Project Topics For Master’s In Business Administration

85+ Project Topics For Master’s In Business Administration in India

85+ Project Topics For Master’s In Business Administration [2023-2024]

Looking for project topics to choose for your Master in Business Administration? Here are 85+ of the best MBA project topics to consider!

1). Impact of Social Responsibility On The Performance Of Crossfields Water Purifiers Pvt Ltd in India

2). Effective Communication as A Tool for Achieving Organizational Goals and Objectives Esconder India Pvt Ltd

3). Strike Action and its influence On Employee Productivity in Wood processing industries in India: Case Study A.S.Wood Impex Pvt Ltd

4). Effect of Employee Engagement on Job Satisfaction in Private universities in Bidar (A Study of Academic Staff Lingaraj Appa Engineering College Bidar).

5). Impact Of Reward System, on Employee Turnover In India: Case Study Tata Communications Limited

6). Impact Of Reward System, on Employee performance In India: Case Study Big V Telecom in Pune

7). The Effect Of Quality Control In Agricultural Companies in Mumbai: Case Study Mahindra Agri Solutions Limited

8).The Impact Of Compensation And Reward System On Organizational productivity in construction companies in India: Case Study Patel Construction Company.

9). The Impact of Cultural Diversity On Organizational Performance in Strongbuilt Constructions Pvt. Ltd. In Mumbai

10). Effect Of Business Stress On The Performance Of Small Scale Entrepreneurs in Eluru[

11). The Impact Of Rebranding On Organisational Sales Volume Of Ambico Group Mumbai

12). The Impact Of Employee Job Dissatisfaction On Organizational Productivity in Panama Petrochem Ltd Mumbai

13). The Impact Of Customer Relationship Management On Customer Loyalty in Royal Palace Marina in Chennai

14). The Impact of Management Information System On Organization Performance in selected Hotels in Gaya

15). Organisational Culture As A Predictor Of Overall Job Satisfaction in selected hospitals in Akola

16). The Impact of Working Environment On Employee Perfoamnce in Municipal Council Murtizapur

17). The Impact of Time Management in Organisational Performance in Municipal Council Telhara

18). The Impact of Conflict Management On Organizational Efficiency in selected cosmetic businesses in Bakora

19). The Impact Of Business Policy On Organisational Performance in India: Case Study Arbor Brewing Company

20). Negotiation Skills As A Tool For Enhancing Timely Delivery Of Material (A Case Study Of Parkash Oil Corporation in Delphi).

21). The Impact Of In-Service Training On Staff Development In Jagson International Limited New Delphi

22). The Impact Of Goal Setting On Employee Performance in PLASTICAM

23). The Relevance Of Safety Management On Job Performance Among The Employees In jai Baba Vishvanath Steel Industries in Kota

 24). The Effective Cost Control In The Hotel And Catering Industry in India (A Case Study Of Lotus Ananta Elite Kota)

25). Impact Of Total Quality Management On Productivity Of A Manufacturing Firm in India (Case Study: Chambal Agro Industries, Kota)

26). The Impact Of Technological Advancement On The Growth Of Entrepreneurship in Ahmedabad

27). The Impact of Conflict Management On Organizational Productivity in Taj Falaknuma Palace, Hyderabad

28). The Impact of Welfare Scheme On the Motivation of Workers in selected hospitals in selected secondary schools in Hyderabad

29). Challenges Faced by Retirees in Accessing Pension Funds in local communities in Punjab

30). Effect of Manpower Planning On Productivity Of Employees In the agricultural sector in India Case Study Janhit Vikas Agro Producer Company Limited

31). Impact Of Employees Turnover On Commercial Bank’s Profitability in India: Case Study ICICI Bank Gomtinagar, Lucknow

32). Effects Of Leadership Styles On The Productivity Of workers in DCD bank Vadodara

33). The Effect Of Service Quality On Customer Satisfaction in selected 5 stars restaurants in Vadodara

32). The Impact Of Personnel Satisfaction On Organizational Growth And Development (A Study Of ENEO Cameroon)

33). The Effect of Organizational Structure On Corporate Performance Case Study Mimansha Agrotech Limited

34). Recruitment and Selection Criteria and Its Effects On Organizational Performance in The Grand Orion Hotel in Lucknow

35). Impact Of Reward System, on Employee Productivity In Cameroon: Case Study Richa Telecom in Lucknow

36). The Impact of Time Management in Employee performance in Pramod Telecom Private Limited Lucknow

