1. Factors Influencing the Choice of Infant Feeding Options Among HIV Positive Mothers Attending Health Facilities.
  2. Factors That Influence the Utilization of Antenatal Care Services in Selected Public Hospital in Buea Municipality
  3. The Knowledge, Attitudes and Practices of Health Workers Regarding Prevention and Control of Nosocomial Infection in Public Health Facilities in Cameroon: The Case of Buea Municipality
  4. Knowledge, Attitudes and Perceptions of Adolescent Girls Towards Prevention of Unintended Pregnancy in Selected Secondary Schools in Buea Municipality
  5. Infant Weaning Knowledge and Practices Among Mothers in Mamfe Municipality, South West Region, Cameroon.
  6. Leadership Styles of Nurse Managers and Nurses Job Satisfaction in Buea Regional Hospital
  7. Knowledge and Practices of Family Planning Among Women of Child Bearing Age in Limbe Municipality
  8. Knowledge and Management of Menstruation and Menstrual Problems Among Urban and Rural Secondary School Girls in Buea Town.
  9. Challenges of Exclusive Breast Feeding Among Working Class Women in Mamfe Town
  10. Attitudes of Women Towards Utilization of Modern Contraceptives in Bamenda
  11. Assessment of Healthcare Waste Management Practices Among Health Workers in Buea Regional Hospital
  12. Knowledge of The Cause and Prevention of Anaemia in Pregnancy Among Pregnant Mothers in Buea
  13. Knowledge, Attitude and Perception of Lassa Fever Among local indigenes of Fako Division
  14. Factors Militating Against Family Planning Amongst Women in Rural Communities in Meme Division
  15. Male Adolescents’ Knowledge, Perceptions and Attitudes Towards HIV/AIDS Prevention in Buea Municipality
  16. The Prevalence of Home Accidents among Children Less Than Five (05) Years in Cameroon: The Case of Limbe Municipality.
  17. Factors Associated with Discharge against Medical Advice among Patients in Limbe Regional Hospital, South West Region, Cameroon
  18. Knowledge and Practice of Registered Nurses Towards the Care of HIV/AIDS Patients in Bamenda Regional Hospital
  19. Adolescent’s Perception Towards Nursing as A Choice of Career Among form three Student of Selected Senior Secondary School in Buea
  20. Hypertension and Its Prevalence Among Young Adults Attending the Diabetes/Hypertension Clinic of the Bamenda Regional Hospital
  21. Nurses Knowledge and Practice of Aseptic Techniques in the operation theater of some selected hospital in Bamenda 
  22. Nurse care quality and hospital-acquired infections: adhering to aseptic techniques in the Bamenda Regional Hospital
  23. Assessment Of Biaka Nursing Students’ Practice Of Aseptic Technique In The Care Of Patients At the Biaka Teaching University
  24. Attitude And Practice Of Nurses Towards Aseptic Technique In Public Hospitals in Buea Municipality
  25. The Practice of Aseptic Techniques on Surgical Wound Dressing By Health Care Professionals in Buea Municipality
  26. An Assessment of Wound Dressing by Nursing Personnel at Biaka University Teaching Hospital, Buea
  27. Aseptic Wound Dressing Practices among Nurses: The case of some selected private hospitals in Bamenda
  28. Nosocomial Infection and Its Prevention In Bamenda Regional Hospital
  29. The Prevalence And Associated Factors Of Alcohol Use During Pregnancy Among Pregnant Women In The Buea Town Health Centre.
  30. Hypertension And Its Prevalence Among Young Adults Attending The Diabetes/Hypertension Clinic Of The Buea Regional Hospital.
  31. Anaemia And Associated Risk Factors Among Pregnant Women Aged (18-49) Attending Antenatal Clinic At The Buea Regional Hospital
  32. The Perception And Attitude Of Pregnant Women In Buea Municipality Towards Cesarean Section
  33. Male Adolescents’ Knowledge, Perceptions And Attitudes Towards HIV/AIDS Prevention In Buea Municipality
  34. Assessing Knowledge, Practice And Factors Influencing Birth Preparedness And Complication Readiness Among Couples In Limbe I Municipality
  35. An Analysis Of The Increase In Mortality Rate As A Result Of Abortion Among Young Women In Buea Municipality
  36. An Investigation Into The Effect, Causes And Prevalence Of Female Prostitution In Cameroon Tertiary Institution: The Case Study Of Some Selected University In Buea Municipality
  37. Analysing The Knowledge Of students About Tuberculosis Cause And Its Effects in some selected secondary schools in Buea Municipality.
  38. The effects of extended workdays on fatigue, health, performance and satisfaction in nursing profession among nurses in Limbe.
  39. Self-assessed quality of sleep, occupational health, working environment, illness experience and job satisfaction of female nurses working different combination of shifts in the Buea Municipality.
  40. The effects of night shift schedules on nurses working in private hospitals in Mamfe Town.
  41. Assessment of Knowledge and Attitude For patients and their Care Givers Regarding to Typhoid Disease in Outpatient Clinics in Mount Mary Hospital in Buea

  42. Assessment of Knowledge and Risk Perception towards Typhoid Fever among Communities in the Buea Municipality

  43. Knowledge regarding prevention and management of typhoid fever among patients and caregivers attending the Regional Hospital Limbe

  44. Nursing Management Of A Patient With Typhoid Fever At The Buea Town Integrated Health Centre


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  • Angwi Fomunyam Reply

    This is an amazing site! It’s not easy to research on nursing in Cameroon because not many people do these. I’ll share this with my friends.😊

    March 11, 2021 at 9:28 am
  • Otang Chantal Reply

    Pls any work on the assessment of the level of knowledge of adults on the prevalence, risk factors and prevention of primary hypertension?

    May 11, 2021 at 8:47 pm

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