Business Administration Project Topics for Students

1. The Impact of Employee Participation in Decision Making and Its Effect On Productivity: The case study of some selected Public organizations in Cameroon

2. Consumer Response to Sales Promotional Strategies in A Fast Food Firm

3. The Impact of Supervision On Employee’s Effectiveness in Organization: A Case Study of Selected Ministry of Education South West Region, Cameroon

4. Impact of Pricing Policy On Profitability Level of an Organization

5. The Effects of Employee Participation in Decision Making for Enhancing Productivity in an Organization: Case Study of Orange Communication Network Buea Branch         

6. An Assessment of the Impact of Marketing Segmentation On Production Planning in an Organisation: The case of some selected hotels in Buea Municipality

7. An Evaluation of the Impact of Wages and Salaries Policies On the Performance of Workers of Source Du Pays, Cameroon.

8. Effective Communication as A Tool for Achieving Organizational Goal and Objectives

9. Effective Recruitment and Selection as A Tool for Achieving Higher Employee Productivity in an Organization: The case of CDC Crude Rubber plantation

10. Organizational Structure and Its Effect On Workers Performance: The case of Guinness Cameroon.            


Human Resources Management Project Topics with Materials

11. Performance Appraisal as A Tool for Enhancing Organizational Productivity: The case of Dangote Cement Cameroon S.A.

12. Staff Motivation and Its Impact On Organizational Productivity: The case study Higher Institute of Management Studies (HIMS) Buea

13. The Impact of Time Management in Employee Productivity in Organization: The case study of Cucas Ltd, Buea

14. The Impact of Work Environment On Employee Productivity: The Case study of Higher Institute of Professional Studies (HIPS) Buea

15. The Impact of Cultural Diversity On Organizational Performance in some selected construction industries in Buea Municipality

16. Impact of Corporate Social Responsibility On Organizational Performance of Commercial banks in Cameroon: A case study of Ecobank

17. The Impact of Conflict Management On Organizational Efficiency the case of CCC Plc Bank, Buea

18. Problems and Prospects of Small And Medium Enterprises In Cameroon: The case study of Kumba II municipality   

19. The Impact of Welfare Scheme On the Motivation of Workers in private secondary schools in Limbe Municipality.

20. Impact of Multiple Pricing Strategies On Consumer Purchasing Behavior


Business administration Project Topics with Materials

21. Challenges Faced by Retirees in Accessing Pension Funds in local communities in Manyu Division, South West Region, Cameroon

22. The Impact of Working Capital Management of the Productivity of a Manufacturing Company

23. The Effect of Stress On Workers’ Productivity

24. The Impact of Management Information System On Organization Performance in Telecom Companies: The case study of MTN Cameroon

25. Distress Management and Prevention Strategies for Cameroonian Banking System: The case study of some commercial banks in Buea Municipality

26. The Role of Women Entrepreneur in Business Development in Cameroon (A Case Study of Selected Business in Bamenda Municipality)

27. Assessment Of The Effect Of Change Management On Job Satisfaction In Commercial Banks in Cameroon: The case study of NFC Bank Buea

28. Conflict Management Strategies And Employee Performance In Selected Public Secondary Schools In Buea Municipality

29. The Impact Of Human Resource Planning On Organizational Performance In Ecobank

30. The Effect Of Human Resource Management (HRM) Practices On Organizational Performance: Case study CCC bank

31. The Impact Of Financial Literacy On The Profitability Of Small Scale Enterprises In Limbe Municipality

32. The Impact Of Government Funding On The Promotion And Development Of Small And Medium Scale Enterprises In Cameroon

33. The Impact Of Total Quality Management On The Performance Of The Banking Industry Of Cameroon ( A Case Study Of Afriland First Bank)

34. Effect Of Credit Administration And Control On The Development Of Cooperative Societies In Cameroon

35. An Assessment Of The Impact Of Marketing Segmentation On Production Planning In An Organisation

36. Impact Of Corporate Social Responsibility On Organizational Performance, A Study Of Ecobank Plc

37. The Impact Of Staff Welfare On Staff Performance And Organizational Productivity (A Case Study Of CCC bank Buea)

38. Causes And Effects Of Communication Breakdown In An Organization (A Case Study Of Cucas Ltd Buea)


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