Library Science Project Topics for students in Cameroon

Library Science Project Topics for students in Cameroon

1). Use of School Library And Academic Performance Of Secondary School In The Buea Municipality.


2). Common Culture Created Supported Enhanced by Academic Library On University Of Buea Campus


3). Challenges and Prospects Of The Availability And Utilization Of ICT In Processing Information Resources Among Universities Students In The Buea Municipality


4). Availability And Preservation Of Information Resources In University Of Buea Library


5). Attitude And Interest Of An Information Professional Toward Digital Preservation In The South West Region Of Cameroon.


6). Assessment Of Student’s Use Of Library And Reading Comprehension Performance Among Selected Public Secondary Schools In Buea


7). Relevance Of ICT In Modern Library Setting Of Information And Communication Technology Facilities In the Buea Municipality


8). Utilization Of School Library Resources By Secondary School Students in Fako


9). Impact Of Information Communication Technology In The Dissemination Of Information In Special Libraries in Fako Division


10). Availability and Accessibility of Information Resources by Students In Tertiary Institutions in Buea Municipality


11). Information Needs and Information Seeking Behaviour Of Children In Public Libraries in Buea Municipality.

12). Factors Militating Against the Implementations Of Virtual Library Project In Public Universities in Cameroon.


13). Impact of Poor Funding of Nigeria Library On the Literacy Level of Cameroonians.


14). Electronic Resources and Their Impact On the Academic Library: Library Visits, Reference Service and Circulation in Buea Municipality


15). Influence Of Social Networking Sites And Library 2.0 As A Gateway To Information Access And Knowledge Sharing among students in the University of Buea.


16). School Libraries as an Effective Instrument for Achieving Academic Excellence: Case study selected private secondary schools in Buea.


17). The impact of automated library services and usage on students’ academic performance in Public universities in Cameroon.


18). Perspectives on automation of university libraries in Cameroon: status, problems and prospects


19). The impact of library automation on the job satisfaction of library staff in Cameroon: Case Study Fako Division


20). The Problems And Prospect Of Reference Services In Academic Libraries In Cameroon: Case Study, University Of Buea


21). User’s Patronage In The Biaka Institute Buea Library


22). Records Management Practices, Computer Literacy Skills And Job Performance Of Registry Staffs Of The University Of Buea.


23). Impact Of Library Catalogue In Enhancing Accessibility In The Library: Case Study, University Of Buea Library


24). Adaptive Equipment Technology For Supporting Handicapped Persons In The Library Environment: Case Study: University Of Buea


25). Effective Library Support For Distance Education Programs; Strategies For Equalizing Access To Library Resources For On-Campus Students And Distance Education Learners In The University Of Buea.


26). Core Digital Resources For Small And/Or Medium Size Libraries (Academic, Public, Special) In Fako Division


27). Readiness for Digital Reference Service (DRS) in University Libraries: A survey of selected libraries in Buea Municipality.

28). Adoption of Web 2.0 in academic libraries in Cameroon: a survey of Public Libraries in The Anglophone region of Cameroon.


29). Use of different information and communication technologies in academic libraries in Fako Division


30). Knowledge and use of web 2.0 by librarians in university libraries in the Buea Municipality


31). The use of social media in the dissemination of information in selected public and private university libraries in Cameroon.


32). Awareness of library 2.0 applications among library and information science professionals at the University of Buea.


33). The Use and Abuse of Social Networking Websites (Facebook) among Undergraduate Students in the University of Buea.

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