50+ Seminar Topics In Public Health in Cameroon

50+ Seminar Topics In Public Health in Cameroon [2024]

50+ Seminar Topics In Public Health in Cameroon

1). Determinants of Knowledge, Attitude, and Practice Of Covid-19 Prevention Among Community Health Workers In Mokolo Health District

2). The Role Of Traditional Birth Attendants On Antenatal Care Seeking Behaviours In Mamfe District Hospital

3). Trends In HIV Treatment Outcomes Among Adult Infected Patients At The Limbe Regional Hospital

4). Determinants of Utilization Of Maternal Healthcare Services Among Women Of Reproductive Age In The MelongHealth District

5). Knowledge and Frequency of Adverse Health and Obstetric Outcomes of Long-Term Contraceptives Used by older Women Attending Health Facilities In Mora Community

6). Barriers to Management and Treatment Of Acute Malnutrition in Children Below 5 Years In Obala Community

7). Knowledge And Perception Of Mobile Health As A Tool To Promote Maternal And Child Health Among Women Of Child Bearing Age In The Dschang health district

8). Health Care- Seeking Behaviours, Anxiety, and Depression Among Survivors Of Covid-19 At The Central Hospital of Yaoundé

9). Assessing The Knowledge, Attitudes, and Practices of Health Care Workers On Immunization Of Children 0-59 Months In The Yaoundé General Hospital

10). Assessing The Knowledge, Perceptions, And Practice Towards The Use Of Recreational Drugs Among High School Students In Edea

11). The Prevalence Of Malaria Among Pregnant Women And Its Health Implication: Case Study Of Select Patients University Teaching Hospital of Yaounde

12). Factors Associated with Health Seeking and Prevention Of Human. Papilloma Virus Infection (A Study Of University of Buea Health Units)

13). Attitude And Perception Of Nursing Mothers Towards Exclusive Breastfeeding (EBF) in the Nkwen Baptist Health Center

14). The Perception Of Health Workers Regarding Prevention And Control Of Nosocomial Infection In Health Facilities In Bafoussam Regional Hospital

15). Knowledge, Attitude, And Practice Of Preconception Care Among women Of The Reproductive Age Group In King place Hospital Bafoussam

16). Assessing Knowledge, Attitudes, And Practices Of Community Health Workers In The Prevention And Control Of Malaria In The Laquintinie Hospital Douala

17). Prevalence and Determinants of Malnutrition Amongst HIV-Infected Adults in the Military hospital Douala

18). Effects of communication for development in the infant and young child feeding programs on exclusive breastfeeding practice among pregnant women in Mile 16 Bolimba Buea

19). Factors affecting family planning services in a rural area among women in Ekondotiti

20). Hepatitis C virus among pregnant women people living with HIV AIDS attending THE Buea Regional Hospital

21). Factors affecting psychological distress among people living with HIV / AIDS in Mamfe Town

22). Public perception of the consequences of legalizing abortion on the sexual behavior of young adults in Kumbo Municipality

23). Preventive practices of mother-to-child transmission (PMTCT) services among pregnant women in the Osing Village

24). Prevalence and severity of hypoglycemia and lactic acidosis in children diagnosed with plasmodium falciparum malaria in the Mamfe Regional Hospital

25). Prevalence of mental health issues among undergraduate students of university of Biaka University

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26). Knowledge, attitude, and practice of breast self-examination among women of childbearing age in Bangante

27). Awareness and acceptance of premarital genotype screening among students in CHITECMA Buea

28). Awareness and acceptance of rhesus factor or blood grouping in Bafia Community

29). Assessment of socio-economic status and the utilization of traditional herbs in the treatment of malaria among pregnant women in Loum Town

30). Knowledge and perception of nosocomial infection among health workers in private hospitals in Kumbo

31). Malnutrition and its Associated Factors among Adults Attending Anti-Retroviral Therapy at Three Selected Hospitals in Kousserri

32). Assessment of Staphylococcal Nosocomial Infections in Hospital General De Garoua

33). Factors Affecting Community Participation in Solid Waste Management A Case Study of Tiko Water Tank Community

34). Assessment of Patients’ Perception of Health Service Delivery in Buea Regional Hospital

35). Factors Affecting Mental Health Clinic Attendance In Kumba District Hospital

36). Perception and Practice of Breastfeeding in Public Places in The Limbe Town

37). Knowledge And Attitude Of Refuse Disposal Practice Among Female Hostel In Buea University

38). Assessment Of Occupational Safety And Health Compliance In Manufacturing Companies in Cameroon: Case Study Guiness Cameroon

39). Contraceptive Use Among Female Students Of Higher Institute Of Management (HIMS) Buea

40). Knowledge And Practice Of Occupational Safety Among Workers in Source Du Pays

41). The Impact of Social Stigma on Mental Health of Teenage Mother’s In Kribi Town

41). Fever As A Predictor For Malaria Infection Among Individuals Attending Mount Mary Hospital Buea

42). Appraisal of the Impact of Employees Health and Safety on Productivity (A Case Study Of Staffs in the University of Bamenda)

43). Perception and Utilization of Sanitary Facilities among Students at the University of Buea

44). Attitude And Practices Of Breast Self-Examination Among Female Undergraduate Students Of Catholic University of Buea

45). Overcrowding As Predictor Of Poor Health Among Hostel Students At the University of Buea

46). Physical Activity Patterns Among Faculty of Health Sciences Students In the Faculty of Health Science University of Buea

47). Knowledge, Attitude, and Practice of Adequate Diet among People Living With HIV In Muyuka Town

48). Perceived Exercise and Recreation among Pregnant Women Attending Antenatal Clinic in Muea private hospitals

49). Socio-Economic Determinants Of Choice Of Healthcare Facilities By Pregnant Women In Yaoundé.

50). Student Awareness And Practice Of Personal Hygiene And Sanitation In Idenau

51). Social And Environmental Determinants Of Prevalence Of Malaria In Eyomodjock

52). Influence Of Pollution On Health Of Female Workers In Industrial Area in Douala: Case Study Dangote Cement Factory.

53). Knowledge And Practice On The Management Of Waterborne Diseases Among Residents Of Mudemba In Ndian Division

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