115+ Google Scholar Research Topics in Education [2023-2024]

115+ Google Scholar Research Topics in Education [2024]

115+ Google Scholar Research Topics in Education [2024]

Searching for educational research topics can be made easier and more efficient with the help of Google Scholar. Learn how to find quality resources with this comprehensive guide.

Educational research is an important part of any learning institution, and Google Scholar can be a powerful tool for accessing information. This guide will provide tips and resources to find quality topics for researching on Google Scholar in the field of education.

Understand the Benefits of Google Scholar.

Google Scholar is a powerful tool for educators who need access to reliable, credible resources. It allows users to easily search through millions of academic papers and articles on educational topics, often pulling up results that may not be found using other search engines.

It also offers researchers the ability to find information related to their topics quickly and efficiently, saving valuable time

Know What to Search for in Google Scholar.

When searching in Google Scholar, it is important to understand what type of information you are looking for and how to effectively search for it.

Depending on the topic at hand, keywords can make all the difference in finding the most relevant resources quickly.

It is also helpful to narrow down your search results by adding appropriate filters such as subject area, author(s), publication year, etc., to provide more targeted results. Using these features will ensure that you get reliable answers for educational research topics quickly and efficiently.

Identify Relevant Content from Your Searches.

Once you have crafted your search query in Google Scholar and clicked the relevant filter options, scour the results for relevant content that answers your research questions.

Each article in the list of results includes an informational abstract about what is included in the study as well as cited references from other related studies.

Read all of these materials thoroughly to make sure it meets your desired criteria before actually opening the article or utilizing its content.

Additionally, while browsing through search results take note of any topics popping up multiple times to help narrow down your focus and spot popular trends within a specific subject area.

115+ Google Scholar Research Topics in Education

1). The Impact of Sequential Evaluation On Teaching and Learning in Secondary Schools

2). Difficulties Students Face in The Laboratory And Its Effects On Their Academic Performance

3). The impact of test anxiety on students’ academic achievement

4). The Effects of Street Hawking On Adolescent Classroom Behaviour

5). The Impact Of Parental Separation On Children’s Psychosocial Development In Secondary Schools

6). Cultural Implication On The Education Of Muslim Girl Child

7). The Impact of Teachers’ Perception On Inclusive Education And Its Effect On The Teaching And Learning Process.

8). The Effects Of Teachers’ Constraints On Pupils’ Academic Performance

9). Effectiveness of School Leadership and Management Development

10). The Effects Of Students’ Teacher Conflict On Student Academic Achievement

11). Teacher Perceptions on the Influence of Deviance on the Academic outcome of students

12). Principal Leadership Styles And Their Effects On Teacher’s Performance

13). The Influence Of The Use Of ICT On Written English On Secondary School Students

14). The Influence Of Guidance And Counselling On Student Discipline

15). The Effects Of Adolescents’ Crises On Students’ Academic Performance

16). Effects Of Extra Curricular Activities On Student’s Academic Performance

17). The Influence Of School Peer Relationships On Student’s Academic Performance

18). Parenting Styles and Student’s Academic Performance

19). Peer Teaching And Its Influence On Students’ Academic Performance

20). The Impact Of Citizenship Education On Students’ Moral And Academic Achievement

21). Peer Group Influence on Students’ Academic Performance in Secondary schools

22). Effects of Technological Advancements on Students’ Academic Performances

23). The Effects Of Education On The Productivity Of Teachers In Some Secondary Schools

24). School Sanctions and Students’ Academic performance in Secondary Schools

25). Secondary Schools Students’ Perception Towards Physical Geography

26). The Effects Of Bullying On Student’s Educational Advancement

27). The Socio-Emotional Effects Of Sexual Harassment On The Future Self Of The Girl Child

28). The Influence Of Environmental Factors On the Career Choices Of Students

29). The Influence Of Adult Learning Principles On The Effective Learning Of Students

30). The Impact Of Lectures In Inadequate Classrooms On Students’ Academic Achievement

31). The Effects Of Parental Support On The Emotional Development Of Trainees With Visual

32). The Effect of Home Environment on Adolescent Behavior

33). The Effect Of Modern Technology On Student Academic Performance In The University

34). The Influence Of Teacher’s Mastery Of Subject Matter On Student’s Academic Performance

35). The Effects Of Feedback On Students’ Assignments And Academic Performance

36). The Effects Of Multiple Choice Questions On The Academic Performance

37). The Role Of School Facilities And It’s Impact On Student’s Academic Performance

38). The Effects Of Feedback On Student Assignments And Academic Performance

39). The Influence Of Peer Groups On Student’s Academic Performance In Secondary Schools

40). The Impacts Of Urban Facilities On Secondary School Students’ Academic Achievement

41). Survey of the Causes of Poor Performance in Government Certificate of Examination

42). Gender Differentiation And Its Effects On Students Academic Performance In Science Subjects

43). Students’ Mathematical Background and their Performance in Economics

44). The Effects Of Mother Tongue On Students’ Academic Performance In The English Language

45). The Effects Of The Phobia For The French language On The Students’ Academic Performance

46). Strategies Of Teaching English As A Second Language To Children in Primary Schools

47). The Role Of The School Library In The Teaching And Learning Process

48). The Effects of Teacher Characteristics on Students’ Academic Performance

49). The Influence of Family Background on Form Five Students’ Choice of Biology as a School Subject

50). Classroom Management And Its Effects On Teaching-Learning Process In the English Language

51). The Effect of Parental Background on the Academic Achievement of Chemistry Students

52). Effective use of Instructional Media in the Teaching of Business Education in Some Secondary Schools

