80+ Google Scholar Research Topics in Business

80+ Google Scholar Research Topics in Business [2024]

80+ Google Scholar Research Topics in Business 

Looking for the latest Google Scholar business research topics? This article will teach you how to access new topics for your research projects. Let’s explore!

Keep your business research up-to-date with the help of Google Scholar. Find out what the latest research topics are in this post!

Business research can be a complicated endeavor, but Google Scholar makes it much easier. With its comprehensive search engine and vast database, you can quickly find the latest topics in business research, as well as access valuable data and analysis.

How to identify Google scholar Research Topics in Business

a). Identify Relevant Research Topics.

You can use the Google Scholar search engine to quickly identify relevant research topics. From here, you can refine your search by adding keywords, topic area, and other parameters.

This will help narrow down your results and ensure that you find the most relevant information in your research. By staying up-to-date on business research topics with Google Scholar, you’ll be able to make informed decisions for your organization.

b). Double-check the Relevance of Articles Selected from Google Scholar.

Before using an article found through Google Scholar make sure to double-check its relevance. This means confirming that the article covers the exact topic you are looking for, has been published by a reliable source, and is up-to-date with the most recent research in your field.

Additionally, it’s important to look at what other research has been published on a topic before selecting your sources from Google Scholar. This will help ensure you have captured all of the necessary information and viewpoints when researching specific topics.

c). Become Familiar with Saved Searches and Citation Alerts in Google Scholar.

If you are looking to focus on topics within Google Scholar that are pertinent to your business research, consider taking advantage of saved searches and citation alerts. Saved Searches allow you to regularly check for new results related to a specific topic or query.

Citation Alerts will notify you when somebody has cited an article you found recently in their work, making it easier for you to keep on top of any changes related to your research topic.

80+ Google Scholar Research Topics in Business

1). Business Process Management and Automation.

2). Impact of Technology on Business Success.

3). Human Resources Management & Analytics.

4). Strategic Sourcing and Supply Chain Management.

5). The Role of Social Media in Business Growth and Development.

6). Impact Of Social Responsibility On The Performance Of  an Organization

7). Impact Of Reward System, on Employee Turnover in an organization

8). Evaluating and Enhancing Employee Engagement Through Talent Management Strategies.

9). Developing Sustainable Practices and Strategies for Corporate Social Responsibility Initiatives.

10). Understanding Strategies for New Products Launch.

11). Analysis of Investment Decisions under Uncertainty.

12). Impact Of Reward System, on Employee Productivity

13). The Impact Of Multiple Taxation On Business Survival

14). The Effects Of Change Process In Managing Organisational Innovation

15). Compensation And Reward System On Organizational Performance

16). Effective Communication as A Tool for Achieving Organizational Goals and Objectives

17). The Influence of Strike Action on Employee’s Performance And Productivity

18). Cultural Diversity and Organizational Performance

19). Evaluating the Impact of Social Media Advertising on Businesses.

20). Identifying Opportunities and Challenges in Consumer Behavior Analysis.

21). Analyzing Merger and Acquisition Strategies of Top Multinational Corporations.

22). Exploring the Benefits of Crowdfunding for Small and Medium Enterprises.

23). The Effect Of Labour Turnover On Organizational Performance

24). Investigating the Use of Business Intelligence Systems in Risk Management Processes.

25). Examining the Impact of Human Resources Management on Organizational Performance.

26). An Analysis of Supply Chain Strategies in the Healthcare Industry.

27). Organisational Structure and Its Impact On Employee’s Performance

28). Measuring the Benefits of Corporate Social Responsibility Programs in Retail.

29). Analyzing Big Data and Artificial Intelligence in Risk Management Systems.

30). Performance Appraisal as A Tool for Enhancing Organizational Output

31). Time Management in Employee Productivity in Organization

32). Effect of Wage and Salary Administration on Employee Performance

33). Challenges Faced by Retirees in Accessing Pension Funds in local communities

34). Impact of Working Environment On Employee Productivity

35). Conflict Management On Organizational Efficiency

36). Welfare Scheme On the Motivation of Workers

37). Pricing policies in developing the competitiveness of SMEs

38). Customer Relationship Management On Customer Satisfaction

39). Management Information System On Organization Performance

40). Organisational Culture As A Predictor Of Overall Job Satisfaction

41). Impact of Employees Turnover on the Profitability of an organization

42). Leadership Styles and the Productivity Of workers

43). The Role of Human Resources in Organizational Leadership.

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44). Leadership and Team Cohesion.

45). Strategic Analysis of the Global Market.

46). Financial Statement Analysis Techniques.

47). Corporate Planning and Evaluation Methods.

48). Analyzing a Firm’s Risk Profile Management Strategy.

49). Collective Bargaining On the Organizational Performance

50). Influence Of Training and development On Employee’s Performance

51). Service Quality On Customer Satisfaction

52). Recruitment and Selection Criteria and Its Effects On Organizational Productivity

53). Job Stress And Its Effects On Employees’ Performance

54). Effects Of Motivation On Employee’s Productivity

55). Effect of Employee Engagement on Job Satisfaction

56). Impact Of Personnel Satisfaction On Organizational Growth

57). Impact Of Goal Setting On Employee Performance

58). The Relevance Of Safety Management On Job Performance Among The Employees In Tiko Council

59). Quality Control In The Manufacturing Companies

60). The Effective Cost Control In The Hotel And Catering Industry

61). Effects Of Business Stress On The Performance Of Small Scale Entrepreneurs

62). Total Quality Management and Organisational Productivity

63). Understanding Globalization of Business

64). Examining the Role of Entrepreneurialism in Business

65). Exploring the Impact of Digital Technology on Business Models

66). Investigating Big Data and Analytics in Business

67). Examining the Use of Artificial Intelligence in Business Environments

68). Impact of Social Responsibility On The Performance Of an Organisation

69). Impact Of Business Policy On Organisational Performance in an organization

69). Negotiation Skills As A Tool For Enhancing Timely Delivery Of Material in an origination

70). The Impact Of In-Service Training On Staff Development.

71). Entrepreneurship Activities and its impacts on the Promotion and the Development of Economic Growth

72). The Impact Of Technological Advancement On The Growth Of Entrepreneurship

73). Impact Of Rebranding On Organisational Sales Volume Of Organizations

74). Employee Job Dissatisfaction On Organizational Performance

75). Effect of Manpower Planning On the Productivity Of Employees In the Public Sector

76). Improving Business Productivity Through Automation.

77). Exploring the Impact of Globalization on Business Competition.

78). Analyzing the Role of Human Resources in Organizational Leadership.

79). Factors Affecting Employee Retention.

80). Impact of management style on decision making.

81). Managing organizational behavior


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