60+ Biomedical Science Project Topics for students in Cameroon

60+ Biomedical Science Project Topics for students in Cameroon

60+ Biomedical Science Project Topics for students in Cameroon

  1. The Knowledge On Breast Cancer Attitude And Practice Of Breast Self-Examination Among Female Undergraduates Of Biaka University
  2. Pregnant Women’s Perceptions And Expectations Regarding Pain Relief In Labour At The Regional Hospital Mamfe
  3. Knowledge, Attitudes And Practices Of Youths On Excessive Alcohol Consumption In Mamfe Town
  4. Knowledge On The Risk Factors And Prevention Of Urinary Tract Infection Among High School Girls in Bamenda
  5. Assessing The Knowledge Of Pregnant Women On Obstetric Ultrasound In Buea Regional Hospital
  6. Student Nurses Knowledge On The Preventive Measures Of Hepatitis B In The Bamenda Municipality
  7. Knowledge And Practices Of Nurses And Midwives On The Prevention And Management Of Postpartum Hemorrhage Within The Limbe 1 Municipality
  8. Determinants Of Antenatal Care Utilization Among Pregnant Women In Shisong
  9. Infection Amongst Secondary Students In The Lycee Limbe
  10. Nurses Knowledge on the Practice and Challenges Face in Rendering Palliative Care to the Terminally Ill Patients in Mutengene Baptist Hospital
  11. Factors Associated with Discharge against Medical Advice in Gilead Medical Centre Yaoundé
  12. Prevalence Of Malaria And Its Predisposing Factors Among Patients Attending Bamenda Regional Hospital
  13. Knowledge Of High School Students On The Risk Factors, Prevention, And Complications Of Gastritis In Bamenda
  14. Challenges Faced By Nurses In The Management Of Anemia In Pregnancy Among Pregnant Women Attending ANC At Mamfe District Hospital
  15. Factors Influencing Birth Preparedness Among Couples At The Tiko Water Town Community
  16. Pregnant Women’s Perceptions And Expectations Regarding Pain Relief In Labour At The Regional Hospital Douala
  17. Pregnant Women Knowledge On The Effect Of Alcohol Consumption During Pregnancy In The Muea Community.
  18. Knowledge And Perception Of Pregnant Women On Caesarean Section At Bamenda Regional Hospital
  19. Factors Influencing The Utilization Of ANC Services Amongst Pregnant Women At The Limbe District Hospital
  20. Assessing The Knowledge, Attitude And Practice Toward Antenatal Care Among Pregnant Women At The Mamfe Regional Hospital
  21. Nurses Knowledge on The Challenges Faced On The Management Of Postpartum Hemorrhage In The Baptist Hospital Mutengene
  22. Mothers Knowledge On Home Accidents and Its Management Among Children Of 0-5 Years In Tiko Water Tank Community
  23. Assessment Of Adolescents Girls Knowledge And Importance Of Menstrual Hygiene Among Secondary Schools Students in Shisong
  24. Knowledge And Practice Of Birth Control Method Among Female Youth In Mile 4 Limbe
  25. Student Nurses Knowledge On The Prevention And Challenges Faced In The Management Of Nosocomial Infection At The Nylon District Hospital
  26. Knowledge and Associated Factors And Outcomes Of Preeclampsia Among Pregnant Women At The Douala General Hospital.
  27. Mother’s Knowledge On The Importance And Practice Of Exclusive Breastfeeding In The Sangmelima Community
  28. Nurses’ Knowledge On the Management Of Patients With Dementia in the Hospital District De Logbaba
  29. Knowledge of Adolescent Girls On the Prevention of Unintended Pregnancy in Ndekwaï-Mamfe Community
  30. Knowledge, Attitude and practices in line with Prevention of Hypertension in Pregnancy among pregnant women at the Atlantic Hospital
  31. The Prevalence of condom usage and it Associated Factors Amongst the youths in Banso – Bamenda Community
  32. Mothers Awareness On Febrile Convulsion In Children Between The Ages Of 0 And 5 Years Old At The District Hospital Bota
  33. The Occurrence Of Trichomonas Vaginalis Among Women In The Child Bearing Age In The District Hospital Bota
  34. Prevalence, Knowledge, And Practice Towards The Prevention Of Preterm Birth By Women In The Buea Health District
  35. The Prevalence of Malaria Among Pregnant Women and Its Health Implication of Selected Patients In Mboppi Baptist Hospital
  36. To Assess Individual’s Knowledge On Diabetes And Its Associated Health Risks Aged 18 Years And Above In The Mile 16 Community
  37. Nurses’ Knowledge and Practice On The Application Of Aseptic Technique During Urinary Catheterization In Mboppi Baptist Hospital
  38. Knowledge and Practice of Nurse-Patient Relationship among Nurse Interns at the Solidarity Health Foundation
  39. Knowledge And Practice Of Breast Self-Examination Among Women Of Reproductive Age In The Besongabang Village
  40. Challenges Faced By Nurses In End Of Life Care Provision And Their Effects On The Nurses’ Personal Life In Kumba Regional Hospitals
  41. Factors Affecting Effective Documentation By Nurses And Midwives In Five Maternities Of Mamfe Health District
  42. Knowledge On Diabetes And It’s Associated Health Risk Among Adults In The Mamfe Town Community.
  43. Breast Cancer Awareness And Attitudes Towards Prevention Strategies Among Young Women in the Muea Community
  44. Knowledge Of Teenage Girls On The Causes And Effect Of Teenage Pregnancy, Case Of Livanda Community
  45. Assessing Nurses’ Knowledge In The Management Of Malnutrition In Children And Its Challenges In Kumba District Hospital
  46. Knowledge And Practice Of Cervical Cancer Prevention Among Women Of Child Bearing Age In The Santa Community
  47. Knowledge, Attitudes And Practices Of Bamenda II Inhabitants Towards Hepatitis B Infection
  48. Knowledge And Practice Of Contraception Among University Students In Douala II Municipality
  49. Nurses Knowledge On the Management of Childhood Diarrhea In BBota District Hospital Limbe
  50. Mother’s Knowledge and Practices on the Management of Gastroenteritis in Children in the Mile 14 Muea Community
  51. Mothers Knowledge, Attitude and Practices Of Vaccination In Children 0-5 Years In The Bonadikombo Community
  52. Assessing The Knowledge And Practice Of Pregnant Women On The Importance Of ANC at the Seventh-day Adventist Health Centre – Buea
  53. Assessing Adolescents Knowledge On the Consequences of Early Pregnancy in Bamenda Municipality.
  54. The Prevalence And Associated Factors Of Alcohol Use During Pregnancy Among Pregnant Women In Deido District Hospital.
  55. Nursing Management For A Patient Suffering From Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus at the Deido District Hospital
  56. Management Of Patient With Urethritis Using The Complete Nursing Care Plan at Laquintinie Hospital
  57. The Prevalence And Variety Of Comorbid Disorders Affecting The Elderly In The Mamfe Town
  58. Anxiety And Depression And Their Effects On Learning Ability Among Nursing Students at the Biaka University
  59. Adults’ Knowledge (21-40 Years) On Infertility And Knowledge On The Preventive Measures Of Infertility At The Tiko Community
  60. Gestational Diabetes Mellitus And Hypertension Among Pregnant Women Attending The Limbe Hospital Buea
  61. Nurses Knowledge On The Therapeutic Nurse-Patient Relationship At The District Hospital Kumba

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