Seminar Topics In Early Childhood Education

55+ Seminar Topics In Early Childhood Education [2024]

55+ Seminar Topics In Early Childhood Education 

1). The Role Of Parents In The Career Development Of The Child in Kumbo Municipality

2). Benefits And Problems Of Social Media Usage Among Early Childhood Education Undergraduates At the University of Buea

3). The Role of Parents Teachers Association (PTA) In the Promotion Of Teaching And Learning Of Secondary School students in Tiko Town.

4). Attitude And Guidance Of Parents On the Educational Interest Of The Children in Limbe II Municipality.

5). The Impact of Parental Socio-Economic Status on Nursery School Pupils’ Academic Achievement in Bolifamba Mile 16.

6). The Impact Of Social Emotional Learning (SEL) Learning On Childhood Education in Mamfe Town

7). The Perception of Early Childhood Education Pre-Service Teachers on Sustainable Development Goals in Cameroon: Case Study Buea Municipality.

8). Impact Of Single Parenting And Its Effect On Child Education In Selected Schools In Kumba II Municipality

9). Impact of Orphanage Home on the Child’s Personality Development in Buea Municipality.

 10). Prevalence Of Child Abuse And Neglect Among The Students Of Government High School Limbe.

11). The Impact Of Child Labour On School Attendance And Academic Performance in Kribi Town

12). Superstitious Beliefs and Academic Performance of Pupils In Early Childhood Science In Mankon Bamenda.

13). Impact Of E-Learning Facilities In Teaching Of Basic Science In Secondary Schools in Muyuka

14). Effect Of Child Abuse On The Academic Performance Of Secondary School Students In Ekondotiti

15). Teacher Attitude Towards Learner With Learning Difficulties In Early Childhood Education (A Case Study Of Some Selected Secondary Schools in Buea Municipality)

16). Availability and Utilization Of Learning Resources In Teaching Basic Science And Technology Among Primary Schools in Besongabang Town

17). Effect Of Child Hawking On the psychosocial behaviour of learners in the Kumba I Municipality.


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18). The effect of school environment on the academic performance of adolescent learners in selected secondary schools in Bamenda.

19). The effect of broken homes on the academic achievement of adolescent learners in the Mile 4 Limbe

20). Effects Of Socio-Economic Background Of Parents On Academic Achievement Of Their Children In Schools in Sandpit Buea.

21). The Production And Utilization Of Instructional Materials In Early Childhood Education in the Meme Division.

22). Evaluating The Effectiveness Of Teaching Styles In Early Childhood Education in the Kumba I Municipality

23). The Effect Of Information Communication Technology On Early Childhood Education Delivery in the Fako Division

24). Effect of Visual Therapy on Expressive Art Performance of Autistic Children in Douala II Municipality

25). Impact Of Parent’s Educational Background On The Academic Performance Of Their Children in Mora

26). The Effectiveness of Teaching Styles in Early Childhood Education in Public Primary Schools in Bamenda

27). The use of play as a learning strategy for skills development in early childhood education in Mamfe Town.

28). Factors Motivating Career Choice Among Senior Secondary School Students in Mutengene

29). The effects of street hawkings on the academic performance of learners in selected primary schools in Buea.

30). Attitude Of Primary School Teachers Toward The Teaching Of Moral Education In Edea.

31). Instructional Materials on the Perfomance in Mathematics of Pre-Schoolers in Selected School in Loum

32). The effects of Extra-curricular Activities on Primary School Pupils’ Academic achievement in Bafia Community.

33). Classroom Management and Pupils’ Academic Performance in Selected Primary Schools in Bafang Town.

34). Effects of Arts on Socialization in Selected Primary Schools in Wum

35). Play And English Language Development of Pre-schoolers in Banyo Community

36). Physical Exercises and Play On Academic Performance in Primary schools in Obala Community.

37). Parental Involvement and Pupils’ Academic Performance in Selected Primary Schools in Penja Community.

38). Teachers’ Knowledge and Development of Instructional Materials in Pre-Schools in Melong

39). School Factors and Academic Achievement of Hearing Impaired Children in Selected Schools in Buea Municipality

40). Classroom Management and Pupils’ Academic Performance in Selected Primary Schools in Manjo


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41). Parents’ Participation in Curriculum Implementation and School Efficacy in Selected Primary Schools in Bali

42). Implementation of School Feeding Programme and Psychosocial Development of Children in Selected Primary Schools in Mokolo.

43). The effects of Home Environment on Psychosocial Development of Preschool Children in Douala.

44). The Impact of Free Primary Education On Academic Performance in Selected Primary Schools in Edea

45). The Impact of Learning Aids on the Academic Performance Of Primary Six Pupils in Kumbo

46). The Effects of HIV/AIDS on Enrolment of Early Childhood in St Therese Nursery Schoo In Buea

47). Children’s moral conduct in pre-nursery school and its implication in their academic performance in St Therese Primary School Buea

48). Impact Of Computer  In Teaching And Learning Of Economics In Particular And Education In General A Case Study Of Secondary School In Tiko

49). Sexual Immorality Among Christian Female Students In Boarding Schools In Fako.

50). Factors Responsible For Low Enrollment of Students In Physics Education In Secondary Schools in Mamfe.

51). Effects Of Instructional Materials Enhance The Teaching/Learning Process By Exhibiting Information Necessary To Acquire Knowledge And Skills in the Buea Municipality

52). Teachers’ Personal Characteristics And Students Academic Achievement On Public Secondary School Students In Douala.

53). Motivational Needs Of Public Primary School Teachers In Cameroon (A Case Study Of Limbe Municiiaplity)

54). Effect of Study Skills Training on Poor Study Habits Among Junior Secondary School Students in Bamenda


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