Sociology Project Topics with Materials

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SOC0001Modernization and Changing Cultural Values of the Sawa People of the Littoral Region. Case Study: Douala I City Council, Littoral Region, Cameroon
SOC0002Domestic Violence and its Impact on Women in Buea Municipality, South West Region of Cameroon
SOC0003The Impact Of E-Learning On Academic Performance: A Case Study Of Group Learning Sets
SOC0004The Participation Of Local People In The Governance And Development Of Limbe II Municipality.
SOC0005Knowledge, Attitudes And Practices Relating To Obesity Among Adolescents In Two Public Secondary Schools In Buea
SOC0006An Assessment Of The Living Conditions Of Internally Displaced Women And Children In Selected Municipalities In Fako Division: Towards A Better Humanitarian Assistance.
SOC0007Assessing The Crisis Of Child Sexual Abuse In Cameroon. A Survey Of Buea, Cameroon.
SOC0008The Impact Of Televangelism On Residents In Molyko: A Sociological Appraisals Of Changing Worship Habits
SOC0009Inter- Ethnic Relations Between The Mbororos Of Sabga And The People Of Babanki Tungo.
SOC0010The Participation of local People in the governance and development of Limbe II Municipality.
SOC0011The Role of the Council in building sustainable Peace and Development in Cameroon: Case study of the Buea and Tiko local council
SOC0012Child Labor And Academic Performance Of Teenagers In Cameroon: The Case Study Of Molyko-Buea
SOC0013The influence of Non-Governmental Organizations in the periphery of Molyko Buea: case study United Action for Children (UAC)
SOC0014The Socio-Cultural Development And Significance Of The Fon’s Dance (Benefuang) Of The Babungo People
SOC0015Human Rights And Prison Conditions, Buea Central Prison
SOC0016The CSR Of MTN-Cameroon In Douala 1 Municipality: Policy And Practices
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