Supply Chain Management Research Topics for Students in Cameroon

40 Best Supply Chain Management Research Topics for Students in Cameroon

40 Best Supply Chain Management Research Topics for Students in Cameroon

1). The role of e-commerce in the supply chain management in Cameroon

2). The role of procurement strategies in achieving the organizational targets in Guinness Cameroon Buea Depot

3). Evaluating the impact of organizational culture on the strategic choices and supply chain management in Nextel Buea Cameroon

4). The impact of 3PL outsourcing on the supply chain management in manufacturing companies in Cameroon: Case study Njeiforbi Bakery Buea

5). The importance of quality management in supply chain management in CONGELCAM Buea.

6). The Impact of information technology on internal supply chain management of MTN Cameroon: Case study Buea

7). Impacts of Politics On the Supply Chain management of Des Brasseries Du Cameroun

8). The Effects of Warehouse Management on the Productivity of Building Material Shops in the Bamenda Municipality

9). Supply Chain Management Practices and its influence on The Performance of Brewery Firms in Cameroon: Case study Les Brasseries du Cameroun

10). The role of Industry 4.0 in Helping Management in Guinness Cameroon

11). The Appraisal of Materials Handling Management In Manufacturing Firms In Cameroon: Case Study Source Du Pays

12). Impact of Total Quality Management On Production Cost of an Organization: Case study Source Du Cameroon

13). The Impact of Inventory Planning and Control On Product Availability Case Study Legacy Ltd Bamenda Cameroon

14). Impact of Storage and Material Handling On Store Efficiency in Buea: Case Study BABCAM Industries Ltd Buea

15). The Effect Of Insourcing/Outsourcing Decision On The Productivity Of An Organization (Case Study: UNICS Bank)

16). The Effect of Material Handling On the Profitability of an Organization: Case Study Alexander drilling company ltd Limbe

17). Effect of Material Inspection On Product Quality in Eneo Cameroon: Limbe Branch

18). An Assessment of Physical Distribution in The Performance of an Organization: Case Study OLA Energy Cameroon

19). Inventory Valuation Management and Control in Oil and Gas Companies in Cameroon: Case Study Gaz Du Cameroun

20). Impact of Inventory Management On Organisational Productivity in Cameroon: Case Study Njeiforbi Bakery

21). Factors Affecting The Implementation Of E-Procurement In Supermarkets In Buea.

22). The Impact of Effective Planning and Control On the Purchasing Activities Ayaba Hotel in Bamenda.

23). Effective Channels of Distribution As A Strategic Tool In Purchasing Of Technical Goods A Case Study Of Dubai Telecom Buea

24). Negotiation As A Cost Reduction Tools In Materials Purchases in Eze First Group Bamenda.

25). Inventory Policy as A Tool in The Attainment of Organizational Goals in restaurants in Limbe: Case Study Wood Fire Plaza

26). The Effect Of Lease As A Means Of Procurement In Eta Palace Hotel Buea.

27). The Need For Quality Department And Control In Tourism Companies in Cameroon: Case Study Seme Beach

28). The Impact of Material Handling Cost Reduction Effort In Public Institutions in Cameroon: Case Study Buea Council

29). The Effect Of Material Management Technique On Production Planning Processes at Limbe Council

30). The Effect of Store Design On Materials Handling in some selected cosmetics shops in Buea

31). The Impact of Stock Management On the Success of an Organization: Case study Amazing Pharmacy Buea.

32). The Impact of Transportation On the Distribution of Petroleum Products from Deport to Sales Outlet in Cameroon: Case Study SONARA Limbe.

33). Effect Of Pricing Strategies On The Purchasing Of Toilet Soaps in Bamenda Municipality

34). Impact of Total Quality Management On Customers’ Satisfaction in MTN Cameroon

 35). Impact Of Total Quality Management To The Growth And Survival Of An Organisation. Case Study ONOMO Hotel Douala

36). Role of The Application of Computer In Inventory Planning And Control In An Organization: Case Study SAMMEC Event Planning agency

37). Need for Training and Development Of Suppliers Personnel In The Public Sector in Cameroon: Case Study Mamfe Council

38). Personnel Safety in Stores Operation in an Organization: Case Study Beno Bakery Buea

39). Relevance of Management Information System in The Achievement Of Organisation Objectives Case study University of Buea

40). Use of Non Professional Buyers in The Procurement of Goods and Service Problems and Solutions

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