53). The Importance Of Learning Materials In Boosting the Academic Performance Of Students

54). Effect Of Social Support On The Psychological Well-Being Of Students

55). Teaching Practice and its Impact on the Study of Geography

56). Teaching Methods and Their Effects On Classroom Participation

57). School Infrastructure and Its Role In The Teaching And Learning Process Of

58). Effects Of Teacher Training Programs On The Teaching Of Mathematics

59). The Effects Of Teacher Quality On Student Self Development

60). Attitude Of Teachers Towards The Inclusion Of Pupil With Disabilities

61). Teenage Pregnancy and its effects On The Mental Health Of Girls

62). Readiness of Regular Primary School Teachers’ Readiness to Implement Inclusive Education For People With Physical Disabilities

63). Structuring Of Learning Materials And Academic Performance Of Students In Public Schools

64). The Effect Of Societal Perception Of Children With Hearing Impairment And Their Psychological Development

65). Teacher-Student Relationship And Its Effect On Students Participation In The Classroom

66). Deviant Behavior And Its Effect On The Academic Performance

67). Peer Pressure as a Determinant of Young People’s Behaviour in the University

68). Societal Attitude Towards Persons with Albinism (red skin)

69). The Influence of Rehabilitation Services On the Social Integration of Person with Visual Impairment

70). The Impact Of School Closure, Online Learning, Physical Distance, And Shift System Of Schooling As Preventive Measure Of Covid-19 On Effective Teaching And Learning

72). The Availability and Use of Assistive Technology by Person with Disabilities

73). The Effects Of Classroom Setting On The Academic Performance Of Visually Impaired Students

74). The Impact Of Dysgraphia On Pupil’s Academic Achievements In Primary Schools

75). Home Environment Impact On Student’s Discipline Problems In Secondary Schools

76). Perceived Social Support Effects On The Psychological Well-Being Of Students

77). Home Environment Effect On The Academic Achievement of Children With Learning Disabilities

78). School-Community Relationship and Its Impact On Effective Management of Private Secondary Schools

79). Attitudes Of Secondary School Students Towards Students With Visual Impairment

80). Remedial Classes And Their Effects On Students’ Academic Achievement

81). The Effect of Student Diversity on their Academic Performance

82). How does Teacher Self-Efficacy Affect the Teaching of Students with Disabilities in an Inclusive Secondary School

83). Society’s Attitude And Its Impact Towards The Education Of Persons With Visual Impairment

84). The Effects of Parenting Style on the Academic Achievement of Students

85). The Effect of Teachers’ Expectations on Students’ Social Development

86). The Influence Of Family Background On Students’ Academic Performance

87). The Effects of Broken Homes on Adolescent Education

88). Teacher’s Educational Competence And The Management Of Diversity

89). The Effect of Hawking on Primary School Children’s Classroom Behaviour

89). The Effect Of Divorce On Adolescent Psychosocial Development

90). Parental Involvement In The Education Of Children With Visual Impairment

91). Parental Attitude in the Education of Children with Visual Impairment

92). Parental Involvement on Students’ Education and their Effects on their Academic Performance

93). The effects of Peer Pressure on Student attitude towards schools

94). The Effect Of Teachers’ Characteristics On Students’ Academic Performance In Some Selected Secondary Schools

95). Classroom Setting And Effects on The Academic Performance Of Visually Impaired Students

96). The Challenges Faced By Regular Teachers In Teaching Children With Spelling Problems

97). Classroom Management and Its Impact On the Teaching-Learning Process in Secondary 98). Schools Teacher-Student Relationship and Its Effect On Student Participation In The Classroom

99). The Effects Of Regular Teachers’ Attitude Towards Learners With Dysgraphia

100). Teaching Method And Its Impact On Students’ Academic Performance

101). Challenges Faced By Newly Appointed Principals In The Management Of Public Secondary Schools

102). The Effect of Classroom Management On the Teaching-Learning Process

103). Administrative Constraints and Effective Management Of Secondary Schools I

104). Effects Of Graphic Materials On Students’ Academic Performance

105). Test Anxiety and its Impact on Student’s Academic Achievement in Secondary Schools

106). The Effects Of Parental Motivation On Students’ Academic Performance

107). Co-curricular Activities and Life Skills Development in Adolescent Students

108). Parental Involvement And Its Influences On Students’ Attitudes Towards Schooling

109). The Role Of Social Media On Adolescent Behaviour

110). Youth Culture As A Predictor Of Students’ Discipline Problems In University

111). The Effect Of Personality On Performance In Sports In Some Higher Institutions

112). Cooperative Learning And The Development Of Core Skills By Primary School Pupils

113). Biology-Related Teaching Methods And Its Effects On Secondary School Students’ Performance In Biology

114). Influence Of Teaching Methods On The Academic Performance Of Students With hearing Impairments Within Inclusive Schools

115). Peer Influence And Its Effect On Student’s Learning outcome

116). Effect Of Learning Environment On Secondary School Students’ Academic Performance

117). Community participation in Educational Programs and its Effect on School Development

118). The Effect Of Chemistry Practical Activities On Academic Achievement Of Students In Secondary

119). Classroom Management Techniques On the Academic Performance

120). Instructional Materials and Its Effects on Secondary School Student’s Academic Performance in

121). The Use of Teaching Strategies In Teaching Geography On Geography Students’ Academic Performance

122). Student’s Characteristics and Their Attitude towards Learning

123). Strategies For Reintegrating Teenage Pregnancy Related To School Dropout

124). The Effect Of Psychosocial Influence On History Students’ Performance


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