37). Payment Systems and its Impact On the Performance of Small and Medium Size Enterprises in Guwahati

38). The Impact of Microfinance Institutions On Poverty Alleviation in Ranchi

39). Organisational Structure and Its Impact On Employees Performance in Bombay Hospital College Of Nursing Mumbai

40). Inventory Management and Its Effects On Employees Performance in KDA Nursing College Mumbai

41). Effects Of Human Resource Management On Employees’ Productivity in Shrim Bhanu Construction Pvt Ltd Mumbai

42). The Effect of E-Commerce On the Performance of Small And Medium Size Enterprises In Jodhpur

43). Total Quality Management And Its Effects On Organisational Outcome  in Oberoi Hotels, Mumbai

44). Working Capital Management And Its Effects On The Financial Performance Of Allentis Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd in Gwalior

45). Effect Of Investment Appraisal Techniques On The Viability Of SMEs Malegaon

46). Job Stress And Its Effects On Employees’ Performance In Jinraj Engineering Co. P. Ltd. Gwalior

47). The Effects Of Working Environment On Employee’s Productivity in Mendine Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd – Siliguri

48). The Effect Of Entrepreneurial Skills On Business Growth in Asansol

49). Organizational Factors Affecting the Performance of Employees Working in Payel Food Products Pvt. Ltd. Asansol

50). The Impact Of Motivation On Employee’s Performance in Shri Krishna & Company Loni

51). The impact of human resources on Organisational growth in India Case Study Nexan IT Solution Pvt. Ltd.

52). The effect of green supply chain management on Organisational performance in M.P. Maharashtra Transport Company

53). The Impact Of Multiple Taxation On Business Survival In Saharanpur

54). Motivation As Tools For Organizational Development in Joshi Transport Company Ujjain

55). Impact Of Trade Union On Worker’s Commitment And Organizational Productivity in selected SMEs in Korba

56). Rewards And Employees’ Job Satisfaction Of Selected Outsourced Service Providers in Mumbai: Case Study TSR Darashaw Limited

57). Impact Of Non-Monetary Incentives On Employees’ Commitment In Food Processing Organization in Mumbai: Case Study Lizaz Food Processing Industries

58). The Impact Of Quality Customer Service Delivery On Customer loyalty in Kirloskar Pneumatic Company Limited

59). Effective Communication As A Strategy For Enhancing Organizational Performance of EIZO India

60). Effect Of Employee Commitment On Organizational Performance In Bhalla Manufacturing Company

61). The impact of pricing policies in developing the competitiveness of SMEs in Varanasi

62). The impact of a commercial bank on the performance of SMEs business in Faridabad

Project Topics For Master’s In Business Administration with no case study

63). Improving Business Productivity Through Automation.

64). Exploring the Impact of Globalization on Business Competition.

65). Analyzing the Role of Human Resources in Organizational Leadership.

66). Evaluating and Enhancing Employee Engagement Through Talent Management Strategies.

67). Developing Sustainable Practices and Strategies for Corporate Social Responsibility Initiatives.

68). Understanding Strategies for New Products Launch.

69). Analysis of Investment Decisions under Uncertainty.

70). Evaluation of Higher Education Systems’ Business Model in Developing Countries.

71). Social Media Promotion and Its Impact on Companies’ Financial Performance.

72). Corporate Strategy Development and Implementation in Established Firms in the Pharmaceutical Industry.

73). Leadership and Team Cohesion.

74). Strategic Analysis of the Global Market.

75). Financial Statement Analysis Techniques.

76). Corporate Planning and Evaluation Methods.

77). Analyzing a Firm’s Risk Profile Management Strategy.

78). Evaluating the Impact of Social Media Advertising on Businesses.

79). Identifying Opportunities and Challenges in Consumer Behavior Analysis.

80). Analyzing Merger and Acquisition Strategies of Top Multinational Corporations.

81). Exploring the Benefits of Crowdfunding for Small and Medium Enterprises.

82). Investigating the Use of Business Intelligence Systems in Risk Management Processes.

83). Examining the Impact of Human Resources Management on Organizational Performance.

84). An Analysis of Supply Chain Strategies in the Healthcare Industry.

85). Measuring the Benefits of Corporate Social Responsibility Programs in Retail.

86). Analyzing Big Data and Artificial Intelligence in Risk Management Systems.

87). Exploring the Intersection Between Market Segmentation and Pricing Strategies in International Business Markets.


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