated Molyko health center Buea
NSG0123Assessment of teenager’s knowledge on the consequences of unsafe sexual practices in Government Technical High School Buea
NSG0124Prevention and management of surgical wound infection and the challenges faced by nurses at the Regional Hospital Buea
NSG0125Assessment Of Knowledge And Practice Of Breast Self-Examination Among Women Of Reproductive Age In The Molyko Community, Buea
NSG00126Challenges Faced By Nurses In End Of Life Care Provision And Their Effects On The Nurses’ Personal Life In Limbe And Buea Regional Hospitals
NSG0127Factors Affecting Effective Documentation By Nurses And Midwives In Five Maternities Of Buea Health District
NSG0128Knowledge On Diabetes And It’s Associated Health Risk Among Adults 18 Years And Above In The Great Soppo Community.
NSG0129Breast Cancer Awareness And Attitudes Towards Prevention Strategies Among Women Aged 18 Years And Above In The Ndongo Community Of Buea
NSG0130Assessing Knowledge Of Teenage Girls On The Causes And Effect Of Teenage Pregnancy, Case Of Livanda Community
NSG0131Assessment Of The Knowledge Of The Inhabitants Of Mile Two Limbe On The Practice And Effects Of Open Defecation In Water Sources
NSG0132Assessing Nurses’ Knowledge In The Management Of Malnutrition In Children And Its Challenges In Buea Regional Hospital
NSG0133Assessing Knowledge And Practice Of Cervical Cancer Prevention Among Women Of Child Bearing Age In The Great Soppo Community
NSG0134Mothers Knowledge, Attitude and Practices Of Vaccination In Children 0-5 Years In The Bolifamba Community
NSG0135Assessing Youth’s (18-35 Years) Knowledge On the Prevention and Management Of Sexually Transmitted Infections In Molyko Community
NSG0136Complications of poor weaning practices among mothers with children aged 6-23m in Muea Community
NSG0137Assessing Nurses’ Knowledge On the Management Of Patients With Dementia: The Case Of Laquintinie Hospital Douala
NSG0138Assessing The Knowledge of Adolescent Girls On the Prevention of Unintended Pregnancy in Mutengene Community
NSG0139Factors influencing non-adherence to HAART among HIV patients receiving antiretroviral therapy in the central hospital Yaounde
NSG0140Knowledge, Attitude and practices in line with Prevention of Hypertension in Pregnancy among pregnant women at the Limbe Regional Hospital
NSG0141The Prevalence of condom usage and it Associated Factors Amongst the youths in Molyko Community
NSG0142Myths And Misconceptions Regarding The Use Of Modern Contraceptive Methods Amongst Women Aged 18years And Above In The Limbe Regional Hospital
NSG0143Assessment Of The Knowledge Of The Inhabitants Of Mile Two Limbe On The Practice And Effects Of Open Defecation In Water Sources
NSG0144Effective Teaching On the Knowledge and Practices of Asepsis During Wound Dressing Amongst Levels 300 And 400 Nursing Students
NSG0145The Knowledge Of Women Of Child Bearing Age In Sandpit Community On The Use Of Contraceptive Methods
NSG0146An Evaluation Of Mothers Awareness On Febrile Convulsion In Children Between The Ages Of 0 And 5 Years Old At The Buea Regional Hospital
NSG0147The Occurrence Of Trichomonas Vaginalis Among Women In The Child Bearing Age In The Buea Regional Hospital.
NSG0148Prevalence, Knowledge, And Practice Towards The Prevention Of Preterm Birth By Women In The Buea Health District
NSG0149Assessing Inhabitant’s Knowledge Aged 40years And Above On The Risk Factors And Prevention Of Stoke In The Ndongo 1community Molyko Buea
NSG0150The Prevalence of Malaria Among Pregnant Women and Its Health Implication of Selected Patients In Hadejia General Hospital
NSG0151To Assess Individual’s Knowledge On Diabetes And Its Associated Health Risks Aged 18 Years And Above In The Ndongo Community
NSG0152An Investigation On The Practices Of Aseptic Technique On Surgical Wound Dressing By Health Care Practitioners In Health Facilities In Mamfe Town
NSG0153Assessing Pregnant Women’s Knowledge on Maternal Nutrition and Associated Factors in Mile One Hospital Limbe
NSG0154Nurses’ Knowledge and Practice On The Application Of Aseptic Technique During Urinary Catheterization In Hospitals Of Limbe Health Area

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