Philosophy Project Topics For Undergraduates And Postgraduates Students

Philosophy Project Topics For Undergraduates And Postgraduates Students

  1. The Existence Of God And The Problem Of Evil A Philosophical Evaluation
  2. Conscience In Thomas Aquinas: A Philosophical Reflection
  3. A Philosophical Look Into Religion And Freewill In The Light Of James William
  4. An Assessment Of The Marxist Doctrine Of Alienation And Its Relevance
  5. A Philosophical Appraisal Of Joseph Fletcher’s New Morality
  6. A Critique On Freudian Psychosexual Enlightenment Of The Child
  7. Philosophical Survey In The Morality Of Spinoza In The Light Of His Evil And Good
  8. Critical Examination Of George Edward Moore’s Direct Realist Epistemological
  9. Hans-Georg Gadamer On Prejudice And The Transmodern Project
  10. A Critical Analysis Of Thomas Hobbes Concept Of The Leviathan
  11. Kwame Nkrumah’s Conscience: A Philosophical Analysis
  12. A Critical Evaluation Of Martin Heidegger’s Concept Of Being
  13. African Traditional Medical Health Practices: Beliefs And Concepts
  14. A Critical Analysis Of John Rawls’ Second Principle Of Justice
  15. Religion And Development In Cameroon: A Philosophical Analysis
  16. Concept Of Human Existence
  17. A Critical Examination Of Karl Popper’s Falsification Principle
  18. A Critical Evaluation Of David Hume’s Critique Of Natural Religion
  19. Western Culture And Manyu Ethics: A Philosophical Analysis
  20. Women Empowerment: A Philosophical Appraisal
  21. Feminists Critique On Aristotle Gender Perspective
  22. Notion Of Freedom And Law In St. Thomas Aquinas
  23. Philosophical Survey In The Morality Of Spinoza In The Light Of His Evil And Good
  24. The Ego And The Id In Sigmund Freud: A Philosophical Examination
  25. Social Status In Plato’s Ideal State: Its Relevance To Cameroon Society
  26. Justice And Its Primacy In The Political Philosophy Of Aristotle.
  27. . A Critique Of Wiredu’s Concept Of Truth.
  28. The Quest For Political Power Through Violence.
  29. Friendship Of Unequal In Aristotle’s Nicomachean Ethics Vis-A-Vis Godfatherism In Nigerian Politics.
  30. Moral Justification Of The State Interference With The Rights And Liberties Of The Citizens
  31. The Role Of Religion In The Politics
  32. Anglophone Agitation: Any Justification
  33. The Fate Of Man In A Scientist-Technological Era.
  34. Thomas Aquinas’ Natural Law Theory: A Standard For Human Positive Law.
  35. Modern Biotechnology and Dignity Of Human Life; An Ethical Analysis


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