Gender Studies Project Topics with Materials

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GS0001The Effects Of Violence Against Women In Likomba Tiko, South West Region, Cameroon
GS0002The Role of Education On Women Journalism: The Case of Students in The University of Buea
GS0003The Role of Women in Household Decision Making in Bokova Village in Buea Cameroon
GS0004The Contribution of Bride Price On Gender Equality in the Bakossi Clan, South West Region, Cameroon
GS0005The role and contributions of women’s micro businesses to household survival in Molyko, Buea.
GS0006The Effects of Gender Gaps In Council Personnel Management On Women’s Effective Participation In Local Governance in Bamenda
GS0007Challenges Faced By Women Asserting Their Property Rights Case Study; Botaland Community, Limbe Southwest, Cameroon
GS0008The Influence of Domestic Violence Against Women on their Socioeconomic Status in the Buea Municipality
GS0009The Contribution Of Women In Agriculture In Mbengwi Central
GS0010The Role Of Social Media And The Promotion Of Women Empowerment In Cameroon; A Survey Of Molyko, Buea Audience
GS00011The Effect Of Gender Role Socialization On Girl’s Career Orientation In Buea.
GS0012The Effects Of Gender Issues On Workplace Performance
GS0013Activities And Challenges Of Women In The Cocoa Production Value Chain In Manyu Division
GS0014The Role Of Non-Governmental Organizations (Ngo’s) In Reducing Rural Poverty. The Case Of World Wide Fund For Nature (WWF) Coastal Forest Programme In Tombel Sub-Division
GS0015Gender Dynamics In Religious Institutions In Buea Municipality
GS0016The Effect of Poverty on the Lifestyle of Female Student in the University of Buea
GS0017The Effects Of Women’s Triple Role On The Performance Of The Children In Bonduma Village
GS0018The Effects Of Gender Differentiation On Student Academic Performance In Science Subjects In The University Of Buea
GS0019Gender Dynamics in the Implementation of Public Contract, Case of Buea Sub-Division
GS0020The Effect Of Anglophone War And Arm Conflict On Women And Children In The Northern Part (Bwitingi, Muea, Bomaka) Of The Buea Municipality
GS0021The Socio-Economic Effects Of Covid-19 Pandemic On Women And Men Case Study: Ndobo-Douala
GS0022The Effect Of Co-Habitation On The Educational Performance Of Students In The University Of Buea
GS0023The Effects Of Gender Roles On The Choices Of Educational Discipline Of Girls And Boys In The Limbe Municipality
GS0024The Effects Of Household Gender Roles On The Academic Performance Of Girls: The Case Of Secondary School Girls In Buea
GS0025Women Entrepreneurship In The Yam Marketing Chain In Fako Division
GS0026Public Perception On The Legalisation Of Abortion In Buea
GS0027The Effects of Land Tenure Practices on Household Poverty Among the Bakweris in Buea Bwitingi Village
GS0028The Societal Perceptions Of The Elderly In Buea Sub-Division
GS0029The Socio-Economic Effects Of Environmental Pollution On The Health Of Women In Mabetanjanga Limbe
GS0030The Effects Of Environmental Pollution On Men And Women In Limbe
GS0031The Effects Of Armed Conflict On Basic Social Services For Women And Children In Kumba
GS0032The Contribution Of Women Micro-Businesses To Household Survival In Kumba Municipality
GS0033The Role Of Non-Governmental Organization (Lukmef) In Advocating The Sexual And Reproductive Health Rights Of Women And Girls In Buea Municipality
GS0034Factors Affecting the Participation of Women in politics in the Buea Municipality
GS0035The Effects Of Part Time Work On Students Academic Performance In The University Of Buea
GS0036Challenges Face By Women In Food Crop Production In Tiko Municipality
GS0037The Effect of Shisha Smoking on Boys and Girls in Molyko Buea Municipality
GS0038Public Perception on the legalisation of abortion in Buea
GS0039Gender Issues arising from Political Development in Cameroon
GS0040Gender Division of Labour and Women’s Decision-Making Power in Rural Households in Cameroon
GS0041Women’s Group and Socio-Economic Development in Cameroon: Case Study the Root and Tuber CIG Kumbo
GS0042Agricultural Contributions Of Rural Women To Livelihood And Food Security: Case Study: Ngendzen Mbam, Nkum Sub Division, Cameroon
GS0043The Effects Of Teenage Pregnancy On The Education Of Girls In Cameroon
GS0044The Effects Of Development Projects Of Kumba City Council On The Empowerment Of Rural Women
GS0045The Impact Of Board Ethnic And Gender Diversity On CSR Disclosure
GS0046Impact Of Social Media On The Students’ Academic Performance
GS0047The Challenges of Single Motherhood for Women in Mile 16 Buea
GS0048Women’s Perception About Violence Against Women And Girls And Implications On Survivals Self-Esteem
GS0049Youth off-farm social activities and pastimes, deviancy and attitude towards violence in Mbanga and Douala IV municipalities in Cameroon

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