52+ Computer Engineering Project Topics for Undergraduate students

52+ Computer Engineering Project Topics for Undergraduate students

52+ Computer Engineering Project Topics for Undergraduate students

1). Biometric Authentication Of An Automated Teller Machine Using Finger Print And Password

2). Remote Monitoring And Control Of A Refrigerator Using GSM Interface

3). Design And Implementation Of A Web Based Voters Registration System

4). Development Of A Mobile Agent For Preventing Software Piracy On A Network

5). An Online Hotel Booking System

6). Design And Construction Of An Intruder Detector For Office And Home Use

7). Design And Implementation Of Fingerprint Based Attendance Management System For Tertiary Institutions

8). Construction Of A Digital Combinational Lock System

9). Design And Implementation Of An Online Portal Registration

10). Design And Construction Of an Automatic Quiz Buzzer System

11). Automatic Hand Dryer With Temperature Display

12). Design And Implement an Automated Coupon Generating System

13). Design And Construction Of Intruder Detector Alarm System With Direction/Location Display

14). Issues Of Data Security

15). Design And Construction Of Smart Street Lighting Systems Using Ultrasonic Sensors

16). Fingerprint Authentication System For Atm Security Applications

17). Design And Implementation Of Network Activity Monitoring System

18). Design And Implementation Of an Online Banking System

19). Design And Implementation Of Gas Detection System

20). Computerized Crime Tracking Information System

21). Design And Implementation Of An Electronic Patient Management System

22). Computerized Transcript Management System

23). Design and construction of home automation using Bluetooth control

24). Design and construction of a laser security system with Bluetooth using Arduino

25). Design and Fabrication of a sheet metal bending machine

26) Design and construction of a hand gesture-controlled robot

27). Design and construction of a fingerprint-based exam hall authentication

28). Surveillance camera control systems

29). Internet of Things (IoT)

30). Design and implementation of a BMI machine using a load cell and ultrasonic sensor

31). Signature Authentication With Machine Learning And Neural Network

32). Design And Implementation Of A Network Border Patrol (N.B.P) For Preventing Congestion Collapse

33). Presence Detection Using Wireless Camera Network And Data Transmission For Security: Case Of Secondary School

34). The Design Of An Automatic Single Axis Solar Tracker

35). Design A Hybrid System Consisting Of a Solar PV System And Off Shore Wind

36). The Different Types Of Foundations For Construction Purposes And How To Design Structural Foundations Founds In Swampy Land

37). Car Tracking System Using GSM-GPS And Microcontroller

38). The Design Of A Small 10mw Hydropower Plant As An Emergency Back Up In The Grid System

39). Preventing Phishing Attack On Voting System Using Visual Cryptography

40). Designing Of A Pick And Place Robotic Arm On A Conveyor Belt System For Sorting And Moving Of Metal Scraps

41). An Online Booking Ticketing System

42). Campus Recruitment System

43). Magnetic Braking System

44). Design And Implementation Of The CUIB Library Management System

45). The Introduction Of E-commerce In Cameroon Case Of Kaymu Douala

46). Design And Implementation Of An Online Vehicle

47). Design and Simulation Of A Cereal Crusher For Household Use

48). Design And Implementation Of Over Voltage And Under Voltage Protection System

49). Design And Implementation Of A Distributed Virtual Machine

50). GPS + GSM Advanced Vehicle Tracking And Theft Detection System

51). Design And Implementation Of A Smart Cane For The Blind

52). Design And Implementation Of The X4-Raptor Program Prototype; A Military UGV


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