Banking & Finance Project Topics

Banking & Finance Project Topics [2022 Updated]

If you are a Newbie in research and essay writing, then learning how to choose a good research topic will be vital.

We have provided a step-by-step guide on how to choose a good research topic in Banking and finance. Read more: Click here

Congratulation, if you read the step-by-step guide on how to choose a good research topic in Banking, Let’s now examine the various samples of Banking and Finance Project topics. 

Note, each topic carries the dependent and independent variable and a case study. 


Banking and Finance Project Topics 

1. Impact of internal control on accounting system efficiency in an organization performance- a case study of BICEC bank

2. Evaluation of Bank Lending Practices and Credit Management in Cameroon (A Case Study of BICEC bank)

3. The Effect of Interest Rate On Loan Repayment in Micro Finance Banks in Cameroon.

4. The Effect of Quality Service Delivery On Customers Patronage in The Banking Industry of Cameroon (The Case of Afriland First Bank).

5. Loan Granting and Its Recovery Problems On Commercial Banks in Cameroon

6. The Effect of Computerization On the Growth, Viability, and Profitability of Commercial banks in Cameroon: the case of NFC bank

7. Fraudulent Practices in The Banking Industry in Cameroon Causes and Possible Remedies

8. Effects of Bank Distress On the Saving Habits of the Rural Dwellers

9. The Relationship Between ICT Utilization and Fraud Losses in Commercial Banks in Cameroon

10. Impact of Training and Development of Human Resources as A Critical Factor in The Banking Sector in Cameroon


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11. The Problems of Debt Management in Financial Institution in Cameroon. (A Case Study of Express Union Buea)

12. The Impact of Microfinance Banks in Stimulating the Banking Habit of Rural Dwellers of Manyu Communities in Cameroon

13. Assessing The Impact of Electronic Banking On SMEs in Cameroon: The Case of Buea Municipality

14. Effect of Bank Charges On Customer Saving Culture in Cameroon A Case Study Of NFC Bank

15. An Appraisal of Operational Problems Facing Micro Finance Banks in Cameroon: The Case of CCC Plc

16. Impact of Automated Teller Machine On Bank Customers Satisfaction in Banks in Cameroon

17. Outsourcing Strategies of Banks and Employee Job Performance in Cameroon: The Case of Some Selected Commercial Banks in Buea Municipality

18. Factors Determining Loan Repayment in Microfinance Banks in Cameroon: The Case Study of CCC Plc Buea

19. The Effect of Leadership Styles On Employees’ Performance On Microfinance Institutions in Buea Municipality

20. The Impact of Corporate Social Responsibility On Profitability of Commercial Banks In Cameroon: The Case Of AFRILAND First Bank


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21. The Impact of Microfinance Bank On the Performance of Small Scale Businesses in Buea Municipality

22. Rural Banking Scheme as A Means of Developing Banking Habits in Cameroon

23. The Impact of Bridge Banking On Distress Resolution in Cameroonian Banking Industry

24. The Impact of Recapitalization On the Performance of Banks in Cameroon

25. The Impact of Loan Delinquency On the Financial Performance of Commercial Banks in Cameroon: Case study Afriland First Bank, Limbe

26. The Effects of Interest Rate On Loan Repayment in Micro-Finance Institutions in Cameroon: The case of Community Credit Company (CCC) Plc

27. Assessment of Loan Default and Its Impact On the Profitability of Commercial Banks in Cameroon. Case Study; Afriland First Bank Yaounde.

28. Effects of Customer Retention Strategy On the Performance of Commercial Banks in Cameroon

29. The Role of Commercial Banks in Small Scale Entrepreneurial Development in Buea Municipality

30. The Role of Loan Portfolio Management in Enhancing Profitability in Commercial Banks

31. Stress Management Among Office Professionals in The Banking Industry in Cameroon: The case of Buea Municipality.

32. Effect of E-Banking On Organizational Productivity in Cameroon: The Case Study of Ecobank


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