Entrepreneurship Project Topics for Undergraduate and Postgraduates Students

1. Factors Influencing Consumer Buying Behaviour On Household Products In Cameroon: Case Study, Buea Municipality

2. Youth Perspectives On Wayout Of Combating Unemployment Issue In Cameroon.

3. The Role Of Entrepreneurial Competencies On The Success Of Smes In Cameroon: Case Study Kumba Town.

4. Challenges Facing Small And Medium Entreprises In Limbe Municipality.

5. Assessment Of Factors Affecting Performance Of Women Entrepreneurs In Manyu Division.

6. Attitudes Of Undergraduates Of Social Studies Unit Towards Entrepreneurship in Cameroon.

7. Effects Of Skill Acquisition On Entrepreneurship Development In Douala, Cameroon.

8. An Appraisal Of Success Criteria For Entrepreneurship Business In Cameroon.

9. The Impacts Of Micro Financing On The Performance Of Women Entrepreneurs In Kumba I Municipality.

10. The Impact Of Intrapreneurial Organization On Organizational Performance in Cameroon: Case Study MTN, Cameroon.


Business administration Project Topics with Materials

11. Effect Of Startup Business In Entrepreneurial Development In Cameroon.

12. The Impact And Role Of Entrepreneurship On The Economic Growth Of the Anglophone Region of Cameroon.

13. Marketing Skill And Promotion Of Small And Medium Scale Enterprise In Buea Municipality.

14. The Role Of Small And Medium Enterprises In Boosting Foreign Investment

15. Challenges Facing Handicraft Businesses In Implementing Promotion Strategies For Their Product In The Mamfe Central.

16. Assessing The Effectiveness Of Social Media Entrepreneurship In Our Contemporary Business Society In Fako

17. Medium Scale Enterprises And Salesmanship Behavioral Characteristics Influence On Business Performance In The Buea Municipality.

18. Gender Culture And Entrepreneurship Development In Cameroon.

19. The Impact Of Trade Liberalisation On Employment Growth In Cameroon.

20. The Impact Of Entrepreneurial Education On Entrepreneurial Intentions Among Undergraduate Students in Buea Municipality.


Human Resources Management Project Topics with Materials

21. Role Of Micro Finance Banks In Enhancing Entrepreneurship Among Women In the Anglophone Region of Cameroon.

22. The Impact Of Financial Literacy On The Profitability Of Small Scale Enterprises In Limbe Municipality.

23. Social Media Entrepreneurship As A Tool For National Development (A Case Study Of Selected Bloggers And Webmasters in Cameroon).

24. Impact Of Electricity On Performance Of SMEs In Cameroon (A Case Study Of Selected SMEs In Bamenda).

25. The Impact Of Electrical Power Outage On The Operational Performance Of Small Scale Industries In Buea Municipality.

26. Effects Of Entrepreneurship Orientation On Selected Manufacturing Industries In Meme Division.

27. Impact Of Entrepreneurial Skills On Post Graduate Achievements In Cameroon.

28. The Failure Of Small Scale Businesses And Its Implications To The Nigerian Economy (A Study Of Selected Small Scale Businesses In Douala).

29. Stress And Frustration Among Business Managers in Cameroon. (A Case Study Of Hotel Managers in Buea).

30. Study Of The Relationship Between Entrepreneurship Education Gap And Unemployment Among University Graduates Buea Municipality.


Management Project Topics with Materials

31. Effect Of Digital Marketing On Performance Of Small And Medium Scale Enterprises In Buea.

32. The Role Of Blockchain Technology In Emerging Businesses In Cameroon.

33. Role Of Social Media In Promoting Business Activities And Talents In Cameroon. (A Case Study Of Facebook).

34. The Impact Of Cultural Factors on Entrepreneurial Performance: Selected Private Firms in Bamenda.

35. E-Commerce And Retail Business In Cameroon: Challenges And Prospects.

36. Educational Qualifications Of Entrepreneurs And Performance In Small And Medium Scale Enterprises In Bamenda.

37. Effect Of Business Stress On The Performance Of Small Scale Entrepreneur (A Study Of Selected Businesses In Tiko).

38. Impact Of Employee Compensation On Entrepreneurial Productivity (A Study Of MTN Cameroon).

39. Functions And Achievements Of Government Support Agencies In The Development Of Entrepreneurship in Cameroon.

40. The Effect Of Apprenticeship Training On The Performance Of Artisans. Case Study Of Tailors In Buea Municipality.

41. Assessing Book-Keeping Practices Of Small And Medium Scale Enterprises In Mamfe Town.

42. Techniques For Assessing Durability Of Small Scale Business Opportunities In Cameroon.

43. The Effect Of Multiple Taxation On The Growth And Profitability Of Small Scale Enterprises In Cameroon.

44. Third-Party E-Commerce Platforms: Benefits And Barriers For Retail Businesses In Cameroon.

45. The Impact Of Cultural Factors Of Entrepreneurial Performance in Fako.


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