60+ Seminar Topics in Economics [2023-2024]

60+ Seminar Topics in Economics [2023-2024]

60+ Seminar Topics in Economics [2023-2024]

Choosing an interesting and relevant seminar topic in economics is key to having a successful presentation.  Just like in any subject, it can be tricky to pick the right seminar topics for economics.

Looking to choose the perfect seminar topics in economics? From macroeconomics to game theory and behavioral economics, this guide will help you find the right topic for your seminar.

How to choose a great seminar topic in Economics

a). Brainstorm Potential Topics and Sub-topics Related to Economics.

One of the best ways to find a great seminar topic is by brainstorming potential topics and sub-topics related to economics. Consider any economic concepts that interest you or areas in which you’d like to build your knowledge.

Additionally, think about recent developments and emerging trends in the field of economics. Doing so will help you generate ideas for potential seminar topics.

60+ Seminar Topics in Economics

1). The Impact Of Health Expenditure On The Economic Growth Of Taiwan

2). Role of monetary policy in economic growth and development in India

3). The Role Of the Agricultural Sector On The Economic Development Of Pakistan

4). The Effect Of Trade Barriers On International Trade In India

5). The Impact of Trade and Tariffs on the United States

6). The Great Recession of 2008 and its Impact on the Indian Economy

7). The Determinants of Private Investment in Cameroon (2000-2020)

8). The Role of Information Technology On the Profitability of Microfinance Institutions in Salem, Tamil Nadu

9). The Impact Of Remittances On Income Inequality In Cameroon

10). The Impact Of Remittances On Economic Growth In South Africa

11). Infrastructure Investment and Economic Growth in India (2000-2020)

12). Effect of Public Debt on Private Investment in Pakistan

13). The Effect of Branding On Consumer Behavior in Telecommunication Companies in Mumbai.

14). The Determinants Of Crowdfunding Platforms And Their Effect On Economic Growth Of Sub-Sahara Africa

15). Institutional Reforms and Economic Growth Performance in India

16). The Effects Of Military Expenditure On The Economic Growth Of Canada

17). The Effects Of Urbanization On Environmental Degradation In Ghana

18). The Impact Of Financial Literacy On Economic Development In the Philippines

19). Domestic Resource Mobilisation And Economic Growth In Sri Lanka

20). The Impact Of Foreign Funded Project On The Socio-Economic Development Of Selected Communities In Howrah, West Bengal

21). Effects Of Agricultural Exports On The Economic Growth Of Ethiopia

22). The Impact Of ICT On Commercial Banks in Nigeria: Case Of UBA

23). Agricultural Export’s impact On the Economic Growth of Nigeria

24). Impact of Economic Freedom on Economic Growth in Cameroon

25). The Effect Of Mobile Phone On The Growth Of E-Commerce In New Delphi

26). Human Capital Development and Poverty in India

27). The Impact of Interest Rate Liberalization on Investment in the US

28). The Effects Of Industrialisation On The Economic Growth Of the United States (2000-2020)

29). The Contribution Of Agro Processing Sector On The Economic Growth Of Cameroon

30). The Impact Of Monetary Policy On The Economic Growth Of Nigeria.

31). Demographic And Economic Determinants of Variations in Infant Mortality in South Africa

32). The Effect Of Foreign Direct Investment On The Socio-Economic Development Of Thane

33). Impact of Government Health and Education Expenditure on Economic Growth in Ghana

34). The Role Of Multinational Companies In The Economic Development Of Ghana

35). The Effect Of Trade Barriers On International Trade In the Solomon Islands

36). The Impact of Foreign Aid on the Economic Growth and Development of Syria

37). The Effect of Foreign Aid on Economic Growth in Developing Countries: Case Study South Africa

38). The Impact of Inflation on Private Consumption Expenditure and Economic Growth in Cameroon

39). Exchange Rate Variations and Migrants’ Remittances to India: 2000- 2020

40). The Impact Of Monetary Policy In Controlling Inflation In Cameroon

41). The Impact Of External Debt On Poverty Reduction In Afghanistan

42). The Impact of International Trade on the Economic Growth of Ethiopia

43). The Impact Of Remittance Inflow On The Economic Growth Of Cameroon.

44). The Impact Of Health Expenditure On The Economic Growth Of India

45). The Effect Of Corruption On The Economic Growth Of South Africa

46). Resource Availability and Farm Production in Sangli

47). The Impact of Human Capital on Labour Productivity in Manufacturing Industries in Mumbai

48). The Effects Of Mobile Payment Systems On The Economy Of Cameroon

49). The Effects Of Online Banking Systems On The Economy Growth Of Nigeria

50). The Effect of Health Status on Labour Force Participation in Taiwan

51). Role of Microfinance Institutions in The Financing of Small Businesses a Case of Faridabad, Haryana state

52). Assessing Consumers’ Perception Of The Privatized Companies In India” Case Study Hindustan Unilever Limited

53). Government Expenditure and Energy Consumption in Uganda

54). Socio-Economic Effects of Oil and Gas Activities on the Gulf of Guinea Cameroon perspective

55). The Impact Of Foreign Direct Investment On The Economic Growth Of South Africa

56). Technology Acquisition and Economic Growth in Uganda

57). The Effect of Public Health Spending on Maternal Mortality in South Africa

58). Private Sector Access to Credit and Manufacturing Output in India

59). Determinants of Bank failure in the United States: Case Study Silicon Valley Bank

60). Causes and consequences of bank failure in the United States: Case Study Signature Bank


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