Real Estate Management Project Topics For Undergraduates And Postgraduate Students In Cameroon

Real estate management as a course deals with the appraisal, management, acquisition, development, marketing, and disposal of properties.

Real estate management covers a number of areas that include property management, surveying, business and finance, and the built environment, and essentially the subject is primarily concerned with the valuation and management of land and buildings in the public and private sector.


Below are some sample project topics for real estate management students in Cameroon.

1. Property Management and Maintenance In The Multifamily Housing Sector In Cameroon.

2 . Digitalization and Innovation In The Real Estate And Facility Management Sectors in Cameroon – An Ecosystem Perspective.

3. Examining Compulsory Acquisition and Compensation in Buea Municipality.

4. Intellectual Property Strategies and Innovation: Causes and Consequences for Firms in Cameroon.

5. Challenges Of Commercial Real Estate Management: An Analysis Of The Swedish Commercial Real Estate Industry.

6. Assessment Of Residential Property Rental Value Variations In Peri-Urban Areas Of Fako Division.

7. It The Practice Of Property Management In Buea Municipality: Challenges and Prospects

8. Analysis Of Maintenance Culture Employed In Public Infrastructure in Cameroon.

9. Assessment Of Factors Influencing Variation In Rental Value Of Residential And Commercial Properties In Buea Municipality.

10. Residential Property Investment and Its Associated Problems (A Case Study Of Mungenow Properties Cameroon).

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11. An Assessment Of Residential Property Investment And It’s Associated Problems in Cameroon: Case Study Mile 4 Limbe.

12. Impact Of Higher Institution On Its Neighbouring Residential Property Market Case Study Buea Municipality.

13. Effects Of Urbanisation On Rental Values Of Residential And Commercial Properties in Kumba Town.

14. Factors Influencing Land Ownership And Real Estate Investment Decisions In Mamfe Town.

15. Property Rating As A Means Of Revenue Generation (A Case Study Of Buea Municipality).

16. The Role Of Co-Operatives Societies In Housing Delivery (A Case Study Of Fako Division).

17. Analysis Of The Effect Of The Provision Of Housing Estate On Residential Housing Delivery in Cameroon.

18. The Cause Of Abandoned Public Development Projects In The Anglophone Region of Cameroon.

19. The Appraisal Of The Effect Of Property Management On Property Value (A Case Study Of Commercial Properties In Buea).

20. The Effect Of Slum On Property Values (A Case Study Bonaberi, Douala).

21. An Examination Of The Effect Of Location On The Value Of Residential Properties In the Buea Municipality.

22. The Role Of Financial Institutions In Housing Development In Cameroon (A Case Study Of Bamenda Municipality).

23. Evaluation Of The Problems Of Rent Collection As An Aspect Of Property Management In Buea (A Case Study Residential Properties In Buea Municipality).

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24. A Comparative Analysis Of Residential And Retail Commercial Property Investments Performance In Bamenda North West Region, Cameroon.

25. Evaluation Of Problems Of Insufficient Accommodation To Military Personnels in Cameroon.

26. Causes And Remedial Measure Of Reactivation Of Abandoned Building In Cameroon.

27. Assessment Of Factors Affecting Cost Performance Of Construction Project In Cameroon.

28. An Assessment Of The Role Of Estate Surveyors And Valuers In Project Management in Cameroon.

29. Analysis Of The Impact Of Parks And Open Spaces On Residential Property Values Case Study Limbe Municipality.

30. Evaluation Of The Role Of Government In Solving Housing Problem in Cameroon.

31. Appraisal Of The Perception Of Real Estate Investors’ On The Lending Requirements Of Financial Institutions in Fako Division.

32. Assessment Of Residents Housing Satisfaction Determinants in the Buea Municipality.

33. Users’ Assessment Of Facilities Management Service Delivery In Private High Rise Buildings in Douala.

34. Impact Of Global Financial Crisis On Residential Property Market in Cameroon.

35. The Effect Of Government Policy On Housing Problem In Cameroon.

36. Landlord And Tenant Relationship, Its Effects On Property Values in Buea Municipality.

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37. The Impact Of Accessibility On Residential Property Values in Cameroon: Case Study Buea

38. The Problems And Prospect Of Management Of Students Hostel Accommodation In Higher Institutions In Cameroon.

39. Residential Building Collapse In Cameroon: Causes, Effects And Solutions.

40. Recovery Of Rent Arrears And Treatment Of Difficult Tenants In Residential And Commercial Properties in Buea Municipality.

41. Evaluating The Problem Of Rent Collection As An Aspect Of Residential Property Collection in Bamenda.

42. The Impact Of Student Population On Rental Value Around The Polytechnic Neighborhood (Case Study Of National Polytechnic Bamenda).


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